USHEALTH Advisors Creates a Friendly Environment for Both Employees and Customers

USHEALTH Advisors was started in 2010 as a subsidiary of the larger USHEALTH Group. The private limited company focuses on selling life insurance products to families, small-scale entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals. The company has grown to include over 500 employees many of which are insurance advisors enjoying lucrative salary packages.

Insurance plans

USHEALTH advisors specialize in a number of life insurance products for their customers. They currently provide health and life insurance cover, critical illness cover, fixed indemnity health plans, guarantee issue plans, and accident cover. USHEALTH advisors also act as health insurance agents as well as recruiters of qualified insurance advisors.

Expected employee Salary

The salary for USHEALTH advisors depends on the rank one holds. A general insurance agent takes home about $68,216 a year. A contracted insurance agent will take home as much as $85,037 per year including benefits. Any insurance agent who is licensed will take home $80,000 annually. A junior policy sales agent will take home $43,667 a year or $4.67 per hour.

Employee Benefits

Employees also get to enjoy other benefits of working for USHEALTH advisors. As an employee, you are welcome to work from home as long as you meet your daily targets. The best performing agents at the company also get to enjoy a salary bonus as a pat on the back. In addition, working for USHEALTH Advisors does not feel like a 9 to 5 since the hours are reduced or flexible enough.

Besides lucrative salary packages, USHEALTH advisors offers other benefits like free business training for employees. Currently, every employee at USHEALTH goes through a mandatory training on professional business etiquette. This protocol came after a series of complaints about the company having a few agents who were either rude or not that friendly to customers.

Performance rating

According to their BBB rating, the company enjoys a solid score of A+. USHEALTH takes the time to respond to all complaints by apologizing directly to the customer. They will then proceed to tackle any issue that may have been unsolved by the agent.

USHEALTH advisors have grown to become one of the leading authorities in the sale of insurance plans. All their products are endorsed by the credible Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, which is also a partner of USHEALTH Group Inc. Working for USHEALTH Advisors offers an ample environment to grow career wise and also enjoy life in general through the accruing benefits offered to employees. Read more:


Michael Thoreau Lacey

Michael Thoreau Lacey is an American mathematician. He was born in the fall of 1959. In 1987, he received a Ph. D. from the University of Illinois.

He worked under the direction of Walter Philipp and later worked with him on proving the central limit theorem at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His work includes the areas of harmonic analysis, probability and ergodic theory. His thesis, under the name of Some Limit Theorems, solved one problem in the Law of Iterated logarithm for characteristic empirical functions.

His first positions after his getting his doctorate degree were at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina.

He later received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Indiana University, where he studied the bilinear Hilbert transform. Along with Christoph Thiele, Michael Lacey was awarded the Salem Prize for solving the transform.

Recently, he has been teaching at the Georgia Institute of Technology. There, he received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004 for his work with Xiaochun Li. He is now a fellow of the American Mathematical Society and continues to do research in his field. Read more:  Mike Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Many of his research papers are funded mainly by the National Science Foundation, Guggenheim Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation, the Simons Foundation and the Salem Prize. Other institutes of mathematics also helped to fund his research.

His research includes a lot of joint work as well as independent research. As mentioned above, he has worked with Christoph Thiele, Walter Philipp, Máté Wierdl and Pascal Auscher. Some of his papers include: A note on the almost sure central limit theorem, Random Ergodic Theorems with universally representative sequences, The Solution of the Kato Problem in the case of Gaussian Heat Kernel Bounds and Integer sequences with big gaps and the point wise ergodic theorem. Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems.

He has a lot of Honors in his field, such as the fellowships mentioned, and awards like the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award.

Michel Lacey works as a visiting professor in different universities such as Helsinki University and Schrodinger Institute in Vienna. He has over one hundred publications.

Micheal Lacey has mentored students from undergraduates to post-doctorates. He has held many addresses in different institutes all over the world. He continues to be highly successful and active in his field and hopes to continue to do so in the future.


Patty Rocklage Restores Relationships

Patty Rocklage is helping many marriages in the state of Massachusetts. She has more than two decades of counseling experience, and she is able to help many couples get to the core of what is eating at their marriage. There are a lot of couples that are hesitant about the process of working with a marriage counselor or therapist, but Patty is someone that can help any couple that needs an opportunity to hit the restart button on their marriage.

Most of her desire to help comes from the knowledge that she has gained. This is something that she has wanted to do during her time at USC, and she earned a degree at this university.

