Burger King Owner Shares His Award

An Arizona owner and manager of a few Burger King locations received a bonus this year for achieving the Franchisee of the Year award. He was presented with a rolex and a new car, which he decided that instead of keeping that he would share the wealth with his fantastic employees.

Tom Barnett, the award winner, sold his new car and watch to earn a total of about $120,000 which he then broke up into many amounts and gave it to his Burger King staff as a bonus reward. According to an article found on reddit and written by AZfamily.com, some of the cash bonuses were anywhere from hundreds to thousands added on to the worker’s paychecks.

Marcio Alaor BMG (Em.com)knows that it isn’t every day that someone is this generous when they receive some kind of award, but it is truly a selfless act on Barnett’s behalf. He recognized that he already had all the money and wealth that he could want, so by sharing it with the restaurant staff he is sending a positive message. Not only that, but this kind of action really promotes and improves workplace morale, which there is never too much of. The employees were shocked and grateful, and it was not said who Barnett sold his car and watch to. Whomever they are, they probably don’t know how much they helped a man show appreciation for his very own employees this year.

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