Why Equities First Holdings is the Best Lending Option for You and Your Business

Equities First Holdings is a pioneer in the provision of stock-based loans. It is a globally recognized source of alternative lending solutions and has nine global offices. The efficiency it has developed over the years has made it the best option for businesses during economic crises and individuals in need of non-purpose capital. Here are a few reasons why Equities First remains the best lending option for you and your business.

First, the company offers two lending options; margin loans and stock-based loans. The stock-based loan is a benefit to those who do not qualify for credit based loans. Ideal candidates for Equities First are those in urgent need of cash. Investment houses and traditional banks are an option too, but you can do without the many qualification requirements. Equities First uses your stock as collateral for a maximum period of three years and learn more about Equities First.

A margin loan accepts your shares or managed funds as security. If you envision that the value of stock in a company you have invested in will appreciate in the coming years, you can send the shares to Equities First and use them as collateral to get a loan. Again, if you need liquidity for a significant amount of stock, you can use the efficient and cheap services of Equities First. Moreover, during harsh economic times, Equities First will use your stock to keep you and your business from crashing by processing loans fast in three to five business days.

Sometimes a business may need to borrow money either to settle another debt and in some cases for a personal reason. In traditional banks, these reasons will automatically disqualify the candidate. In such situations, borrowing from Equities First is the best option. One does not have to state the loan’s intended purpose to acquire a loan from Equities First. In the last 15 years, Equities First has provided loans to high-income individuals and corporations. The total amount transacted is more than $ 2 billion with over 650 deals. A fact that shows that more people are recognizing the benefits offered by Equities First and are taking advantage of it and more information click here.

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Jason Halpern Finishes First Miami Beach Project

Jason Halpern is a successful real estate developer in New York and Florida. In 2010, he took over the family business JMH Development. The company currently has $500 million invested in various projects in the state of New York. One of the largest projects to date for the company is 184 Kent, a warehouse in Brooklyn that was converted into 340 luxury apartments. Currently Halpern is moving into the next phase with the property and converting it to a condominium.

The Kent property was built at the turn-of-the-century. It is a Cass Gilbert designed warehouse, constructed in 1913. The Austin Nichols Company was housed here. It is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building sits on a 20,000-sq. ft. landscaped courtyard. The property overlooks the East River.

Jason and JMH Development are dedicated to transforming more properties into luxury apartments, condos and commercial spaces in the state of New York. JMH has a strategy of converting buildings into properties that are in the luxury category. The company focuses on properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach, Florida. JMH is involved in historic preservation and restoration of properties.

Another major project Halpern has been involved with is the Aloft South Beach Hotel. It opened in 2015. It was a venture with Madden Real Estate and Starwood Hotels. It is located at 2360 Collins Avenue. It has 235 rooms and features a Stephen Starr Restaurant. The hotel was built on the site of the Ankara Motel. They preserved its Art Deco architecture in the ‘historic wing.” This is Jason’s first project in Miami Beach.

Jason currently lives in Brooklyn. He has his office in the same building. Currently he is engaged to a Ukrainian model, Veronika Gomeniouk.

Patty Rocklage Restores Relationships

Patty Rocklage is helping many marriages in the state of Massachusetts. She has more than two decades of counseling experience, and she is able to help many couples get to the core of what is eating at their marriage. There are a lot of couples that are hesitant about the process of working with a marriage counselor or therapist, but Patty is someone that can help any couple that needs an opportunity to hit the restart button on their marriage.

Most of her desire to help comes from the knowledge that she has gained. This is something that she has wanted to do during her time at USC, and she earned a degree at this university.

Patty Rocklage understands that there are many couples that get married based on their attraction to one another. They may not have given much thought to the marriage and terms of how they work together on budgets or future goals. In general, couples may find that they are somewhat dissatisfied with the life that they live after they have become married. What Patty has been able to do is help these couples become a lot more in tune with the process of communicating. There are couples that are struggling with simply talking to one another. The marriage may seem like it is at a point of doom, but Patty has the ability to help these couples see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Her communication skills are part of what makes her such a good psychotherapist. She has done a considerable amount of counseling for couples that have had issues with finances or communication. She has shown herself to be a counselor that knows the best things that one can do when they are trying to rebuild their marriage.

It has been said that more than half of all marriages end in divorce. Many couples will simply throw in the towel at times because they don’t want to deal with the issues that can occur with the marriage anymore. Patty Rocklage is licensed in helping partners face challenges.

Jason Hope Speaks Highly Of IoT

Recently, technology entrepreneur Jason Hope spoke about the internet of things. He once described the IoT as the greatest advancement to enter the technology sector. Hope believes the IoT can change how business operates and it will likely become the biggest advancement in the tech industry for many years.

