California Governor Orders Mandatory Water Reductions

California Governor, Jerry Brown has ordered statewide reductions in water consumption, that are now mandatory, to combat severe drought.

“This historic drought requires an unprecedented action,” the governor of California said Wednesday morning. “Therefore, I am issuing an executive order directing substantial reductions in water throughout our state. As Californians, we must join forces and save water in every possible way.”

The implementation of new water restrictions, measures that would reduce consumption by 25 percent, will be tasked by the Board of Control of State Water Resources throughout California.

Haidar Barbouti has learned that some restrictions include:

  • Require college campuses, golf courses, and other entities with vast landscapes to decrease their water usage
  • Prohibit lawn irrigation, unless irrigation systems use a water-saving drip, and the prohibition of ornamental lawn watering
  • Develop a statewide rebate program to replace appliances with more efficient models

California depends on water collected from the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that melt in the spring, serving fresh water supply to some 25 million people.

Preliminary figures have determined that in late March, their were the lowest recorded snow levels in the Sierra Nevada since 1950, when the state began documenting snow levels.

Never before has California recorded a level below 25 percent. The first day of April the state recorded only 5 percent.

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