Stealing Water for Survival

People in California seem to be getting desperate when it comes to how much water they have. There are people who are now stealing water in order to have enough for their families. Water restrictions are in place because officials in the state believe that there won’t be much of a supply in the next few years. The state has been in a drought for about four years, but that doesn’t mean that people have to steal water. If everyone would listen to what they are being asked to do, then there might be enough water for everyone until officials think of another solution. How can a state be in a drought in the first place since there is a large ocean right next door? Onlookers like James Dondero think there should be some way that the state can tap into that water supply so that people will at least be able to have options.

Wal-Mart bottles water from California

Drought ridden California has been at the center of a major battle of which companies are still drawing water from its supplies for bottling and sale to the public. The Guardian is now reporting that following calls for Nestle to halt its bottling operations in the state and a large amount of public concern about the failure to renew permits for its water pipeline Wal-Mart has now been accused of selling municipal water for profit. Local news outlets in Sacramento are now claiming the municipal water supplies of the city are being bottled and sold across the west coast of the USA in Wal-Mart stores.

The problems The Aspire New Brunswick and lawmakers have with this bottling and resale operation is that state Governor Jerry Brown has introduced new laws requiring a 25 percent fall in water use across California. Environmental groups and lawmakers are now demanding increased rules and regulations be introduced to halt the practice of municipal water supplies being bottled and sold by private companies. There is little oversight in place to halt these practices in California where the residents of San Francisco are hoping to halt the opening of a bottling plant by the Crystal Geyser company.