Talos Energy, Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil industry plays an immense role in the economy of any given country and Mexico is no exception. For so many years now the sector has been a national one, and no private company has been involved in it. However, that changed recently after three private companies took over in the industry which was on the verge of collapse. The three, namely; Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas which holds 40% stake, Premier Oil Plc 25 %and Talos Energy 35% are in a partnership and are working on an offshore project known as Zama one. It is the first one which is not government operated and is predicted to have the highest rate of success because it holds approximately half a billion barrels of crude. That means it has a high chance of reviving the sector as it will impact it massively. It began in May and is set to go for three months. Talos Energy, a Houston based company, is the one responsible for the operations of the Zama one Well project.

About Talos Energy

As its name suggests, the company is oil and gas one and has its head quarters in Houston. It is privately run and prides itself over a team of dedicated leaders and fully trained staff. The company which began its operations six years ago mainly focuses on the procurement and also the exploration of gas and oil properties its central area of interest being the Gulf Coast and Mexico which are abundant in the product. Its chief executive officer is renown Timothy S Duncan who together with four other senior executives have helped the company soar to greater heights since it began in 2012. The group of leaders of the company have also had a hand in the formation of other firms before Talos such as Gryphon and Phoenix both of which did quite remarkably well before they sold them off. Talos Energy is backed by several prominent affiliates such as River stone Holdings LLC and Apollo Management. It combines modern technology with the traditional methods which are not only environmental friendly but also give out high-quality energy. The company has been able to give back to the society through provision of employment opportunities.



Michael Thoreau Lacey

Michael Thoreau Lacey is an American mathematician. He was born in the fall of 1959. In 1987, he received a Ph. D. from the University of Illinois.

He worked under the direction of Walter Philipp and later worked with him on proving the central limit theorem at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His work includes the areas of harmonic analysis, probability and ergodic theory. His thesis, under the name of Some Limit Theorems, solved one problem in the Law of Iterated logarithm for characteristic empirical functions.

His first positions after his getting his doctorate degree were at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina.

He later received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Indiana University, where he studied the bilinear Hilbert transform. Along with Christoph Thiele, Michael Lacey was awarded the Salem Prize for solving the transform.

Recently, he has been teaching at the Georgia Institute of Technology. There, he received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004 for his work with Xiaochun Li. He is now a fellow of the American Mathematical Society and continues to do research in his field. Read more:  Mike Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Many of his research papers are funded mainly by the National Science Foundation, Guggenheim Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation, the Simons Foundation and the Salem Prize. Other institutes of mathematics also helped to fund his research.

His research includes a lot of joint work as well as independent research. As mentioned above, he has worked with Christoph Thiele, Walter Philipp, Máté Wierdl and Pascal Auscher. Some of his papers include: A note on the almost sure central limit theorem, Random Ergodic Theorems with universally representative sequences, The Solution of the Kato Problem in the case of Gaussian Heat Kernel Bounds and Integer sequences with big gaps and the point wise ergodic theorem. Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems.

He has a lot of Honors in his field, such as the fellowships mentioned, and awards like the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award.

Michel Lacey works as a visiting professor in different universities such as Helsinki University and Schrodinger Institute in Vienna. He has over one hundred publications.

Micheal Lacey has mentored students from undergraduates to post-doctorates. He has held many addresses in different institutes all over the world. He continues to be highly successful and active in his field and hopes to continue to do so in the future.


Contribution Of Gregory Aziz In National Steel Car

National Steel Car Company has 100 years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering of railroad freight. It has earned an excellent reputation in North America. It is the leading manufacturer of rail and tank cars today. The reason behind this is the tremendous support that they get from customers and staff members. National Steel Car Company is now more innovative, diverse, and dynamic under the leadership of Greg Aziz.


Greg Aziz has constantly raised the bar for the rail industry. Greg James Aziz knows how to focus on the strengths and how to deal with the weaknesses. The company is driven by the traditional core value of the firm under the leadership of Greg. Greg drives the company forward using four tactics. They include honoring the traditions of the company, moving forward with a lot of determination, always focusing on the performance with a lot of focus on quality and excellence, and trying their best to be at the top.


Greg Aziz gained the leadership qualities at the family wholesale business. He was born in 1949. He attended Ridley College and went to Western Ontario University where he pursued Economics. The family business grew and became the leading company in many parts of the world under his leadership. The family business imports fresh foods from various regions of South America, Central America, and Europe. Greg J Aziz worked at several financial institutions before purchasing National Steel Company from Dofasco in 1994.



