Jason Halpern Finishes First Miami Beach Project

Jason Halpern is a successful real estate developer in New York and Florida. In 2010, he took over the family business JMH Development. The company currently has $500 million invested in various projects in the state of New York. One of the largest projects to date for the company is 184 Kent, a warehouse in Brooklyn that was converted into 340 luxury apartments. Currently Halpern is moving into the next phase with the property and converting it to a condominium.

The Kent property was built at the turn-of-the-century. It is a Cass Gilbert designed warehouse, constructed in 1913. The Austin Nichols Company was housed here. It is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building sits on a 20,000-sq. ft. landscaped courtyard. The property overlooks the East River.

Jason and JMH Development are dedicated to transforming more properties into luxury apartments, condos and commercial spaces in the state of New York. JMH has a strategy of converting buildings into properties that are in the luxury category. The company focuses on properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach, Florida. JMH is involved in historic preservation and restoration of properties.

Another major project Halpern has been involved with is the Aloft South Beach Hotel. It opened in 2015. It was a venture with Madden Real Estate and Starwood Hotels. It is located at 2360 Collins Avenue. It has 235 rooms and features a Stephen Starr Restaurant. The hotel was built on the site of the Ankara Motel. They preserved its Art Deco architecture in the ‘historic wing.” This is Jason’s first project in Miami Beach.

Jason currently lives in Brooklyn. He has his office in the same building. Currently he is engaged to a Ukrainian model, Veronika Gomeniouk.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Makes it Easier and Fun To Give a Friend a Makeover

For those that have a friend that they want to give a makeover, there is a mall that makes it easy to accomplish. Many people have many types of friends including the one that seems to be stuck in a rut. Often times, people want to do something for that friend in order to help him gain that extra spark to his life. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to give a friend a makeover. However, before giving the makeover, it is important to find a place that is great for makeovers. One place is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping.

Manaira Shopping Mall is a great place for a makeover because it offers many different stores for clothing. There are a ton of different styles for both men and women. This is especially a great place for men that are looking to show a sense of style that is a little bit outside of the norm. This is also a good way to get a friend a makeover. One can choose the type of style that he would want to see his friend so that he will feel a lot better about himself. There are a lot of fun styles as well as more business oriented styles.

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Another good thing about Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is that it is filled with stores that sell clothing for low prices. Therefore, people are going to have a fun time choosing out different outfits with their friends that they want to have the makeover. Manaira Shopping makes it fun for people to find new looks and impress people.

For those that are considering giving their friend a makeover, there is one thing to consider. Some people do have a sense of style and they want to bring it out. While they are not necessarily content with their own clothes, they do know what they want. In this case, one can take them shopping with them and allow him to pick out the outfits that he wants. The results could be surprising in that he is able to come up with outfits that surpass what others can come up with. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba.

Susan McGalla: An American Businesswoman

UPDATE: February 27th, 2017: Susan McGalla is proud to announce the newly name vice presidents to the Steelers family! Read more here:



Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman who is best known for her work with the professional football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is originally from East Liverpool, Ohio where she grew up with two brothers and a father who coached the local football team. After high school, McGalla attended college at Mount Union College where she received her Bachelor’s degree in both marketing and business.

After graduating from college, Susan McGalla began her career in marketing at Joseph Horne Company, a department store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After leaving her position at the Joseph Horne Company, McGalla settled into a position at American Eagle Outfitters. At American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla started off as the divisional merchandise buyer for the women’s clothing division. Throughout her years at the company, McGalla climbed the ranks and worked her way up to chief merchandising officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters. During her time as the company’s president, she helped launch new brands such as 77kids and aerie.

