Discovery Made Regarding Growing Bananas

Scientists in Israel have figured out a way to make bananas stay fresh for two times as long as they normally do. This will likely help farmers in the developing nations where bananas are grown because now they will have a much more marketable product to sell.

Essentially, the scientists have discovered how to isolate and modify the gene in bananas that is responsible for keeping the fruit from spoiling. The result is that these new bananas will not grow brown as quickly, and consumers will be much more likely to purchase them knowing they are less likely to go to waste.

Ironically, people in the impoverished countries where bananas are actually grown lack access to the fruit since transportation, distribution, and storage networks are bad. Instead, the fruit is simply exported to the developed world. Now, more people should be able to enjoy bananas than ever before.

The discovery was made at Israel’s Volcani research center. Scientists there have demonstrated to the press how their new bananas stay fresh for up to a month longer than normal bananas.

In my opinion, this is an important discovery. The banana is one of the most popular, tasty and nutritious fruits there is, and any development that makes it last longer is terrific. This research is one of countless examples of how humans use science to improve our own lives.