The Elysium Health Research

The Elysium Health has a vision of creating vitamin pills to lengthen lives. They hope to do this by converting chemicals used for mice and worms into consumables. The chemical has had a significant effect in lengthening mice and worms’ lives. Elysium Health is a startup company. It receives funds from a biologist based at MIT. He believes that the consumable vitamins will slow down aging. However, the biologist faces challenges. He does not have any way to prove that the same chemicals can work in humans and animals. The challenge paused has encouraged him to take to research to draw any possible proofs.


Therefore, Elysium Health’s first pill, Basis is a test. There is no guarantee of staying young after taking the pill. The pill is said to contain nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). This chemical is helpful for body cells. The chemical aids cells in carrying out metabolic processes. The anticipated effect of the chemical is comparable to that of a diet short of calories. The pills that Elysium Health hopes to manufacture will be available over the counter. Also, they are aimed at maintaining health and aging balance.


Elysium Health thrives on the fact that fewer calories prolong life. This is what scientists proved for mice and worms. NAD levels are believed to fall in the body with age. Elysium Health, therefore, aims to maintain the intensities so that a consumer can remain young. The company aims to prove whether increasing NAD levels slows down aging. Elysium Health’s pill has nicotinamide riboside as its component. The human body can quickly transform the constituent to NAD for use. Guarente is the lead biologist in the research. He plans to construct gradual study by adding some components to NAD.


The mission of Elysium Health is to help people live healthier for longer. The company aims to translate science and technological advances to healthy products. Elysium Health purposes to use natural constituents to create supplements that prolong life.

Elysium Health has a scientific board that gives direction. The board consists of award-winning scientists. Clinicians, as well as other health professionals, are included. The products are therefore tested for safety before they are recommended for consumption.

How Lime Crime Is Shaking Up the Beauty Product Industry

What is Lime Crime? Well, it’s a name you may have heard popping up on the blogs of top style fashionistas or even by friends and co-workers that belong to the brand’s incredibly loyal user base. Lime Crime is a brand of beauty products – lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters and many other fun products – that are revolutionizing the beauty industry by putting the user first and rocking the digital space.


How is the company revolutionizing the beauty space? Well, there are many reasons. First of all, the company believes in a digital-first, user-centric branding platform. The company actively showcases real users on their website that post pictures of themselves wearing their products. The company also typically shows the product itself next to the user, with a fabulous image of what the lipstick will look like on actual lips, rather than the simply swatch of color that has left every woman returning home from a new lipstick purchase looking like she is wearing clown paint because the color just didn’t fit what it looked like on the box.


Second, Lime Crime is revolutionizing the beauty space by offering products that align with a user base that insists on buying items that meet a certain standard. All of their products are 100% Vegan and are certified to be cruelty free by PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program, meaning they are never tested on animals.


The company’s founder, Doe Deere, insists on this purity for his cosmetic line. As a wearer of bright colors herself, Doe’s goal was to create a line that gave women and men the power to express themselves through a beauty line that was as unique as they are. That company culture drips down into the team and product line, and is likely a reason her products resonate with so many buyers. The products have unique, fun packaging that is an extension of the products themselves.


The line is known for its juxtaposition of beauty with a hint of grunge and rebellion and has a very cool “Makeup for Unicorns” theme that resonates with users. If you haven’t heard about the line yet, you surely will soon.


Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Putting Makeup On The Map

Lime Crime creator Doe Deere always had a dream of revolutionizing makeup and setting new industry standards: She’s done both. Lime Crime is now one of the most successful makeup lines in the world. It’s also vegan and cruelty free, according to PETA and Leaping Bunny.


Deere isn’t one to discriminate. Her line was created for males and females who love to express themselves. Her unique vision and eye for the unusual has managed to capture millions of devoted followers all over the world. Lime Crime was launched in 2008 just after Halloween. The self-touted “queen of unicorns” created the brightest, boldest eye makeup, lipsticks, nail polishes, hair and blush, all wrapped in glittery packaging.


Deere says her company is such a rousing success because she oversees every detail from product launching to packaging. She says she owes it all to her customers and fans who have stuck by her through thick and thin. Deere urges her customers to download photos of themselves wearing her products. Deere says her makeup is made to please all people. As a little girl in Russia, she was never shy about expressing herself. Violets, pinks, purples and greens were always her favorite colors.


Persistence is why she hasn’t failed, according to Deere. She urges would be entrepreneurs to never give up on their dreams. After a number of failed start ups, Deere almost abandoned her dream. It was only after the kindness of others, that she opted to stick with it. Doe has branched out beyond the U.S. and her makeup line can be found in the U.K and Canada. Both her online and physical stores are highly successful. Deere says she has a number of additional items in production. As long as she’s keeping her clients happy, the critics aren’t relevant, according to Deere.