In January of 2009, McGalla made the decision to leave the company to start a new venture as a private consultant for the retail industry. Most recently, Susan McGalla has started up her own company- P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. With P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, McGalla works to consult clients on matters such as operational efficiency, marketing, branding, and much more. She also serves as the Strategic Planning and Growth Director for the NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla credits not just her education for being a strong woman in business, but her family as well. From a young age she was taught that she had value as a person, not as a man or woman. Her parents emphasized that hard work, not gender, would get her to where she wanted to go in not just her career but her life as well. The early teachings from her family upbringing allowed her to grow to be a confident person who is able to present her ideas and discuss varying topics that she feels passionate about. McGalla has said that this has allowed her to never feel like she is trying to break through the proverbial glass ceiling in her career and ignore any gender prejudice. She has said that she hopes other up-and-coming businesswomen are able to approach there careers with the same sort of mindset that made her so successful.

Investment Banking is A Popular Industry

The banking industry as an overall industry has many different types of banking. People are familiar with some more than others. However, one of the most popular types of banking yet frequently misunderstood is investment banking. Many people are familiar with the idea that investment banking deals with investments but that is only the surface level related to investment banking.

Almost no other banking type compares to the structure and complexity of investment banking. As a banking type, investment banking has three primary areas. Each area has clearly defined areas of concentration. As a result, the banking services that are done in one area do not overlap the services in another area. Within each area, the services are broken down to very specific banking services. With such a defined structure, investment banks can determine the particular areas that the banks want to operate within the organizational structure.

Some investment banks prefer providing certain services, so the banks will only contain those specific areas. Usually larger investment banks will contain more than one area. Sometimes larger investment banks will operate with all three areas. The decision is basically made by the individual investment banks.

On the other hand, smaller investment banks will usually not have more than one area of investment banking services. The reason is because smaller investment banks do not have the available amount of financial and human resources to handle more than one area of investment banking. Typically, smaller investment banks will choose the investment banking area that serves the banks’ purpose the best.

Beyond just the structure of investment banks, the organizational setup of investment banks make the banks unique. With three very different areas of investment banking, there is a need in the investment banking organizational setup for a position that can handle a wide range of responsibilities. One of the main positions that handles the various responsibilities within an investment bank is the investment banker.

Currently one of the most popular investment bankers in the investment banking industry is Martin Lustgarten. As an investment banker, Martin Lustgarten has accomplished many things during his professional career. He is a well respected professional in the investment banking industry.

Martin Lustgarten has many years of experience in the investment banking industry. He has used his experience and knowledge in the industry to springboard the opening of his own investment banking firm, Lustgarten Martin.

8 Tips For Finding A Rental In Panama

According to the prominent businessmen and entrepreneur, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, buying a property to rent in Panama can be time-consuming and challenging. Adrian is a well-known business-owner in the country who also holds various high-profile positions in five prominent companies in the country. Accordingly, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa suggests that the real estate market in Panama should be investigated properly before undertaking a major investment. As such, here are eight useful tips that will help foreigners understand the major dynamics of investment in a rental property in Panama.

1. Buy Below Market Values
When buying a property for rent, buyers need to ensure that they are purchasing a property at a discount to make a profit, especially if they are taking a mortgage on adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.com. After all, the income earned by tenants must be greater than the costs incurred.

2. Neighborhood Matters
Panama City is the prime investment area for foreigners. However, a multitude of property locations often makes it difficult to make the correct decision of Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Therefore, it is practical to consult a real estate broker who can assist in locating “best-value” properties in prime locations.

3. Panama Rental Laws
Laws in Panama can be tricky. Therefore, it is It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the relevant rules relating to rental real estate in the country like Figueroa.

4. Parking Space for Tenants
Because parking space in Panama City and vicinity is scarce, it is important to ensure that the rental condo has a parking space. If not, it is necessary to find a good parking spot, which often raises the final rent price benefiting the property owner.

5. Inspection for Construction Quality
In Panama, the quality of buildings can vary greatly. Even in newer condominiums, developers can use sub-standard material, resulting in poor quality according to Figueroa. Hence, it is important to review the history of the developer. Try talking to owners of that building, or hire an investigator to handle the matter.

6. Rental Management
If you do not live or plan to live full-time in Panama, you need to consider how your rental property will be administered. Under such conditions, it is better to hire a full-time management company.

