Felipe Montoro Jens Explains Recent Plans in Rio de Janeiro

Felipe Montoro is a public figure in Brazil, and he specializes in infrastructure. Felipe Montoro has shown current anxiety about the Brazil’s high waste level. He has been worried about the Brazil’s grave loss of economic wealth; a major concern that needs immediate address. This article reviews Felipe Montoro’s thoughts on Rio’s new plans to increase job opportunities.

Within the next three years, Rio de Janeiro city, under the current management of Mayor Marcelo Crivella, looks to create thousands of job opportunities in daycare centers. Regarding this project, the city aims to establish Public-Private Partnership (PPPs) with the objective of constructing and maintaining related educational equipment. The model is similar to Brazil’s 2012 first PPP schools implemented in the mineral-rich zone of Belo Horizonte. During his campaign, Crivella had made known his intentions to foster the education sector in Brazil.

The city management aims to establish numerous job opportunities in pre-schools and kindergartens. The primary responsibility of stakeholders will be to construct and administer new Infant Education Units. On the other hand, Rio de Janeiro City Hall will be responsible for the daily management and funds transfer from the national government. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is affiliated with the World Bank Group and will be responsible for supplying consultation services to model the project.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the project is aimed to succeed since IFC is the most significant private sector development institution in the emerging world. Montoro also insists that IFC is reputable for providing innovative thinking, global experience, expertise and financial resources that have helped solve political, operational and economic challenges in many parts of the globe. This project was initiated one decade ago, and the possibility of the private sector partnership presents a better option as compared to the scarce governmental public services.

James Dondero, founder of Highland Dallas Foundation Inc.

James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management in Dallas Texas. Mr. Dondero founded Highland in 1993 and with his leadership Highland Capital Management offers many different award winning products and solutions for their customers and has approximately $13.5 billion in assets and holds a reputation of being the largest alternative credit managers in the world.

In 1984 James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he earned Bachelor of Science degrees in both Accounting and Finance with highest honors. In the same year Mr. Dondero was accepted into the JPMorgan & Co. Morgan Guaranty training program that started his career as a analyst. Read this article at barrons.com.

After the Morgan Guaranty training program James Dondero work as a Corporate Bond Analysis with American Express in 1985. When he left American Express in 1989 he was a portfolio manager for about $1 billion fixed income funds.

Then Mr. Dondero was Chief Investment officer of Protective Life’s GIV, which was founded in 1989 and grew to $2 billion with Mr. Dondero playing a significant leadership role. Soon after James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero is also in many diffrent boards. He holds Chairman seats on the board of NextBank, Nexpoint, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical, as well as holding seats on the board of American Banknote and MGM Studios.

He also supports several charities such as George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Education if Freedome, Snow Express, Uplift Education and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

James Dondero makes his community of Dallas Texas and the rest of south texas a major part of his life by helping with these charities and more. He and Mary Jalonick formed Highland Dallas Foundation Inc for this purpose. The foundation helps Veterans, Educational needs, Health care concerns and various other organizations all over South Texas.

Recently James Dondero has added Lindo Owen to The Dallas Foundation to help connect with organizations in North Texas as well. Which is were Highland Capital Management gave The Family Place a $1 million challenge grant. The Family Place is a shelter for Men who are victims of domestic violence.

Read: https://affiliatedork.com/the-efforts-of-entrepreneur-and-philanthropist-james-dondero

Troy McQuagge: USHEALTH Group, Inc. CEO Feted

Troy McQuagge, the reigning President and Chief Executive Officer at USHEALTH Group, Inc., was honored as the Gold Winner in the 2016 CEO of the Year Award by One Planet Awards. This prestigious award is meant to recognize and honor business executives with outstanding professional merit in different industry levels across the globe. Submissions for the award are accepted from various companies in separate parts of the world and include both public and private firms, small and large enterprises, for-profit and non-profit organizations as well as startups.

Troy McQuagge career at USHEALTH dates back to 2010 when he embarked on revamping the firm’s distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. After a successful reconstruction of the company’s marketing arm, Mr. McQuagge demonstrated his ability to transform USHEALTH Group and as a result, was appointed to the organization’s president and CEO. Ever since Troy took over the company’s leadership, USHEALTH Group has recorded extraordinary growth, accomplishments, and profitability in the competitive health insurance sector.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. McQuagge demonstrated his joy in winning this coveted award, and he clarified that it was not only his win but for all the personnel at USHEALTH Group who were committed to offering affordable insurance coverage by developing creative solutions for different classes of clients.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is prominent business executive and entrepreneur from Panama City, Florida, but currently resides in Coppell, Texas. He attended the University of Central Florida where he pursued a B.A degree and graduated in 1983. After college, McQuagge started his career in health insurance sales at Allstate Insurance Company. Later in 1995, Troy moved to UICI/Health market where he stayed for eleven years. In 1997, he was elected as the president at UICI, UGA and he managed all his responsibilities diligently going above and beyond his bosses expectations while exceeding $ 1 billion in annual sales volume.