Hope also believes the only way forward for the future will be via smart technology. He explained in his writings that the general public will benefit from the technology in their everyday lives, such as making a cup of coffee in the morning or turning off and on the lights when they are not home. Hope also believes competition among companies offering such technology will increase heavily.

Jason Hope said embracing smart technology and the IoT for society has many advantages, including the ability to eliminate waste and to make people’s daily lives easier and safer. He pointed out that the IoT has improved public transportation. He pointed out that technology has been able to provide real-time mapping of public bus routes and helps buses avoid dangerous road conditions.

However, rural areas are expected to experience the benefits of IoT. For example, GPS can help emergency workers get to rural areas faster and they will be able to collect more data about the incident they’re responding to and about the area at any time of the day or night. Hope is very optimistic about IoT’s future and its ability to improve the lives of all people.

About Jason Hope
Mr. Hope is passionate about philanthropy. The entrepreneur works with various organizations, including the SENS foundation. He explained how the organization is involved with anti-aging efforts that help people live a longer life and to enjoy a better quality life. He supports scientific research that challenges the way people think.

Hope is a huge fan of technology and he enjoys writing about it and staying up to date with what’s happening in the industry. He has been involved and still involved with developing mobile applications, gaming technology and desktop software to name a few.

Those who want to learn more about the entrepreneur and businessman can visit his official website.

Scott Rocklage’s Remarkable Career In Healthcare Management

Scott Rocklage is a highly experienced healthcare management professional. For over 30 years, he has held strategic leadership positions in the industry. Over this period, Rocklage has been networked and improved his leadership skills. By virtue of his experience and visionary leadership, he has managed to guide these firms to greater levels of success. Through his efforts, Scott has seen Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin drugs being approved by the FDA. Rocklage played a pivotal role in manufacturing these drugs.

In 2003, Rocklage became a venture partner at 5AM Ventures. In 2004, he became a managing partner of the company. Previously, Rocklage served as the president and chief executive officer of Amersham Health. He also rendered his services as the co-president and executive chairman of IIypsa. From 1994 to 2001, Scott Rocklage worked as the president of Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. and as a founding chief executive officer. Between 2000 and 2004, Scott served as the chairman of the Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc.

From 1990 to 1994, Scott was the chief executive officer and president of Nycomed Salutor, Inc. He was also Nycomed Interventional, Inc’s chairman, president, and chief executive officer from 1992 to 1994. Rocklage also held multiple R&D positions at Salutar as well as Catalytical Pharmaceuticals. In 2013, Rocklage started serving as Cidara Therapeutics, Inc’s board chairman. Since August of 2012, he has served as the chairman of Novira Therapeutics, Inc. Moreover, Rocklage serves as Rannovia, Inc’s chairman. Scott has also served as the chairman of Semprus BioSciences Corp’s board. Rocklage is actively involved in the Whitehead Institute’s board of associates.

Additionally, he has been the executive chairman of Semprus and Miikana Therapeutics. Since 2006, Rocklage has been serving as the director of Pulmatrix, Inc. Between 2014 and 2016, Rocklage worked as the director of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc and MDS Proteomics, Inc. Previously, he rendered his services as the director of VBI Vaccines, Inc., Relypsa, Inc., and Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. From 1994 to 2004, Rocklage served as the director of Protana, Inc. Between 2004 and 2015, Rocklage was the director of Achaegon, Inc.
Besides his broad healthcare management experience, Scott Rocklage has an extensive background in scientific matters. In addition, Rocklage has a proven record of accomplishment as a transformative leader in the healthcare management industry.

He is an inventor and a co-inventor. Presently, he has more than 30 U.S. patents. Moreover, Rocklage has authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications. His insightful pieces discusses about different topics, which are geared towards enlightening other experts and the public.
Scott Rocklage holds a PhD in Chemistry. He is a graduate of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At the institute, Rocklage conducted his research in the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner. Rocklage enrolled in the University of California where he pursued and graduated with his B.S. in Chemistry.

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern is the owner and leader of JMH Development. The company, under his direction, has announced that it has reached the topping off of the Southern Aloft Beach. This is a major milestone for the company. The South Aloft Beach is a major re-construction of the historic motel to resemble the modern structures. It is also featuring a 235-room with the largest rooms in the region. According to their plan, they are set to reach the topping of the by the end of 2015. For the hotel, they are scheduling their grand opening ceremony before the year ends. This is why JMH Development is working hard to ensure it keeps up with the trend in development.

According to Jason Halpern, the project was issued to JMH Development. While they were looking for ways of ensuring that they work to determine the capability management, the saw to it that the sub-contraction of the Madden Real Estate Company would help them achieve their time frame. For this reason, they sought the services of the company to ensure they keep up with the trend in development and innovation o the Southern Aloft beach. They also work to hasten the completion of the project without hesitating the ends of the project.