Patty Rocklage understands that there are many couples that get married based on their attraction to one another. They may not have given much thought to the marriage and terms of how they work together on budgets or future goals. In general, couples may find that they are somewhat dissatisfied with the life that they live after they have become married. What Patty has been able to do is help these couples become a lot more in tune with the process of communicating. There are couples that are struggling with simply talking to one another. The marriage may seem like it is at a point of doom, but Patty has the ability to help these couples see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Her communication skills are part of what makes her such a good psychotherapist. She has done a considerable amount of counseling for couples that have had issues with finances or communication. She has shown herself to be a counselor that knows the best things that one can do when they are trying to rebuild their marriage.

It has been said that more than half of all marriages end in divorce. Many couples will simply throw in the towel at times because they don’t want to deal with the issues that can occur with the marriage anymore. Patty Rocklage is licensed in helping partners face challenges.

How Stephen Rotella Is Part Of The Next Generation of Philanthropic Leaders

Philanthropy plays an important role in our society. Some philanthropic efforts may be focused on the needs of populations that are outside of the United States such as promoting the rights of women in West African countries like Ghana or Guinea while other philanthropic efforts may focus on improving the welfare of a population that lives in a relatively small area like the Harlem Children’s Zone which focuses on improving the educational prospects of children in a neighborhood called Harlem in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The organization has been particularly effective at using a focused approach to effect a deep level of positive change amongst a small target population.

Regardless of the kinds of problems that a philanthropic effort is being developed to solve many philanthropic efforts rely on the participation of and engagement with the private sector. Philanthropic efforts can succeed when individuals and entities in the private sector choose to leverage the financial capital and the skills that they have cultivated in the private sector for the benefit of the common good. Some people in the private sector like the historical figures Andrew Carnegie of the Carnegie Steel Company and Henry Ford and Edsel Ford of the Ford Automotive Company have chosen to leverage their resources in the service of the common good by starting foundations. Edsel Ford helped to start the Ford Foundation that today mobilizes the more than $12 billion that it controls to help champion causes like gender justice, global development and youth development. Andrew Carnegie helped to start the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The Carnegie Foundation has helped to promote education and education policy for more than 100 years and has stood as an example of what business people can do for philanthropic causes.

Stephen Rotella is following in the footsteps of industrialists like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford and is using his experience as a financial services executive to help fight poverty in the United States. Rotella currently leads the insured cash solutions firm StoneCastle Cash Management. Rotella’s company focuses on providing services to institutional investors and is registered with SEC. Rotella is the firm’s President. When he is not leading the firm he spends his time leading the national board of directors of the nonprofit LIFT. LIFT is a social organization that uses its resources to help people lift themselves out of poverty. His work at LIFT is one of many philanthropic causes that Rotella spends his time working on. These causes include YouthCare, Artsfund and patronage of Jazz at Lincoln Center. His professional background includes holding many senior leadership positions in the banking industry including being the Chief Executive Officer of Chase Home Finance and serving as the President of Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation.

Follow Stephen Rotella on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Abusing the Competition through Innovative Strategies with Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame joined True Value Hardware Corporation in 2013 and left it in 2015.He worked as the Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President.

He managed the complete P&L for more than 2.2 billion dollars in international buying and 320 million dollars in inventory that covers 85,000 SKUs.His leadership of the various functional parties led to the creation and implementation of a five-year useful professional plan that delivers growth for a long time.

Kenneth was responsible for merchandising, category management, marketing, pricing, labeling, print advertising, and global sourcing. His involvement in the tasks restructured the talent acquisition strategy of the firm and recreated the whole merchandising team, hence improving the functions’ performance.

To upgrade the company’s performance even further, Kenneth rebuilt the management team in the POG, JDA categories, merchandising of the SKU investment at a professional level and store level and in the heat mapping category, which aids in visual inventory productivity.

Kenneth Goodgame replaced the True Value’s buyers making up 40% of consumers accustomed to low buying rates and performance. The new bargaining team created a highly active shopping culture with the broad range of product knowledge. As a result, True Value savings increased from 2% to over 10% for one year.

Mr. Goodgame installed the “pay for play” program which is an advertising investment program supported by vendors. By 2015, the program had raised $13.8m from the previous year’s $8m.The benefits enabled suppliers to buy ad forums, hence funding the company 50% in its national television advertising program. In 1024, True value’s advertising featured a TV ad and raised the customer count by 4%, the retail comps by 4% and the average ticket amount by 9%.

Kenneth also launched the 250 SKU EDLP program targeted to assist all retailers. The program resulted in full margin percentage and lowered retails on the highest valued SKU’S. In
In 2015, the annual test markets of the average basket ring increased with over 9%.Ultimately, the local price perception at test stores improved.

