Farming super robots will change farming forever

Technology is rapidly changing the world as we know it. Phones have replaced our camera, calculator and alarm clock. What’s next? Well the backbone of America is known as the average farmer but this could change. In the future average farm worker will replaced by a robot named Oz. These robots will can be programmed to work various crops. This bot is still relatively new and currently being programmed to work different crops but eventually will be programmed to perfection and able to work almost any. It is currently even being tested on tropical crops.

There will be a variety of benefits from the high-tech farm aid that the average worker can not compete with. Farm Robots will be able function more hours a day and even help farmers collect and analyze data. This analytical approach will also lead to more advances in farming. It will be continuously linked into local weather.

Currently the use of the agricultural robot or agribot is primarily limited to the harvesting stage. We can only imagine what the rise of this new robot will bring to economies globally. This will decrease the need for farm workers therefore bringing a rise in unemployment. There will however be a demand for qualified technicians and programmers to work with this magnificent machine.

Oz is not just limited to gardening. Oz can even be programmed to help care for livestock. They can help raise cattle, chickens and other stock animals. It could actually bring down the cost of food.

Oz will actually be made available to the average public at an affordable monthly rate. Can you imagine the luxury of having a robotic gardener? One could predict that if this be affordable enough there could be an increase of self-sufficient homes. Family will be able to save monthly on their grocery bill and put that money towards a monthly payment on a robot that will maintain their garden and livestock. This advance that is designed with the farmer in mind might even be the demise of the need for mass-farming.