Mr. McQuagge later relocated to USHEALTH in 2010, and three years later, he was appointed the company’s VP and Chief Marketing Officer and then the firm’s CEO in 2014. Under Troy’s capable hands, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has grown ten times bigger in almost all areas of operation for the seven years he has been at the company.

Learn more:https://insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/Troy-McQuagge-is-Slated-to-Head-USHEALTH-Group-Inc-a-489547


Equities First Wikipedia

Read some of the private company information for Equities First Holdings. They have achieved great standing in the lending community overall. They are well known throughout the UK for their unique services too. Read the Equities First Wikipedia information that is provided. That can bring new borrowers up to speed on their service package. The UK wants to see more capital infusion for a range of borrowers on the market. Equities First Holdings is one company that is ready to provide just that.

The team was originally started back in 2002 and will work to fulfill needs. Their primary office is based out of London for local borrowers. But new offices have expanded to Singapore and Hong Kong recently. That gives them an international presence that surprises many out there. Expect Equities First Holdings to become a premier lender in the world. Trust the lending team to deliver money for people, and learn more about Equities First Wikipedia.


Troy McQuagge’s quest for success at USHEALTH Group wins him the CEO of the year award

The CEO of USHEALTH Troy McQuagge, received the CEO of the year award and was named the Gold Winner at the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is held to honor individuals who have been excellent in portraying their business and professional skills in their line of duty. This ceremony celebrates individuals around the world from various business aspects ranging from public and private organizations, profit and non-profit organizations, as well as large, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Troy McQuagge has been with USHEALTH Group, Inc. since 2010. His main agenda when he joined the organization was to turn around the company’s ideology about their insurance distribution agents, USHEALTH Advisors. Due to his success in the task, he was elected President and CEO of the company in 2014. Ever since he began his new role as CEO and President, USHEALTH Group, Inc. continues to register growth and profitability in the health insurance segment that is highly competitive.

Troy McQuagge was honored to receive the award. He attributes his achievement to the commitment shown by all USHEALTH Group, Inc. in their service delivery. The company has always strived to provide its customers with affordable health insurance plans. Given the ever-changing demands portrayed by the healthcare market, USHEALTH Group, Inc. services have adapted to the needs of all individual customers they serve.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. deals with providing health care insurance solutions to individuals and business owners. Using their talented employees and agents, USHEALTH is able to provide an exceptional customer experience in all aspects of its operations at low costs. The company has done this by remaining profitable.

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida and holds a degree in B.A. McQuagge has managed to gather over 30 years of sales experience. He currently lives in Coppell, Texas. McQuagge began his insurance career from an early age. He has worked for various insurance organizations from 1983, these include Allstate Insurance and UICI, the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies, Inc. In 1995, he became the President of UGA, an insurance agency branch of UICI. UICI later came to be known as HealthMarkets after it was acquired in 2006 by private investors.

At HealthMarkets, Troy McQuagge was tasked with heading the sales and marketing functions within the group. Agency Marketing Group is HealthMarkets’ marketing arm. Troy McQuagge has gathered enough experience when it comes to leading companies with a large workforce. At HealthMarkets, Agency Marketing Group had contracted over 4,600 agents to offer healthcare insurance solutions. He managed to grow the company’s sales and marketing arm to realize over $1 billion in sales volumes. This outstanding achievement made the company receive the Insurance Sales Organization award by Selling Power magazine.

Know more: https://www.corporationwiki.com/Texas/Fort-Worth/troy-mcquagge/67287003.aspx


Expert Tips on How to Plan for Your Retirement by David Giertz

Regardless of how much you earn or which position you hold in your organization, it should dawn on you that one day, one time you will have to hang your boots and retire from the profession. When this time comes, it is important that it finds you prepared. Planning for your retirement is not that easy. In order to be well prepared, you will need to hire the services of experts such as David Giertz. The following are some of the tips shared by Mr. Giertz that will help you get along with your retirement plans.

Ask Yourself How You Want to Secure Your Financial Income

As you will find out planning for your retirement is not easy due to two reasons; first, you do not know how much you will need in order to live a stable life and secondly during retirement you have no income other than your initial retirement benefits. With this, therefore, it calls for wisdom and guidance of an expert in order to go about this. David Giertz recommends that you start working with a retirement expert early enough to determine how to go about this. While allocating chunks of your income to your investment plan may look like a good idea, in the long run, it may not be enough. Look also into other options such as investing advice David Giertz.

Does Investment Guarantee You Financial Freedom?

Well, a majority of the employees we have today are of the opinion that investing will guarantee them the financial freedom they want. However, according to David Giertz, this is dependent on what you invest in, how you invest it and where you invest. Some retirement investments through good have limiting factors you need to be aware before you commit yourself to. Get to understand these details through a retirement expert before making your decision.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is one of the credible financial voices we have in the American economy today. Located in Columbus, Ohio David Giertz has helped a number of people make the right choices when it comes to retirement investing. Currently, Mr. Giertz works at Nationwide Financial Distributors as their President of sales and distribution.

Prior to Nationwide Financial Distributors, David Giertz worked at Wirehouse Distribution Channel where he held different posts including being their finance manager.

