Sadly, Disturbing Footage from Factory Farms is Entirely Normal

More footage of factory farm abuse has recently come to light- and what’s most noticeable is how entirely un-newsworthy an event like this has become.

An undercover farm investigation of a Tyson-contracted chicken farm in Tennessee has recently released footage showing the birds being abused in a wide variety of ways. Crowded, filthy conditions, sick and suffering birds, and even physical abuse from farm workers can all be seen in this short compilation video.

Tyson has responded to this video with a public statement, saying that the video is “disturbing” and calling attention to their quick track record of addressing animal welfare problems like this in the past.

However, there is little chance of Tyson or the violent farm workers being held accountable for their actions because much of the suffering chickens go through at industrial farms is not technically illegal. In fact, the horrific conditions shown in the video are considered to be normal, if unpublicized, industry practices. In many ways this Tennessee farm, and even Tyson, are simply matching the standard that has been set nationally for farm animal welfare.

This video is one more piece of evidence that animal welfare advocates can use to coerce Tyson and other leaders of the food industry into complying with more meaningful and comprehensive animal welfare practices. But until then, the best thing a consumer can do may be to simply avoid eating factory farmed animals altogether.