Austin Is a Fashionable City Thanks to Brown Modeling Agency

Brown Agency opened its modeling agency in spring 2010 to find new, undiscovered talent. The agency has become successful due to the high standards and prestigious goals of its president Justin Brown. To celebrate Brown Agency’s achievement and build its brand, Justin Brown hired fashion designer Linda Asaf to build a wardrobe for his agency’s runway show. Asaf had only two weeks to come up with her collection for Brown Agency’s upbeat fashion event.

Austin has become a fashionable area, where new models and top designers can come together and present fresh looks for each upcoming season. Many models from Austin have been hired to work for well known brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Loreal, Dell, and Toyota. Brown Agency recognized Austin as a central area for the fashion industry when it chose to open its door in the fun, large city.

The staff at Brown Agency knows what kinds of looks are needed to succeed in the modeling business. They accept models who fit their criteria and work with them to develop professional talent. They understand that looks alone do not make someone a successful model. Prospective models need to have a commitment to their work and need the prep tools that Brown Agency can provide them.

Justin Brown modeled while attending college and gained the business skills needed to open his own modeling agency. He was very interested in what went on behind the camera in the modeling world and continues to make sure that his model’s photos are perfect. In addition to having strong contacts in Austin, Brown has also maintained contacts along the coasts due to his experiences working in New York and Los Angeles. Models who come to Brown Agency get special training that puts them ahead of their competition and gain access to more professional contacts.

Local companies in Austin are usually looking for models that have a funky look. They may prefer their models to have a more alternative look than other areas. The talent scouts at Brown Agency can help models achieve looks that will get them more looks. The staff may opt for edgier looks that include funky hairstyles, tattoos, or body piercings.

Austin has become a city where models can thrive. A modeling agency in the area, such as Brown Agency, can offer inside perspectives to help prospective models get work. In addition, Brown Agency throws runway events to celebrate their successes and help new faces get discovered for print, commercials, or film.

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