Canadian Farmers Go After Higher Priced Craps

Farmers in Alberta started planting more durum wheat, lentils, and peas, claims Edmonton Journal in a recent post.

On the other hand, seeding of major crops including all wheat varieties, barley, and canola has declined. Wheat production alone has declined by 3 percent since last year. The reasons cited is record global supply and resulting lower prices.

When it comes to durum wheat, it’s up by 34 percent since last year, and up by 78 percent, based on five-year average. Currently, durum wheat is priced higher by $2 per bushel in comparison to other varieties.

This kind of wheat is in high demand in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East as it is used for making noodles. At the same time, in Europe there’s a decrease in production due to worries over rain and crop quality. This is benefiting Canadian farmers.

“We’ve never seen the ability to pre-sell your crop for 40 cents a pound before you’ve even planted, so again it was kind of a no-brainer,” said Brennan Turner, the CEO of FarmLead.

Meanwhile, pea crops increased to nearly two million acres, which is a 29 percent rise in comparison to 2015, and almost 70 percent above the five-year average. Yellow peas are now in high demand in India after three seasons of poor rainfall. Now, Canadian farmers are ready to take advantage of it.

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