Greg used modern technology to reform many sectors in the company after acquiring it. He used strong engineering and manufacturing facilities, increased human investment from 600 to 3000, and increased the capital. The company used to manufacture 3500 cars every year at the time of the purchase. This rose to 12,000 vehicles by 1999. The rate of employment increased by more than a hundred percent. The company received certification in 2008. It has maintained the recertification in the whole of North America since then. The company has won many awards as the leading railroad freight industry in North America since 1996. Go To This Page for additional information.


Greg also takes part in giving back to the society. Greg and his wife are the primary sponsors of Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This company is Canada’s most popular agricultural fair. Greg has a clear vision of making National Steel Car Company the best innovative center in the whole world.


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Canada’s Man Gregory J Aziz

At the helm of North America’s leader in steel car manufacturer National Steel Car, sits Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz has worked for over 20 years at National Steel Car and continues to grow the company while insuring that his employees continue to take incredible pride in the product and company.

An Ontario native Gregory J Aziz grew up in London, Ontario about an hour and a half from National Steel Cars home of Hamilton, Ontario. In London, Ontario Greg is an alumnus of Ridley College, and the University of Western Ontario. He went to work for his parent’s business Affiliated Foods. During Greg’s time with Affiliated Foods the wholesale food supplier became the leading distributor in Eastern Canada and the United States.


Greg Aziz organized the purchase of National Steel Car in the late 80’s early 90’s and really wanted to see this company grow to be North America’s leader in steel car manufacturing. He saw that National Steel Car had the potential to grow not only the manufacturing end but could also create jobs in Canada. For over 20 years National Steel has received the TTX SECO highest quality award. Though Greg sees that this honor says a lot about his company he isn’t afraid to look to the future and continue to grow National Steel Car. Visit This Page.


Greg James Aziz and National Steel Car are all about giving back to the employees and the town of Hamilton, Ontario. The Christmas party alone that the company holds each year invited all past and present employees and their children. Greg is a team player and knows that his employees are the major ingredient in the success of National Steel Car. The community of Hamilton is thankful for all the support to local charities. Within Hamilton is the Theatre Aquarius, and the Hamilton Opera which are both sponsored by National Steel Car, showing a real dedication to the arts and the town. Greg and his wife Irene are also the sponsors of Canada’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The Fair is the largest indoor agricultural fair and international equestrian event in the world.


See: http://ca.viadeo.com/en/profile/greg.aziz

Gregory Aziz’s Outstanding Leadership Role

Gregory James Aziz is the man behind the success in National Steel Car which is a leading car and railroad manufacturing company. As a graduate of Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, he worked at Affiliate Foods (his family food business) from 1971.Greg Aziz later moved to the USA where he worked in several banks as an investment banker until 1994.The history of National Steel Company springs from this year when he bought the company from Dofasco. Since then, Gregory J Aziz has made true his aims of transforming the company from a small railroad freight car industry to the largest multi-billion enterprise in a career dating 23 years. As the Chief Executive Officer of this outfit, he commands a sound experience in investment banking and management.

Taking National Steel to Greater Heights

Currently, the company has employed over 4,000 workers from an original 600 and has increased the commercial distribution of cars from 3000 cars annually to over 13, 0000 cars on an annual basis. That notwithstanding, Gregory James has transformed the quality of railroad freight services in North America since it got the ISO 9001:2008 certification status. Gregory Aziz has banked on his keen focus on car innovation to help the company grow its clientele base beyond North America to other continents.

Other Notable Responsibilities

Apart from his corporate engagements with the company, Greg Aziz also engages in various corporate social responsibility initiatives. These initiatives that are mostly based in his Hamilton Community have profiled him not only as a responsible manager but a philanthropist. He sponsors the annual Hamilton Opera and other community-based organizations such as the Salvation Army, the United Way, and other notable charity events. From these ventures, Greg Aziz rises as community leader apart from his corporate leadership at National Steel Company. Additionally, participating in these events have helped him build a formidable rapport with the immediate community members who by extension, have contributed immensely to steering the company to where it currently stands.

Soft Spot for Agriculture

It is also worth-mentioning that Gregory James also has a soft spot for agriculture and as an entrepreneur, he has managed to seize a lot of opportunities in the sector courtesy of his the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. In this annual event, Greg James is one of the proud sponsors who takes time spotting excellent agri-business ideas and commits to sponsoring them to actualization stages. As an individual with a sound managerial background, Gregory Aziz, is one personality that commands a huge leadership role even as he doubles up as the President of National Steel Car. Click Here for additional information.


