Shea Butter Is Putting Ghanaian Women Through School

Shea butter has been a worldwide home remedy for many things for generations. It is an off-white colored butter that comes from the seed of African shea trees. Not only does it feel great on the skin, it is considered one of the best moisturizers on the market. It is heavily rich in vitamins A, E and F, and is all natural. Shea butter has been proven to decrease skin inflammation due to it’s cinnamic acid, and is a great way to protect your skin from the damages of the sun without clogging pores. Many women use shea butter to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, and it has been proven to work. It comes in many forms, including lotions and lip balms. There are many popular brands of shea butter on the market, and it continues to be a booming remedy for many.

Eu’Genia Shea, a family owned business, was founded in 2015 and is dedicated to all natural shea butter products. The founder of the company, Naa-Sakle Akuete, is a young woman who graduated from Harvard Business School and started the company with her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer, in 2014. With hopes to make a difference in peoples lives, Akuete has become dedicated to fair wages and opportunities for woman in Ghana, and has set forth to donate 15% of all profits made by Eu’Genia Shea to Ghanian education systems.

All the products sold on the Eu’Genia Shea website are of high quality, which is something Akuete strives for in her company. They contain at least 95% of shea butter content, unlike many leading brands, and are one of the purest shea products on the market. While her products are of the highest quality, her efforts to helps the woman of Ghana is a truly beautiful thing. To date, she is currently putting over seven hundred women through school, and it’s all thanks to the Eu’Genia Shea brand and all the hard effort she has put into the company.

WEN over Limp Dull Hair

Do you want to know the secret to beautiful hair? WEN by Chaz Dean, is a stylish cleansing conditioner, that will turn your hair into luxurious locks that look and feel gorgeous. After only a week of use it turns lifeless, fine hair into healthy, shiny and salon worthy strands. WEN’s secret, strand saving formula features shampoo-conditioner-and styling treatment all in one bottle. Not only does it rescue your hair, it will also save you time getting ready.
WEN has been tested and approved by women everywhere including stylists who work at hair salons. According to an article found on article said it takes only one time washing your hair with WEN, before your it looks fuller and feels softer. She continued to use the WEN for seven days, and got unexpected but valued compliments on her thick, shiny and soft locks from her friends. Her normally fine hair was transformed into glamorous head turning luminosity. You can find the article and pictures of her hair transformation here.

When you use Wen everyday, your hair not only becomes glossy, but it also maintains a full and vibrant look until the next use. This sephora available product helps straight hair, oily or frizzy hair to become polished, full or curled into subtle bouncy waves. WEN by Chaz Dean, will make people lust after your celebrated and glorious head of hair.

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Makari: The Proven Right Choice for Skin Lightening

Markari was formed in 2000, and it means “beautiful” in Swahili. This company is remarkable because they addresses the skin issues of men and women of color, in which the beauty industry has ignored for several decades. With Makari, short for Markari de Suisse, they have a full line of beauty products for hair, skin, and cosmetics. They even have a baby line.

Makari’s success has grown exponentially to the point where they are now in America, Western Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Makari started out with seven products, and now they are offering 60 products. They are manufactured in Switzerland, and their product line are sold in various locations in New York, Brussels, and Paris. Additionally, they are headquartered in New York, and they have 11 distributors around the globe. They have prospered so greatly due to them addressing the missing issues in the market regarding people of dark skin. Their success is also due to their great quality, and for their more affordable prices.

The Top Option for Skin Lightening Cream

Makari has established itself to being the best in the skin care industry. Customers all over the world are all abuzz of the amazing results they have gotten with their products. This company also gives tips for the health of one’s skin as well in their blogs. Not only do they help resolve skin issues, but they give information to prevent problems from reoccurring. Other than that, their products are filled with very beneficial and natural ingredients, such as Caviar, Carrot Oil, Argon Oil, and natural plant extracts. This oompany’s products help alleviate acne marks, dark spots, and stretch marks. Customers and their spouses have written great reviews of how well their skin looks now.