JMH Development also looked for ways of ensuring the double their efforts and complete the project in time. While they were pondering on that issue, they decided to contact the Miami-based Plaza Construction Company for further assistance. The negotiated and settled on a price to have the company work with them and develop their sustainable developments in the construction. Plaza Construction was given the task to ensure the construction process was running smoothly. For this reason, the project would operate in a manner which is unparalleled in the industry.

ADD Construction Company, on the other hand, was contracted by JMH Development to ensure they keep up with the latest trends of architectural design during the re-construction process of the Southern Aloft Beach. According to the recent sources, the construction of the Southern Aloft Beach is one of the newly-adopted designs since 2009. The building will also feature the biggest rooms in the area in a manner which adopts new reality in this line of duty. JMH Development has always worked to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. In this case, this action will become more pronounced because they will work to meet this deadline.

Jason Halpern also said in a statement that the company is pleased to reach the topping of the Southern Aloft beach. For this reason, they have worked to determine high-end capabilities which are unmatched in the industry. While this is an old industry, achievement is always paramount to ensure productivity is set on a high trend.

Jason Halpern

Troy McQuagge is Named the Most Innovative CEO

Troy McQuagge was recognized as the most Innovative CEO of the year in the insurance industry according to the CEO World Awards. The CEO World Awards program is conducted on a yearly basis and encompasses the best in innovation, leadership, organizational performance, new services and products, corporate social responsibility, CEO case studies, and milestones from all major industries in the world. Any organization from any part of the globe is qualified to submit nominations including profit and non-profit, public and private, large and small, and even start-ups.

Troy has been in the insurance industry for over 33 years and has formerly served as the CEO and Presidents of the Health Markets Agency Marketing Group. During his tenure, his company managed to get annual sales volume of more than $1 Billion.

He became the Director and CEO of the USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2011 and has been leading the corporation to get the highest growth in sales and record profits in the last four consecutive years. USHEALTH is today ten times larger than it was before he took over. Its share price has significantly increased to 1,093% since 2010.

Mr. McQuagge said that he was happy and felt honored to be named the Most Innovative CEO in the insurance industry during the CEO World Awards. He said that the recognition was not about him alone but about USHEALTH’s dedication to innovation and excellence. Troy didn’t forget to mention that their products are designed to offer incredible value to their esteemed customers and that they are a remarkable opportunity for the career agents working in the company. He also said that he was proud and felt privileged to work with an innovative company like USHEALTH.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance company located at Ft. Worth Texas. It focuses on offering innovative health coverage for small business owners and self-employed people. Its main goal is to combine the talents their employees and agents have to market profitable and competitive products and also provide superior customer services in all company operations. In 2016 alone, USHEALTH won several awards as the Company of the Year under Troy’s leadership.

At USHEALTH, McQuagge is responsible for steering strategic growth and the profitability of the organization’s insurance operations and distribution. This is the main reason his company has produced amazing results in profitability and growth.

Troy has always been a dynamic and self-driven Insurance professional and has achieved exceptional results even in highly competitive environments such as start-ups, high growths, and turnaround companies. He is capable of handling multiple complex issues and can get the best solutions for them. Troy also possesses world-class communication skills and has the ability to offer decisive motivation and leadership to cross-cultural, multi-functional teams.

Jeffry Schneider: The Financial Services Industry Veteran

Jeffry Schneider was born in Manhattan. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor’s degree in Science. Immediately after his graduation, Jeffry began working in the financial services industry. He has worked with prestigious firms such as Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. While working at these organizations, Jeffry got deep knowledge on alternative investments that have served him so well in his entire career.

Jeffry began working at the Axiom Capital in 2002 where he managed to establish great relationships with the fund managers. He also performed due diligence to make sure that they were ideal for different customer bases in the firm. Additionally, he worked closely with the alternative investment managers where he advised them on how they can structure their investment vehicles. Jeffry then joined the Paradigm Global Advisors two years later.

In 2009, Jeffrey founded Ascendant Capital. He worked hard with Virtus Real Estate during the nascent years. His efforts really paid off because he managed to raise six different funds that bought real estate worth over $ 1.5 billion.

Ascend Capital LLC is an investment firm that emphasizes on alternative investments. It identifies private equity, hedge, and real estate funds that aren’t availed to investors often. Immediately the team accomplishes this, they start to develop some value-added offerings supported by operational, marketing, sales, and educational services

Ascendant has been experiencing robust success under Jeffry’s leadership. Recently, the company grew tremendously and has more than thirty employees. Ascendant has managed to raise close to one billion dollars while working on behalf of various managers. Mr. Schneider and his team keep working hard each day to boost this upward trajectory. They hope to raise $50 each month within the next year.