Gregory Aziz Relentless Work towards Manufacturing of safe and Quality Railcars

For over 100 years National Steel Car has offered excellent services to its client. It is one of the best tank car and rail freight manufacturing companies. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It has always ensured that it delivers quality to its clients, which enables them to win their clients’ trust. Their quality services have always put them ahead of their competitors. That even led to their ISO certification (ISO 9001:2008).


National Steel Cars are one of the top companies that supported North American’s regulations on stronger and safer rail tank cars. According to Gregory Aziz, this was an important announcement that aimed at protecting North Americans. He showed his support for Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport in making these harmonized regulations. Following accidents in Canada and United States, Gregory James Aziz felt this regulation was the only way of ensuring North American’s rails are safe for use.  See This Article.


Canpotex has been delivering Potash for the past 43 years. They are one of the companies that have trust in the quality provided by National Steel Cars deliver. They selected them to manufacture 700 new railcars, which coasted National Steel Cars a total of $700 million. They have worked together with National Steel Cars since 1999, and they have invested more than $500 million to build 7,000 railcars. Canpotex has a custom design for their railcars, which aims at ensuring that they are perfect for potash transportation. Greg Aziz is proud of their over 20 year’s relationship with Canpotex. Greg notes that they are grateful for this kind of trust that has ensured that 400 National steel workers are employed.


Greg’s Career and Education Background

Greg James Aziz is currently the president and the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Cars. Greg was born in 1949, and he studied at Ridley College. He later joined University of Western Ontario and majored in Economics. Greg started working at their family business that was majorly selling foods in 1971.


James Aziz organized the purchase of National Steel Cars in 1944, which at this time was owned by Dofasco. His main aim was to transform this company into one of the best North America’s car manufacturing company. He was true to his words, and by 1999 the company was producing 12,000 cars per year. That marked a significant increase from 3,500 cars they were producing previously. James also increased employments in this business to 3,000 workers. He is dedicated towards excellence and timely deliveries. James has worked relentlessly in ensuring that National Steel Cars is a trusted brand.


The Significant Operations of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings was established in 2012. The firm provides a wide range of financial services and possibilities. The firm also provides investment and advisory services to entrepreneurs. Equities First Holdings provides shareholder financing services and margin loans to enable entrepreneurs to meet their financial and personal goals. Since the company was established, it has become a leading worldwide shareholder finance. The company has made strategic partnerships with leading international law organizations, investment banks, and some of the world’s largest custodian banks.


Equities First Holdings was initially referred to as Meridian Equity Partners Limited. The company changed its name after it was acquired through the guidance of Morgan Lewis among other lawyers. The acquisition process was led by Chris Harrison and Yonge who gave regulatory advice. The corporate advice was provided by Iain Wright, Sergey Kvitkin, and Vinay Vama.


The president of Equities First Holdings said that 2014 was the year of consolidation and expansion of the company. The acquisition made was transformational for Equities First Holdings. The company added five offices to operate in the United States of America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. The expansion of the firm finally paid off and learn more about Equities First Holdings.


Equities First Holdings is currently located in London. Since it was founded, the company has completed hundreds of successful transactions. The company expanded its operations in other regions to meet the needs of its growing client base. Most of Equities First Holdings Branches are independent and read full article.


A press released on May 2017 stated that the company had planned to return shares as collateral to Paysafe Group PLC. The planned operation is meant to fulfill a loan agreement that the company had signed with Joel who is the current CEO of Paysafe Group PLC. Since the deal was made, Paysafe Group PLC has repaid the entire loan.


Equities First Holdings offers securities based lending for individual investors and businesses. The loans that the company provides are based on the evaluation of future performance and risks associated with bonds, treasuries, and stocks. Entrepreneurs and investors can significantly benefit from the company to expand their business ventures.

Other Reference: https://bloghelpline.com/notable-achievements-equities-first-holdings-llc/

Dr. Chris Villanueva’s Unique Dental Practice Setting The Trend In The Industry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a renowned dental practitioner with broad skillsets in dentistry and other facets of the business such as administration and networking. He works with a team of fellow competitive dentists under his firm MB2 Dental Solutions to deliver impeccable results to clients across the United States. Having worked at various levels in the industry such as an associate dentist, a dentistry trainer, supporters and a mentor, he understands the intricacies that arise from every expert’s duties. Under MB2Dental, Chris Villanueva mentors dentists and college graduates with a specialization in the course to reach their career heights. MB2 Dental is the epitome of the perfect union between dentists and patients. He applies his leadership skills to maintain an independent clinic that caters to the needs of all dentists’ careers without derailing their performance. Read more on crunchbase.com to know more about Dr. Chris Villanueva.

