Igor Cornelsen With Three New Tips For Investors In Brazil

When done correctly, investing makes people considerable returns on their investments over long periods of time. While some people have been able to make hefty short-run gains, it’s generally only feasible to generate sizable returns over the long haul.

Investing the money you inherit, win, or – like most of us – earn from working is a great way to beat inflation while increasing the value of the securities you own. The United States is one of the largest markets to invest in, leading many people to convert to United States Dollars and take advantage of what America offers.

However, just as international investors look to the United States for returns, people living in the United States do the same, stowing their money away in international accounts to generate the returns they dream of. One of these countries is often Brazil.

Investing in Brazil isn’t easy. Igor Cornelsen, a retired Brazilian investor, was involved in corporate lending in the South American country for a number of years. Although he is retired today, he still releases tons of tips, tricks, and tidbits of information useful to people that want to get involved in Brazil as a place to keep their hard-earned money. Mr. Cornelsen recently shared three tips that all prospective Brazilian investors should take advantage of.

Government regulations are in place

While every country worth its salt has regulations in place, Brazil has loads of them. Learn about them prior to making the move to Brazil’s markets.

Native residents likely have lots of meaningful insight

People born and raised in a country likely know more about it than you, or anybody else in particular outside of its native population. This holds true for Brazilian natives that have experience investing in the country.

Brazilians aren’t difficult to talk to, according to Igor Cornelsen, making it easy for international investors to generate higher returns by talking to natives and taking their advice.

Restrictions on currency

Brazil has several restrictions on their currency, the real. International investors should brush up on such rules prior to getting involved. Know more:http://igorcornelsen.wikidot.com/


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Will Help Determine Who the Next CEO Will Be at Bradesco

Banco Bradesco was founded in 1943 in Marilia, Sao Paulo – located in the midwestern portion of the state – by Amador Aguiar. The founder served his financial institution as President up through 1991, citing health problems directly before resigning. Then-current Chief Executive Officer Lazaro de Mello Brandao immediately filled the position of President in the year of 1991, on the same day Mr. Aguiar stepped down.

Lazaro Brandao was only the second President in the bank’s lengthy history, and has been until earlier this week when Mr. Brandao stepped down on his own accord. Mr. Brandao is of good health and has been for a number of years, instead resigning because he’s 91 years of age and wants to spend time with his family and friends for the remainder of his life here on Earth. Mr. Brandao said during his press conference that “When I told my family I was leaving, their reaction was: It’s about time.” He’s still got a sense of humor, too, it seems like.


Current Chief Executive Officer Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will move up to President in March of 2018, the date the new chief executive will be appointed. Mr. Trabuco will serve the dual role of President and CEO from now until March of 2018. He’s been the CEO since 2009, when he was promoted to the prestigious spot of CEO from the lead executive of Bradesco Seguro, Banco Bradesco’s insurance and private pension division.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi announced that the new CEO will be promoted from within, just like most executives – to which Mr. Trabuco has been no stranger over the past two decades, if not longer – are promoted trough at Banco Bradesco. Mr. Lazaro Brandao was a key proponent in changing Bradesco’s standard procedure of hiring new executives from within its own ranks. Although Bradesco is not the only organization to regularly engage in such activity, the majority of entities – especially those in financial services – hire chief executives, those in upper management, and other executives from other organizations directly or currently unemployed high-powered individuals that recently left top-notch corporate offices.

While Mr. Trabuco or Mr. Brandao didn’t announce exactly who will be considered for the soon-to-be-opened position of Chief Executive Officer at Bradesco, a few unnamed sources speaking on the condition of anonymity working for the leading financial institution shared a list of seven executives currently working for Banco Bradesco SA. Here are the seven candidates, included with a little information about them:

  • Andre Rodrigues Cano – Hired in 1977, Mr. Cano was most recently promoted to Bradesco’s team of executives in December of 2016. Cano is responsible for human resources at Bradesco and is 59 years of age.
  • Octavio de Lazari – 54 years of age, Mr. Lazari was hired in 1978. He’s over the insurance unit, to which he was appointed in May of 2016. Insurance is responsible for about one-third of the bank’s earnings every year.
  • Marcel de Araujo Noronha – Mr. Noronha is 52 years of age and was hired most recently than all but one of the seven executives being considered for CEO. He’s over Bradesco BBI – the bank’s investment banking operations – and oversees the issuance of credit cards.
  • Josue Augusto Pancini – This executive is 57 and oversees the intricate network of branches of Bradesco across the expansive nation of Brazil. He’s also responsible for high-income consumers and was hired in 1975.
  • Mauricio Machado de Minas – 58 years of age, Mr. Minas is over Bradesco’s IT department. He has worked for a number of other information technology firms throughout his career and founded Next, a spinoff of Bradesco based on the Internet.
  • Alexandre da Silva Gluher – Currently the Chief Risk Officer of the bank, Mr. Gluher was instrumental in the acquisition of HSBC Holdings’ retail operations in Brazil. He was first hired in 1976 and is 57 years of age.
  • Domingos Figueiredo Abreu – Just like Mr. GLuher, Abreu was deeply involved in the takeover of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian operations. He is currently over consumer lending and keeping up with the bank’s treasury. He was hired in 1981.

