BovControl Builds Application That Helps Rural Farmers

BovControl is a company that is trying to help farmers in Brazil, the United States, and around the world to reduce hunger. They are trying to do this by helping farmers maximize meat production.


This company that is only five years old was started by Danilo Leao. He began farming and taking care of the land that his family owned by tracking farm animals. He tracked them with a spreadsheet and ear tags manually. The BovControl application makes it easier for farmers to speed up production in meat and dairy on farms.


To use the application the farmer must put the cow’s vital statistics into the data base. This means birth date, vaccinations, medications, and weight. When information is entered offline it is saved and later uploaded to the cloud. This app allows users to log information in with the technology they have available from ear tags to Bluetooth collars that record information instantly.


The application eventually analyzes the information entered and makes predictions about the cow. The BovControl app can predict the date of the birth of a calf if the cow is pregnant, or tell the farmers when a cow is not producing as much milk as it should. A farmer can then decide whether to keep or remove the cow from the herd.


The app runs better with up to date technology. When the farmer uses a Bluetooth connected device it can sync up faster and provide more detailed information. It can keep track of a cow’s weight so that a farmer knows when its ready for slaughter or should be sold. It is used on farms all over the world.


The applications was first used in Brazil. It changed the way farmers collected data and made decisions about their livestock. Most farms that use this app are small to medium in size. The base of users continues to grow every year. When the company first tried to introduce the app in Brazil in 2015 it was hard to find qualified applicants to work for the company. That was because most Brazilian wanted to work for a larger company.


When the company started they had 10 employees now they have 16. They recently signed a deal with Alianca da Terra a nonprofit that certifies sustainable farms in Latin America. They are building an app using BovControl platform that let’s dairy farmers analyze the history of their milk sales. BovControl continues to expand its business around the world.