Dentist Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea

Sleeping is an activity that is often overlooked due to people having very busy schedules. In most cases, people rely on coffee in order to stay awake on a regular basis. While coffee is used to help people stay awake, it is very important to get enough sleep. In order to stay healthy, people need to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. When a person deprives themselves of sleep, they will usually suffer some undesirable consequences. Some of these include a decline in the physical appearance as well as often being lethargic.https://www.sharecare.com/user/avi-weisfogel-1/profile


One of the reasons why people have difficulty sleeping is because of sleep disorders. The main sleep disorder that contributes to sleep difficulties is sleep apnea. When a person experiences sleep apnea, they will usually have difficulty breathing which prevents them from getting adequate rest. Another thing about sleep apnea is that it can be a sign of other health problems such as heart disease and stroke. Due to the significance of this condition, it is important to get medical treatment whenever you believe that you may have this condition.


While there are a number of medical professionals who have looked to treat this condition, one of the most active ones is dentist Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He has spent a number of years researching the causes of sleep apnea and how to best treat it. He founded his own company called Dental Sleep Masters which specializes in providing treatment, advice and education to patients and medical professionals. With his company, Dr. Weisfogel has been able to lead the way in finding the most effective methods in treating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.


Prior to founding Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel worked as a dentist where he would provide conventional dental services to patients. He would found his own practice known as Old Bridge Dental Care. His practice was rated as among the best in the United States for two years in a row. While he was running his own practice, he realized that many of his patients were suffering from sleep apnea. As a result, he decided to research the condition and look for ways to treat it effectively for his patients. Dr. Weisfogel graduated from dental school from New York University and completed his pre dental education at Rutgers University.

Critical Insights Regarding Market America Events

Market America is a product brokerage and internet marketing business which majorly deals with social shopping. It was formed in 1992, with the head offices located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The primary purpose of business is to provide entrepreneurs with a system that continuously generates them income, while also providing consumers a more efficient way to do their shopping.Market America owns a website, SHOP.COM, which is one of the largest online shopping sites. Through the website, the company offers over 50 million products and services to over 3 million customers. It has also partnered with more than 180,000 product distributors worldwide. About Market America they have also employed more than 800 people to run international operations in countries like Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, just to name a few

A look into Market-America Events

Since its inception, Market America has been holding a series of annual events. Probably one of their best events is the annual International Convention. The company celebrated its 25th annual International Convention earlier in August. The over 20,000 attendants at the Greensboro Coliseum experienced an event that can easily be described as the best since its inception. During the event, the company launched new products, new technology, and discussed new initiatives to help them provide improved customer experiences.Besides the annual international convention, other critical Market America Events include product symposiums, World Conferences, as well as moving up seminars. All these events are spread over various regions, to help cut down the expense of transport to those who wish to attend.It is important that all UnFranchise Owners, whether beginners or experienced, to regularly attend these Market-America Events. All the different events have different focuses, meaning that with each event one attends, there is a surety of new information. Furthermore, the events also bring together many UnFranchise owners. Thus, they can share insights and help one another where possible.

Selfless Goals of Marc Sparks

As successful people reach new heights every day, not a lot of them dedicate their entire existence to the benefit of others. Marc Sparks, a triumphant businessman working from Dallas, is one of the few people whose bottom line is exactly this.

He founded Timber Creek, LP, and he currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Besides the business endeavors, Sparks also engages in many philanthropical efforts, occasional writing, and more.

A Company To Help Other Companies

The company Timber Creek, LP was founded with a purpose to help other start-up businesses reach their maximum potential. Sparks utilizes his rich portfolio and experience obtained over time to solve problems. These skills are then shared with the companies that he chooses to mentor, hoping that he will be a valuable asset to them. Beyond Sparks himself, his company offers office spaces, resources, capital, employees, and all the other necessary tools one might need to get their business going.

Writing Experience

As a part of his mission to give back to the community, Marc Sparks has written a book that teaches people how to invest and achieve financial freedom. The book is titled “They Can’t Eat You“, and is based on the personal life and experiences of this mastermind. He believes that every single person can be successful in their ventures as long as they possess the necessary resources such as patience, willingness to work hard, and passion.

Charity Work

Other than guiding other business-people and writing books, Sparks has spent a lot of time working for charitable causes. An example is his donation of 1,000 computers to at-risk students through his non-profit organization “Sparkey Kids”. Also, an almost 40-years-long involvement with the “Samaritan Inn”, that currently hosts over 160 homeless people every single night, is where this investor likes to dedicate his time to. Lastly, he has done many philanthropical things through the “Habitat for Humanity”, which constructs affordable housing for low-income families. Learn more: https://classroomvoices.org/marc-sparks-risk-taker-in-and-out-of-business/

After all, Marc Sparks is an example of an individual that has achieved the majority of his personal goals. Nowadays, he works with others to help them fulfill all of their dreams. He continues to provide great service with his company, while also taking part in community events and philanthropic activities. It almost seems unlikely that an individual can have enough time for all these selfless tendencies.