Learn more:https://www.bradescori.com.br/site/conteudo/interna/default3.aspx?secaoId=572


Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Makes it Easier and Fun To Give a Friend a Makeover

For those that have a friend that they want to give a makeover, there is a mall that makes it easy to accomplish. Many people have many types of friends including the one that seems to be stuck in a rut. Often times, people want to do something for that friend in order to help him gain that extra spark to his life. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to give a friend a makeover. However, before giving the makeover, it is important to find a place that is great for makeovers. One place is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping.

Manaira Shopping Mall is a great place for a makeover because it offers many different stores for clothing. There are a ton of different styles for both men and women. This is especially a great place for men that are looking to show a sense of style that is a little bit outside of the norm. This is also a good way to get a friend a makeover. One can choose the type of style that he would want to see his friend so that he will feel a lot better about himself. There are a lot of fun styles as well as more business oriented styles.

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Another good thing about Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is that it is filled with stores that sell clothing for low prices. Therefore, people are going to have a fun time choosing out different outfits with their friends that they want to have the makeover. Manaira Shopping makes it fun for people to find new looks and impress people.

For those that are considering giving their friend a makeover, there is one thing to consider. Some people do have a sense of style and they want to bring it out. While they are not necessarily content with their own clothes, they do know what they want. In this case, one can take them shopping with them and allow him to pick out the outfits that he wants. The results could be surprising in that he is able to come up with outfits that surpass what others can come up with. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba.

Bruno Fagali: One of the Best Lawyers in Brazil

One of the leading attorneys from Brazil who is renowned for his success in practicing law is Bruno Fagali. He is well equipped, experienced and learned when it comes to Administrative Law and he has been able to practice law as an independent lawyer with the help of his law enterprise, Fagali Advocacy.

The firm was founded in 2016 with the aim of assisting all clients with any legal issue regarding Electoral Law, Anti-corruption Law, Regulatory Law and Administrative Law and so on. He also works in one of the largest advertisement firms in Brazil, Nova/SB, as a corporate integrity Manager. With the help of his professional expertise and wit, Mr. Bruno has been able to prove himself as one of the best legal visionary Brazil could ever have. Prior to founding his firm, Bruno Fagali had worked at Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia as a lawyer for nearly two years. He also had the opportunity of serving as an Intern in three reputable law firms in Sao Paulo.

Mr. Fagali graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University where he earned his Law degree before proceeding to the University of Sao Paulo to earn his master’s degree in State Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law. He was aware of how important education was going to boost his career life, and this is why regardless of his degrees, he pursued short courses. These short courses were majorly on legal and law issues. He also took language classes as he speaks fluently in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. His communication and analytic skills have helped him in proving his professional excellence in various occasions.

In his career journey as a lawyer, Bruno Fagali has had the opportunity of representing different individuals in their high-profile cases that helped in making him famous. Mr. Fagali loves spending his time when not working doing social causes and outdoor activities. He firmly trusts he will continue helping people regardless of their class with all their legal issue as he was born to practice law.

Source: http://www.revistafatorbrasil.com.br/ver_noticia.php?not=320250



Advice on Making Investments with Brazil

Brazil, one of the most desirable places to invest in and one of the most sought out after markets by foreign investors. What makes Brazil such a great place to invest is due to the powerful economy that Brazil continues to have. Brazil has the eight largest economy in the world and has one of the strongest trading partners a country could have. This trading partner is China. China, having one of the most powerful economies in the world is one of the best and most admirable trading partners to have.

Zeca Oliveira, one of the most respected businessmen in Brazil, knows and understands the market better than anyone in Brazil. Thanks to Oliveira, foreign investors can receive great advice as to ways to become acquainted with the Brazilian world of business.

Here are a few tips that Zeca Oliveira gives to those looking to become involved with Brazil’s market.

1.) Know the Major Players in Brazil’s Market

It is not a hidden fact that Brazil is owned by private and state owned banks. Having the biggest and most powerful economy in South America makes this country a Mecca for all investors. As a potential investor in the Brazilian economy, it is important to understand that Citibank Brazil is one of the largest banks in the world.

2.) Understand the Trading Partners of Brazil

Understanding Brazil’s trading partner which is China is one of the most important pieces of research one must do before planning to invest with Brazil. A strong economy in China means there will be good prices on all of the raw materials in Brazil. As a potential investor, you must keep an eye on all the competing countries. This will increase your profit and then, in turn, add to your success.

3.) Brazil’s Overvalued Currency

Brazil’s overvalued currency, makes this the perfect time to successfully invest in Brazil. The overvalued currency has also increased account deficits. To make up for this, the Central Bank has begun selling dollar swaps to the local markets. This has been done to avoid a fast depreciation. The currency is currently over appreciated. The economy has sparked industry in Brazil and has made now more than ever the perfect time to start investing in the Brazilian market. Brazil has one of the most powerful economies in the world that should not be ignored.