Squaw Valley Ski CEO Andy Wirth’s Tremendous Bounceback

Some people so embody the spirit of hard work that you can’t help but notice just how much they push the limit in their day to day lives. Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, is perhaps one of the most iconic CEOs that many people aren’t really aware of.

As the CEO for one of the Reno-Tahoe regions biggest attractions it is easy to see why Wirth might feel like he has a lot on his shoulders. However, once you put life in perspective via a nearly fatal accident that kind of turns around on its head.

Andy Wirth is an avid outdoors lover and he practices what he preaches. Wirth loves to ski, run, cycle, and even skydive — or at least he did. Wirth became an avid skydiver after hooking up with a Red Bull sponsored athlete.

The two quickly hit it off and began to hit the skies as often as possible. Wirth quickly got certified and became an avid jumper. However things went sideways on what was otherwise just another normal day.

Andy Wirth’s plane missed its drop zone and the Squaw Valley Ski CEO was forced to put down in rough territory, thus clipping a pole and losing his arm in the process. Wirth was hung up, quite literally, and left to die.

According to Crowdrise , thankfully Wirth was able to staunch the blood flow to his arm by practicing techniques he learned as a backcountry ranger. He was able to stay calm by reciting the lyrics to a Pearl Jam song, ‘Just Breathe’, and as a result the CEO was able to avoid shock long enough to be saved. He would go on to endure countless surgeries and months stuck in a hospital bed. Now Wirth is back at it and not backing down.

With a new outlook on life Wirth is trying to do as much as he can for his business and the region that has treated him so well. He was recently appointed to a Chairman position on the Reno Airport Authority Board and his experience in a number of territories will be an integral aspect of said board.

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