Bulletproof Coffee for Super Energy and Weight Loss

Who knew that combining butter and coffee would be the perfect weight loss energy drink? That’s exactly what Bulletproof Coffee is, derived from a concoction from health blogger Dave Asprey. The original coffee idea was spurred by a visit to Tibet, where Asprey was served a tea mixed with yak butter to help keep him warm, energized and satiated while in the cold altitude.

Bringing the idea home with him, Asprey turned the concept into Bulletproof Coffee, a drink made of butter, coffee and MTC oil. MTC oil is a combination of coconut and palm kernal oils, blended into the popular coffee beverage for a creamy, energizing drink.

What makes Bulletproof Coffee work? Simply, the caffeine present in the drink combined with the high levels of saturated fat provide many benefits to the person who consumes it. The high fat levels help keep a person fuller, longer, while the caffeine provides ample energy. The idea behind Bulletproof coffee is that a person will only consume the beverage for breakfast, leaving them fuller and more energetic throughout the day.

People who don’t have access to yak butter use regular butter, a combination of coconut oil and butter, or organic butter to mix into the coffee of their choice. Consumed as a breakfast tool, the results are rapid weight loss from being satiated for longer periods of time, and high energy levels from the amount of caffeine in the beverage. Visit Bulletproof Coffee’s founder’s Twitter for more updates.

For people who are wanting to lose weight and gain more energy to their day, simply adding butter (a tablespoon will do) to their coffee can make a world of difference. People can feel fuller for longer periods of time, consume less calories throughout the day, and have the energy they need to stay active without consuming excess calories to keep them moving. For many, the Bulletproof coffee craze has made a positive impact on overall health.