Carnivores Prospects Looking Up in Europe

Large carnivores are gaining ground in Europe after nearing extinction over the past few decades.

Over the past few decades, these animals came close to extinction for a couple reasons, according to a friend of the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners. One such reason was hunting, but the biggest reason in an incredibly developed continent like Europe is the eradication of their natural habitats. The European continent, due to it’s higher population density, does not have as many open, wild spaces of the sort that are also increasingly diminishing in the United States. Without meaning harm to other species, the cultivation and building upon land that makes it suitable for us has pushed wildlife off that same land.

Realizing that they are in danger of losing natural living treasures both legal protections and an increased tolerance in general for these carnivores has taken hold in recent decades. In Poland, for example, wolves are seen as a natural way of preventing overpopulation among deer and wild boar.

There will always be some friction in situations where humans and animals may get too close at times. However, many countries in Europe are demonstrating that it is possible for us to have what we need to live while enabling animals to do the same.

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