Tips For Training Your Puppy

As a proud puppy mom and professional dog trainer, I understand that training puppies and dogs isn’t always the easiest task to take on. In an effort to help other pups and their families, I’ve compiled a list of some useful tips to make training your puppy less stressful for the both of you.

Let Your New Puppy Release Stress

When a new puppy joins your family, it can be very stressful. The puppy has to become familiar with new surroundings, new people, and new rules. Maybe the pup never had any structure in his previous environment and your rules seem super strict.

Allow your new puppy to find a comfortable corner to call his own. Set up his crate in that area. Keep loud noises to a minimum and don’t crowd the puppy’s space.

Reward Your Pup With Tasty Treats

When training your pup, it’s important to find a reward that he absolutely loves. When I’m conducting training classes, I always give the puppies Purina Beneful Bakes Delights. I can get my puppies to learn anything just by offering up one of those tasty Beneful treats. Purina Beneful only uses quality ingredients, so I know that these treats are as healthy as they are inciting.

Reinforce Good Behavior

You’ll always want to reinforce good behavior, especially when you’re not in an active training session. Puppies need to know that the rules and tricks they learn in class apply to everyday life, too. If you only focus on punishing naughty behavior, the puppy doesn’t have a frame of reference to know what the correct action should have been. This is why positive reinforcement is so important. The pup does something right, you tell him he’s a good puppy and possibly reward his behavior, and then the puppy learns a valuable lesson on manners and house rules.

If you have any difficulties when training your own pup, you may need to have him attend professional dog training classes. I have families bring puppies to me all the time who have hit a wall with their home training. There’s nothing wrong with having a professional help. Be sure to look for an instructor and class setting that reflect your own values and goals. Training won’t work if the training class teaches your pup to act in a way that disrupts the flow of your home. Shop around a little before choosing a class. Online reviews can help, but ask your puppy mom friends for their recommendations or take a personal tour of a few classes to find the one that best suits your needs.

Whether you’ve never had a pup in the family before, or if you’re a seasoned puppy mom, training is very important. Every home needs rules to operate seamlessly. Puppies need rules, too. With a stress free puppy, tasty treats, and positive reinforcement of good behavior, you’ll be able to have your pup be the envy of the town with his impeccable manners.

Purina Cares About Pets

Nestle Purina PetCare makes food, snacks, and even pet litter! Their products are geared towards both cats and dogs. It is the second largest pet care company in the United States. It’s quite easy to see why they’ve enjoyed so much success. These pet care products, especially the food, is formulated by an expert team of scientists and nutritionists. They spend countless time perfecting the food and coming up with a formula that is everything that a pet needs to stay healthy. This food is created with wholesome ingredients and nutrients to keep pets safe, healthy, and happy. The makers of the Purina News PetCare brand stand behind it 100%. This is the food and treats that they feed their pets. They see firsthand just how healthy this food is and therefore they use it on their own pets.

Nestle Purina PetCare has many divisions when it comes to pet care products. This is because that team of nutrients and experts understand that all pets are created differently and therefore they understand that each pet has different nutritional needs. They understand the fact that all pets can’t just be fed the same food and be expected to thrive. Their bodies are all different and therefore the needs are all different. Nestle Purina has the divisions of Purina Dog Chow to keep dogs growing healthy and strong. They see the Friskies brand to keep cats active and happy. They sell Purina Beneful and Purina One as well, which are other great products to get pets the ingredients that they need.

Purina has been branching out with their products. They have now dove deeper into formulating products for individual pets. They have created a product for senior dogs that is specially formulated to help maintain their health. Older dogs face an array of problems and it can be stressful on any owner. Therefore, the last thing an owner needs to worry about is whether or not their older pooch is getting the nutritional care it needs. The same goes for puppies. Having a puppy is a stressful time! They’re constantly running around and exploring. Therefore, they need to keep their energy up. That’s why Purina has a special brand that is formulated to keep their energy up and give them all that nutrition that they need to remain active.

Overall, Purina truly understands what animals need to thrive. They have specifically formulated their food for those needs. Owners can feel confident feeding their beloved four legged friend these treats, kibble, and food! It’s an affordable product that really takes care of a pets need. The Purina brand cares about pets and wants them to get everything they need to be successful in their lives.

NJ Farm Becomes Animal Sanctuary

Stars make the news every day. What we here about the stars of movies and television is not always positive or nice. Dr. Daniel Amen believes that the time has come for something different to be heard about a star who really cares and is trying to make a difference. Jon Stewart has recently purchased a farm in New Jersey with his wife.

Jon and Tracey Stewart have bought the property with the intention of turning it into a sanctuary for rescued animals. These animals will be ‘retired’ from other farms and will be past their prime of producing the products that a working farm uses.

The Daily Show star desires to make a difference in the world and this is one thing that will make a difference for so many animals that are typically sent to slaughter. While many may state that this is a whim in order to garner the attention of the press and the local governments, this is far from the case.

It seems that the Stewarts have adopted many animals over the years. Visits to shelters and animal homes are rewards for their children. The family presently own a couple of pigs, horses, and a variety of cats and dogs. Jon and wife intend to instill a respect for animals in their children and hope to foster and attitude of servitude for our furry friends.

Mr. Stewart has used the platform of his show as a sounding board to combat cruel and inhuman treatment of animals.

Seismic Testing For Oil And Gas In The Atlantic Threatens Thousands Of Sea Mammals

USP suggests that the oil and gas companies don’t care about the environment unless they are held accountable. Fracking operations around the country are changing the dynamics of the Earth’s structure. Now these companies want to upset ocean life and that environment. They want to do it in the name of fossil fuel. Fossil fuel trumps life in their eyes, so limits must be set on companies that only have their bottom line in mind. The oceans and the creatures in them are completely free, but we feel the need to disrupt that freedom in order to satisfy our archaic methods of energy mining.

Retrieving the gas and oil below the ocean floor means seismic testing has to be done. Sonic cannons shoot compacted air to the ocean floor every 10-12 seconds every day for months. More than 20 million seismic blasts are done over a couple of years.

The sound waves produced by these blasts will permanently damage or kill the mammals that roam the Atlantic. The east coast of the United States will turn into a killing field for dolphins and whales. Sea mammals don’t wreak havoc on our lifestyle and environment. Why should we try to destroy their quality of life for the sake of oil and gas?

Scientists Find New Family of Primitive Moths on Kangaroo Island

Scientists reported finding a family of primitive moths on Kangaroo Island off the coast of Australia. The moths are so different from other moths that they not only get their own genus (Aenigmatinea), but they also get their own family, Aenigmatineidae.

Scientists have described the moths (Aenigmatinea glatzella) as being like a “living dinosaur.” They live on Southern Cypress-pine trees, which are themselves extremely ancient.

The adult moths are 1 cm (.4 in). Their wings have feathery fringes on the edges. They also have purple and gold scales. People at Anastasia Date have heard that the moths have a life span comparable to a mayfly’s. They emerge from their cocoons, mate, lay eggs and die — all in one day.

According to the scientists, this is the first time since the 1970’s that a species of primitive moth has been found anywhere in the world. They also note that the new moth’s DNA has helped scientists learn about the evolutionary relationships between families or primitive moths. The scientists’ research also suggests that tongues evolved several times in moths and butterflies.

The researchers reported their findings in the journal Systemic Entomology.