The last program to launch under the leadership of Kenneth Goodgame, ”New at True Value” was SKU’s finishing program. With the support of 2800 stores, the program earned the spot of the most successful strategic plan in research conducted by store participants.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in marketing He began his career with the Home Depot in Atlanta, GeorgiaHe is a renowned operational management leader, with specialized skills in developing excellent OEM performance. He utilizes visionary financial trends, smart business plans, and innovative marketing and merchandising to restructure and realign the company’s goals.

Kenneth’s long history in the financial and leadership role skills him to deliver corporate alignment, employee team building strategies, quality improvement and overall performance improvement.

Jason Halpern: A Real Estate Developer Transforming Cities One Building At A Time

A real estate developer is an individual who specializes in renovating existing developments and creating new ones. The developer will market and sell the development afterward. In some cases, a developer will work with partners to help share the risks and workload involved.

Some developers may have a background as an architect, real estate agent, or contractor. Basically, a real estate developer is a person who transforms a piece of property into a workable asset. Whether it is a simple house or an extremely large skyscraper.

Even though they are not the ones physically building the properties, they are the masterminds behind it all. Jason Halpern is one of these masterminds. He is the managing partner and founder of JMH Development. Jason is from a family real estate company with an amazing track record of more than 50 years. His family has built hundreds of apartments in New York City and Westchester County.


This entrepreneur knows how to pull in big sharks like Kushner and the Rockpoint Group. In 2010, he made a deal that involved the transformation of a Wild Turkey bourbon warehouse into a beautiful set of condos.
Today it is a 338 spacious unit.

Jason is different from other developers because he has a passion for historical locations. He gets to know the area that he will be working in and builds rapport with the communities. He then dives in gracefully to restore and refurnish these districts giving them a beautiful new twist.


Jason has an expertise that is unique in the development world. His work is filled with new innovative ideas and vision. He has become a strong leader for JMH. And he continues to transform cities one building at a time.


Whatever You Need, The Midas Legacy Provides It

Whenever working with any type of company, people look for a company that is willing to go the extra mile. They want the customer to be satisfied and they want them to be happy and feel as though they are getting the most out of whatever product is being offered. They also want to feel like the company offers top notch customer service. When they are part of this company, they are part of a family-like atmosphere. When someone is part of The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, they are with a company that can do it all.

Diversity is the name of the game in today’s world. People need a company that is not just a one trick pony. The Midas Legacy is certainly not a one trick pony. They can do a lot of things and they do a lot of things very well. First and foremost, wealth management. This is an area that can be quite complicated and confusing to a lot of people out there if they have never had to deal with or thought about it in the past. However, sooner rather than later, it is going to pop up and it is important to be fully prepared for it.

After all, retirement might be around the corner for a lot of people and they want to make sure they have enough savings and all of their money is in the right place. They do not want to leave anything up to chance. That is too risky and quite frankly, it is not worth the risk. They need experts like The Midas Legacy. The Midas Legacy also works on health and happiness. Most companies do not get involved in health matters, but the Midas Legacy does. They are concerned about their members and that is meant in a good way.

Concern shows empathy and sympathy. If someone is going through a hard time, they want to make sure they are going to get through it and come out better for it. The same goes with their happiness. If they are in a funk or not feeling like themselves, The Midas Legacy wants to help them work through that and experience joy once again in their lives. This is a company that wears its heart on its sleeve and truly will do anything to help out their clients.

The Midas Legacy Has It Figured Out

The word success can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some people find success in the smaller and simpler things of life. They enjoy having time with their loved ones to sit back, relax, and enjoy quality family time. They like to go to the movies as a family, talk to each other, and go to important events. That is what puts a smile on their face and that is their definition of success. With this sort of thing, there is no right or wrong answer to success. That is what The Midas Legacy has figured out in their years as a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory.

For other people, it is the chance to not have any fears and worries. They don’t want to live paycheck-to-paycheck. If they want to go on a trip with their wife, they want to go on it and not be looking at their bank account every second. While it is not wise to blow money, it is a good idea to enjoy money for things that are worthwhile and meaningful. Whatever someone is looking for, The Midas Legacy is going to provide that for them in strides.

For other people, it is health. They have been working a long time and they have been incredibly unhappy at their job. They have a boss that is cruel to them and always making them feel like they are less than. They do not enjoy the environment and they do not enjoy working there. They can see the impact it is having on their health, their sleep patterns, and how they live their life. Sometimes they get so stressed out, they might lose their cool and yell at someone and then later regret it. That is not in their nature.

The Midas Legacy offers them the chance to finally get out of that job and be their own boss and live life how they see fit. They are living life on their terms and they don’t have to listen to a mean boss anymore. The great news is they are the boss! They are in charge and they can do things the way they see fit. They can treat their employees with respect, set their own hours, and even work in their pajamas! That is a comfortable living and something a lot of people are striving for and The Midas Legacy is there to show them the ropes.