Caring Star Award Given To Top Assisted Living Facility

The Caring Star Award is a newer title founded in 2011, awarded to assisted living facilities that meet the proper qualifications. The award signifies a community that is well-reviewed and known for its caring atmosphere and friendly staff. The 2015 award went to The Manse on Marsh.

The Manse on Marsh is owned by Chris Skiff. Skiff has worked with more than 20 senior communities in his lifetime. San Luis Obispo County is where this assisted living facility is located. Temporary stays, as well as long-term living, are available.

As much or as little assistance as needed is provided at The Manse on Marsh. Those staying temporarily may only require a small amount of help, while long-term residents could require regular check-ups and day-to-assistance. The staff is available any time they are needed.

There are four main qualifications to earn a center the Caring Star Award. They must receive at least three separate reviews from consumers during a one-year timeframe. At least one of those reviews must be a 5 star rating.

Some additional qualifications are also taken into consideration. The online reputation of the company should overall be a good indication of the atmosphere it provides. The center should have mainly positive feedback regarding its services, staff, and atmosphere.

The Manse on Marsh met all of these qualifications and more during the 2015 calendar year. It was recognized by, and was featured on local and social media platforms. The facility is known widely-known and recognized for its award status.

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