The Quote Allegedly Made By Open Society Founder George Soros is Fake

The claim that Billionaire George Soros allegedly talked about his goal of bringing down the United States by Supporting Black Hate groups is not true. This appeared in a graphic on August 2016. It featured a picture of Soros next to a quote that started to circulate through social media on The image noted that the successful businessman as well as political activist made the comment in an interview with Bild, a Germany Newspaper in September 2014. However, such an interview did not take place. The statement does not appear anywhere in the newspaper’s archives including the month of September 2014. Additionally, no reference to any other reputable publication was established.

The initial iteration of the quote uncovered appeared on an article published on 19 August 2016 on Overpasses for America’s Tumblr page. It was posted two years after he allegedly made the inflammatory remarks. Besides the lack of documentation, which is suspicious, it is highly unlikely that George Soros would make such remarks about bringing down the United States in a newspaper interview. In addition, It does not make sense for Soros, one of the most successful businessmen in the world to destroy the world’s largest economy.

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Often, fake quotes are accompanied by information sources that are false in order to legitimize them. In addition, the tactic has been used mostly for viral quotes allegedly uttered by presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. For instance, Trump was accused of calling Republicans the dumbest group of voters in an interview with the People. Clinton was also accused of the same about Democratic voter in a book published in 2005. However, neither Trump of Clinton made such remarks on

About the Open Society Foundations
The Open Society Foundations is an organization created by George Soros. It is a network of partners, foundations, and projects in over 100 countries. George Soros serves as the organization’s chairman. The Open Society Foundation operates with the same commitment as Soros to the idea of open society where there is no monopoly to the truth. Additionally, it is devoted to ensuring that rights are respected and government is accountable.

Soros‘ first involvement in philanthropy was in 1979. He began by giving scholarships to South African students during the apartheid period. During the 1980s, he assisted in undermining communism along the Eastern Bloc by supporting cultural exchanges with the west and offering Xerox machines for copying banned text. George Soros’ mission is to ensure that there is transparency and accountability.