7. Size does not Matter
Don’t try to acquire a large property thinking that it will give you more rental income per month. In Panama, the quality of construction and location matters the most. Often, small rentals in prime locations earn more than large properties outside the city center.

8. Cost of Public Service
As energy and utility prices can fluctuate considerably, it is better to ask the tenant to pay utilities directly. Doing so, ensures that you are not responsible for fluctuation in the price.

The OSI Group Offers Quality Products

People need to eat to sustain themselves. Any company in the food services industry is fully aware of this fact and wants to do all it can to help make such goals come true. This is particularly true at the OSI Group. Here, the emphasis is always one thing: providing quality products for their consumers. With their help, other retailers around the world have been able to offer the kind of assistance they need to deliver quality items to their own customers without a problem. They know that they can turn to the OSI Group again and again in order to make sure that quality is on the plate along with the food. They also know that all those who work for this company are devoted to making sure that each product produced here is carefully and closely supervised in order to avoid any potential problems that might develop. Nipping such issues and assuring quality control at every turn is why the company has developed such a loyal following.

Caring About Results

Those at the OSI Group know that food needs to be tasty as well nutritious and delicious. They also know that each person who buys their food wants to be assured of having items that meet all such standards. The fine products of all kinds are made from ingredients that come together to create a line that is all about great mouth feel and a sense of happiness the second they are consumed on indeed.com. Each product offer from those at the OSI Group is one that has been carefully tested in order to help assure quality. All ingredients that are used are always of the finest quality. They are able to assemble the products into something even better. This means that their clients can pick from all different kinds of products and be assured that each one they pick will always meet the quality standards they know are imperative for a good meal. OSI Group know that each item they put on the menu for clients to choose are items that are going to please their clients. This is why so many in the food industry have turned to them for help.

Great Solutions

Companies can turn to them for solutions that are all about reliability. They know that any products they choose to purchase from the company will offer them solutions they can count on at all times. Being able to deliver well means being able to make sure that they can serve items that are always exactly what they need. The OSI Group works both locally and yet also has an international feel. This means that all products there are a combination of both ideas. Each company can work with the OSI Group to help bring both local ingredients and ingredients abroad to create a combination of flavors that is sure to please everyone who chooses to eat with them. The net result is a solution that pleases all those concerned including anyone who eats their products daily.

Caring Star Award Given To Top Assisted Living Facility

The Caring Star Award is a newer title founded in 2011, awarded to assisted living facilities that meet the proper qualifications. The award signifies a community that is well-reviewed and known for its caring atmosphere and friendly staff. The 2015 award went to The Manse on Marsh.

The Manse on Marsh is owned by Chris Skiff. Skiff has worked with more than 20 senior communities in his lifetime. San Luis Obispo County is where this assisted living facility is located. Temporary stays, as well as long-term living, are available.

As much or as little assistance as needed is provided at The Manse on Marsh. Those staying temporarily may only require a small amount of help, while long-term residents could require regular check-ups and day-to-assistance. The staff is available any time they are needed.

There are four main qualifications to earn a center the Caring Star Award. They must receive at least three separate reviews from consumers during a one-year timeframe. At least one of those reviews must be a 5 star rating.

Some additional qualifications are also taken into consideration. The online reputation of the company should overall be a good indication of the atmosphere it provides. The center should have mainly positive feedback regarding its services, staff, and atmosphere.

The Manse on Marsh met all of these qualifications and more during the 2015 calendar year. It was recognized by Caring.com, and was featured on local and social media platforms. The facility is known widely-known and recognized for its award status.

An Inside Look at Raj Fernando and Chopper Trading

The name Raj Fernando is a household name in Chicago. Fernando, the Founder and CEO of Chopper Trading, is a well-known name in Democratic circles. While he is known for his skills in the market, Fernando is also known for his fundraising for the Democratic party. Having been a trader for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Fernando got his first taste of what it was like to be a cash bond trader.