Since starting MB2 Dental Solutions, Chris Villanueva has successfully managed over 70 dentistry practices spread across six states in America. He has a team of more than 500 employees in a count, who deliver excellent results in unions. Steven’s firm is the recipient of hundreds of positive reviews which display the seamless working model. Dr. Chris Villanueva primary motivation of starting MB2 Dental was to free up time for dentists to focus on their practice and eliminate the need for them to deal with mundane tasks of the office. MB2 takes up matters of accounting, human resourcing, technology, legality, marketing and compliance with incomparable expertise. As a result, every practice receives regular updates with modern technology and a better controlled economic state. The saved up time and energy ensures that dentists attend to patients with top notch services. Know more: http://www.vitals.com/dentists/Dr_Chris_Villanueva

MB2 Dental Solutions hosts retreat events twice annually to create a networking and bonding forum for team members, especially the dentists. The events have proven useful in the manifestation of visionary ideologies which arise from the creativity fostered by the retreat environment. The last trip to Cabo San Lucas was a success in every sense. It included sporting activities like white water rafting and relaxation in high-end hotels in the region. Visit dentalplans.com to know more.

Chris Villanueva was born in Ohio and has acquired an international sense of citizenship due to residing in multicultural areas while growing up. He pursued his education in Asia and South America after leaving Caracas High School. His understanding equips him with competence to put MB2 Dental ahead of the curve and serve patients better. Chris is husband to Carol Villanueva, a dentist with a licensed office in North America. The couple has four children and enjoys their time together during off hours.

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Why Equities First Holdings is the Best Lending Option for You and Your Business

Equities First Holdings is a pioneer in the provision of stock-based loans. It is a globally recognized source of alternative lending solutions and has nine global offices. The efficiency it has developed over the years has made it the best option for businesses during economic crises and individuals in need of non-purpose capital. Here are a few reasons why Equities First remains the best lending option for you and your business.

First, the company offers two lending options; margin loans and stock-based loans. The stock-based loan is a benefit to those who do not qualify for credit based loans. Ideal candidates for Equities First are those in urgent need of cash. Investment houses and traditional banks are an option too, but you can do without the many qualification requirements. Equities First uses your stock as collateral for a maximum period of three years and learn more about Equities First.

A margin loan accepts your shares or managed funds as security. If you envision that the value of stock in a company you have invested in will appreciate in the coming years, you can send the shares to Equities First and use them as collateral to get a loan. Again, if you need liquidity for a significant amount of stock, you can use the efficient and cheap services of Equities First. Moreover, during harsh economic times, Equities First will use your stock to keep you and your business from crashing by processing loans fast in three to five business days.

Sometimes a business may need to borrow money either to settle another debt and in some cases for a personal reason. In traditional banks, these reasons will automatically disqualify the candidate. In such situations, borrowing from Equities First is the best option. One does not have to state the loan’s intended purpose to acquire a loan from Equities First. In the last 15 years, Equities First has provided loans to high-income individuals and corporations. The total amount transacted is more than $ 2 billion with over 650 deals. A fact that shows that more people are recognizing the benefits offered by Equities First and are taking advantage of it and more information click here.

More visit: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08120457

Everything You Need to Know About Nine9

There has, in recent years, been a lot of talk from politicians about the “99%” – but another 99 percent you are not very likely to have heard of is the 99 percent of actors and models who are not, in any way represented by a talent agency. This void has created a huge market demand which the new and cutting edge company Nine9 seeks to fill. Unlike many other similar companies, Nine9 is not a traditional talent agency, but rather an Unagency that gives aspiring models, actors, actresses and singers a platform to create a portfolio, build upon it through opportunities via numerous insider business contracts and read full article.

Company founder and CEO of the company, Anthony Toma states that the name Nine9 refers to the above mentioned 99 percent of actors, singers and models who simply are not represented by the mainstream talent agencies. Mr. Toma states that in his youth, he was a adamant fan of various sports but, due to the fact that he was relatively short, he was always overlooked, even though he was just as talented as the majority of the taller students that were chosen over him. He saw this occur with his small group of friends, over and over – the outsiders were always sidelined for the “popular kids” – for the 1 %. These youthful experiences would eventually come to inspire Mr. Toma to create Nine9 as a decisive and effective alternative for those who, despite obvious their talents, don’t fit the pre-packaged “look” of the mainstream entertainment industry.

Services provided by the company include the option for professional photo-shots to lay the foundation for a productive and alluring portfolio for future jobs, replete with the option of a cosmetic or aesthetic overhaul by one of the many special and top notch fashion and design studios which Nine9 owns and operates. For more information on the company you may find them via their website here.

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