Jeffry Schneider is a dedicated leader who always works effortlessly to motivate his employees and bring about success to his company as a whole. He never takes anything short of excellence whether it’s from himself of from the team he is working with. He attributes the success of the company to Ascendant’s unique culture. This fosters trust, open communication, and hard work amongst everyone at the workplace.

Aside from his successful career, Jeffry is always dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. He commits himself to training and competing in various half Ironman challenges for several years now. These races are grueling, and a participant is required to finish a 1.2-mile swim, do a 56-mile bicycle ride, and then complete with a 13.1 mile run. Jeffry has competed in places such as Florida, Texas, Chile, Saint Croix, and California. He also involves himself with several causes and actively supports Wonders and Worries, Gods Love We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, among others.

What Everyone Should Know: Don Ressler and JustFab

The History Behind JustFab(AKA TechStyle)

The company known as JustFab has some amazing history behind it. The founders that were the names behind this company were Mr. Don Ressler with the help of his co-founder Mr. Goldenberg. When was this company founded? It was during March of 2010 that it came into existence. The company was able to obtain a great employee in 2011, Simmons, and they are a great match for the company as the President and also as the Creative Director for the company. Wondering what type of help this company was able to gather financially? They were able to gather a total investment of $33 million which was given to them by the Matrix Partners company during 2011.

Another way that they were helped through financial means was with a $76 million funding from four different companies. Two of the companies that helped Don Ressler with funding were Matrix Partners and also Rho Ventures. How did this large sum of money help the company out? It gave them the chance to go international with businesses now going out to places like the UK and also Germany. When did this happen? It happened during the year of 2012.

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In 2013, this brilliant company took over another company with a very close name to theirs FabKids. Was there a past dealing or any other type of link that had happened prior to all of the business dealings? No, this was just a very good business deal that would help them to expand on their operations. Wanting to know some of the famous names attached to this company? If you have ever listened to any of Avril Lavigne’s songs, then you are probably going to be thrilled to find out that she has released some collections for JustFab. Ever watched Blair Fowler and Elle on the YouTube channel? If so, then it will be good news for you to know that they also took part in releasing collections with JustFab.

Ever checked out the Style Network? If so then you probably already know that JustFab had a show on there. What would a show like this hold? Well, this was a very popular show which actually gave a detailed inside view on the workings of the JustFab company.

The Opinion of Mr. Ressler When it Comes to The Brand JustFab

There should never be a woman who doubts the clothes that she is wearing. That is the opinion of Mr. Ressler and it is a very real concern of his. Mr. Don Ressler has been very determined to tell everyone about the #FABforAll movement of the JustFab brand. He is very thrilled that the company will be offering a new world to women of all sizes and that this world will give women the confidence boost that the need and deserve. In Don Ressler’s eyes, women everywhere have the need to look good and at the same time be able to feel good when it comes down to what they are going to wear.

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The Life and Career Accomplishment of Stephen Murray of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray is the former chief executive officer of CCMP Capital Advisors. He resigned from the finance firm due to health reasons and died a month later. Stephen was the company’s founding partner. The CCMP Capital was founded as a JPMorgan Chase & Co. spinoff, and since 2006 it has been focusing on private equity investments and middle-market leveraged buyouts. The last fund that Mr. Murray participated in raising for the company was $3.6 billion.

Greg Brenneman described Stephen as an excellent deal maker and a terrific investor. He also passed his comfort message to his family. His wife is called Tami A. Murray, and they had four sons. Greg currently serves the CCMP Capital as the chairperson and the chief executive officer. The company is known for its excellent performance in the finance industry. It’s normal equity investments range between $100 million and $500 million. The leading businesses that it works with are in the industrial, energy, healthcare, and consumer industries. The Securities and Exchange Commission acknowledged Greg Brenneman and Stephen Murray as the only senior administrators who were overseeing the CCMP Capital’s fund. Murray was also among the five individuals who had been named by the company on its Form ADV.

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Murray was born in New York City. He studied at the Boston College where he was awarded a Bachelors of Arts degree and later went to the Columbia University where he graduated with a Master in Business Administration. He kicked off his career by serving the Manufacturers Hanover Trust, and he managed to be the middle-market lending vice president. Mr. Murray was then employed by the leveraged finance and private equity investment division of the Manufacture Hanover. After three mergers that involved Chase Capital Partners, the company became part of the JP Morgan Partners in 2000.

Stephen Murray was also offered administrative roles in other firms apart from CCMP Capital. He was a board member of companies such as Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Crestcom International, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Infogroup Inc., LHP Hospital Group, and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. Stephen Murray was a generous person, and he gave contributions toward many projects that were essential to the community. This participation made him be chosen to the boards of various foundations, and they include Columbia Business School, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Make-A-Wish-Foundation, Boston College, and Stamford Museum.

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