Fernando has vast experience in the markets, starting in 1997 when he worked the floor of the CBOT. One of his most important contributions to date as a fundraiser was having raised for Barack Obama’s campaign as well as his donations to the Clinton Foundation. Chopper Trading was listed as the third largest support of the Barack Obama campaign, giving him what some would later believe as a foundation for staking his claim as having a viable role in the government to advise Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Fernando’s college education was steeped in economics as well as history, giving him a firm foundation for his career in trading. His education and his keen ability for leadership have enabled him to choose the best for Chopper Trading. Fernando treats his employees as though they are the star players in the trading market.

Raj Fernando is known for giving his employees the very best, including a workout room, season tickets to professional athletic events locally, and much more. While the nature of the business of trading can be stressful and demanding on daily basis, the extras that he gives his employees goes a long way in an attempt to not only attract the very best in the industry but to keep them on board.

Fernando is not just known as a successful trader, but he is also highly regarded as an expert in hiring. His process for hiring is quite different from other employers, making an impact on how companies are hiring as well as how they train their new employees. It’s safe to say that Fernando is in to win it.

Kenneth Goodgame Creates A Better Visage At True Value Hardware

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President in charge of merchandising, and he has a plan for the visage that True Value will present to the world. He works quite hard on the appearance of every store in the company, and this article explains how his vision for the brand has made True Value a unique company for hardware shoppers. There are quite a few people who enjoy True Value purely because of its appearance that was created by Kenneth and his staff.

#1: True Value Has Not Aged

There are several companies around America that chose to update consistently, and they lose the taste of the olden days when they were much simpler companies. True Value has remained authentic in every respect, and they have chosen to become a company that looks more like a part of Americana than a standard shopping mall. Their aesthetic is unique to their brand, and everyone who comes into a True Value will see Kenneth’s work.

#2: Why Is Merchandising Important?

Merchandising in an important part of retail businesses because they must have a method of retaining customers that makes their stores familiar. The familiarity of every store makes customer comfortable, and Kenneth directs his team to keep True Value stores as soft and welcoming as possible. It is quite simple to keep True Value as it is, and the company manages to keep modern products in the store without issue.

#3: How Does Kenneth’s Work Impact True Value?

Kenneth has created a brand that is quite-literally unforgettable. Anyone who come to a True Value store will recognize the design of the facade, and the store will appear as it did the last time the guest entered. It may have been decades since the customer’s last visit, but they will feel as though the store has not changed The unforgettable qualities of the brand are found in a lack of drastic changes to their style.

True Value Hardware has bee made the most effective and beautiful hardware store in America by Kenneth’s team of merchandising experts. It is quite simple to shop in their stores, and they produce a nostalgia that other brands do not have.


Ken Goodrich: Looking Out For Our Veterans


They often say that is never too late in life. That is certainly true of our veterans that have given their lives for our freedoms. Ken Goodrich respects, admires, and appreciates all that the veterans have done for us. Because of this, Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditioning, is rewarding a veteran with $1,000 to kick start his college career. It will go to Nick Hughes of the College of Southern Nevada. It can be hard for veterans to return to the real world after being in the war world. It can be a tough period and many suffer through depression, confusion, and uneasiness.
However, thanks to Ken Goodrich, Nick Hughes can pursue a college career and achieve all of his dreams. He has the whole world in front of him. Sometimes all we need is a little help and a little start to get us on our way. After all, this is a man that has given us his all in terms of our country. Without him, we wouldn’t have the freedoms that we enjoy today. This is a great gesture by Ken Goodrich and shows what kind of man he is and how thoughtful, kind, and considerate he is. Frankly, we need more people like him in our world.

As far as Ken Hughes, he is excited for what the future holds as he will be getting his degree in two weeks and graduating. This is such a wonderful story in a world that is filled with negativity, gossip, and cynicism. Stories like this bring a tear to my eye. With that degree under his belt, anything is possible for his future. As Ken Goodrich Goettl says, people coming from the war often make great employees. They have learned about discipline, putting themselves out there, and how to work as a team.

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