To ensure great quality, Makari has undergone intense technical and scientific testing. And as a result, most of their customers realized how well their skin fared, compared to many who used skin products that are worth hundreds of dollars. Not to mention, Makari skin lightening cream is only $52.45.


Hands down- Makari is the ultimate leader in this industry. And they practically put their competitors ashamed, especially with charging outrages prices for products that don’t come close in quality and results like Makari. It just goes to show that people of color can’t go wrong with Makari. And for more information, they should check their site,

Makeup Tricks that Will Make You Standout in A Crowd

The point of makeup is to help bring out your inner beauty, of course it is also to grab attention and make sure that you get noticed. If you want to make sure that you standout in a crowd then you may want to pay attention to these makeup tricks. Getting noticed and looking hot has never been quite so easy.

Smoky eyes

A smoky eye instantly gives you an alluring and seductive look and with one simple shrug of the eyebrow you can pull off some mystique. If you want to pull off the trademarked come hither look that all of the top movie stars on the runway use just turn your eyes into smoky eyes. In order to get the look you will need to use eyeliner and mascara and choose gray, black, or blue eyeshadow. Use a brush to apply the eye shadow and then carefully outline your eye. For an extra bang you could place some shadow glitter over top of the color.

Experiment with Colors

You no doubt express yourself through your clothing choices and through your hairstyle choices, so why not have some fun and experiment with color to express yourself via your makeup. Fun companies like Lime Crime have now made it possible to go all out with cosmetics. Lime Crime on creates bold, vibrant, and signature colors that you will never find on the store shelves to help make sure that your makeup expresses your personality. All of their products are cruelty free and instantly addicting because once you try some makeup outside of the box you will never want to go back.

Luscious Lips

Anyone that watches the media circus knows that full luscious lips are in, but you can relax because no one was born with the lips they appear to have on the magazine covers. Their makeup artists simply know how to play up their lips to make them a prominent feature which means you can do the same. First you need to choose a lipstick color that compliments your skin tone or makes a statement if you like to have some fun with color. Then choose a lip liner that matches the shade and use it to line your natural lip contours to help define your lips. If you want them a little fuller looking simply draw the line a bit outside the natural line and then color the lipstick in to match.

Lime Crime For Individuals

I truly believe that there are two types of people out there. There are those people that use makeup to cover up their imperfections and to enhance their look. These are the people that use concealer to cover up a blemish. These are the people who use eyeliner to cover up the dullness of their eyes. These are the people who wear makeup to work, on a date, and out on the town because they don’t feel as beautiful otherwise. There is nothing wrong with these types of people. It’s there personal preference!

There’s also another group of people. I’m talking about the people who have makeup as their life. Makeup is more than just something they put on their face. It’s a way of life. These are the people who want bright lips because it makes a statement about who they are. These are the people who want to wear glitter because it makes them feel magical. Overall, these are the people who truly are not who they are without makeup. They’re the unique ones. These type of people use Lime Crime makeup.

Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere as a makeup for unicorn line! This basically means that it’s for those who truly believe makeup is a reflection of themselves. They are the ones who want to convey who they are through makeup. Lime Crime makeup on storyexchage is basically a form of art. These people consider their face to be the canvas and the makeup to be the paintbrush. They express themselves this way. They are boys and girls. They are young and old. They are all unique individuals with this burning desire to express themselves.

Lime Crime is a very nice makeup line. It’s not some factor produced line that is basically sold to make a profit. Lime Crime is for those who are truly passionate about good makeup. Lime Crime sells a large variety from eye shadows to lip sticks. Doe Deere believes that makeup should make a statement and therefore there are a variety of colors for sale.

One of the coolest makeup trends I have seen has been the multi-colored lip. Lime Crime helps me to accomplish that look. It gives me the two colors I need and the tips to pull it off! Lime Crime offers a look book that people can look to for inspiration.

Overall, this makeup line has helped me to become an individual. I don’t have to be embarrassed because Lime Crime has helped me to realize that it’s okay to make big and bold statements with my makeup. Lime Crime is stepping out of the box when it comes to makeup. It’s beyond what society typically encourages and that’s okay. This makeup is made for individuals and that’s why I love it.