Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Boasts New Technology!

Web real-time communications (WebRTC) has new features in Talk Fusion software. Bob Reina Talk Fusion’s CEO introduced the new features allowing their Live Meetings sophisticated real-time communications platform an easier form of use. Live Meetings is a cyber vehicle which allows one-way videos and video-based conferencing. The application permits 15 hosts and 500 participants to connect with either a tablet, smartphone or PC.


The newest version boasts recording technology that can be accessed through a web browser removing the need for Adobe Flash Player and downloading is no longer necessary. Talk Fusion is racing ahead of its competitors with cutting-edge technologies and is the leader in the development of WebRTC technology. At the introduction of the new version, Mr. Reina made note of Talk Fusion’s unparalleled technology in their software applications.


WebRTC allowed average computer users to have access by simply using any browser. The interface was overhauled in this new version and strong attention was paid to security issues for all the conference participants. The videos are smooth and the sound is without distortion. Waiting rooms are available to test the system by guest presenters.


Bob Reina reached his goals as founder and CEO of Talk Fusion through discipline and commitment and he admits to having bumps along his road to success. Mr. Reina is a graduate of the University of South Florida, and the Tampa Police Academy. He did his time on patrol, but Bob Reina’s desire for entrepreneurship led him into marketing. Mr. Reina’s idea for Talk Fusion was born in this quest for independent success.


Mr. Reina is known to have a sense of humor and he is often seen at work with his dogs Shadow and Bindi. Mr. Reina is active in philanthropic endeavors for animal welfare and sits on the board of directors of the Humane Society of Tampa. He is known to donate capable dogs to K-9 units. Mr. Reina lives in Florida and he’s committed to offering cutting-edge technology to his clients throughout the world. Talk Fusion’s net worth is approaching 500 million dollars under the love and guidance of Bob Reina. Learn more:





Famous musician Cassio Audi

Who is Cassio Audi?

Cassio Audi is an investment manager, financial expert, and known throughout a large portion of Brazil. However, when people hear his name, they don’t recognize him as a business professional. Instead, he is recognized as the famous heavy metal drummer who took a part in creating Brazil’s favorite symbolic heavy metal band, Viper in 1985. Cassio was in the band with the following notable people:
Andre MatosFelipe MachadYves PassarellPit Passarell
• Andre Matos
• Felipe Machad
• Yves Passarell
• Pit Passarell

Cassio, along with these people would spark a revolution in Brazil’s heavy metal music. Their band specialized in combining Brazilian heavy metal withBritish heavy metal from the 70’s and 80’s. Bringing metal to a new level. Their album “Soldiers of Sunrise” was an immediate hit, only making the band that much more famous. Some hit singles in the album included:
NightmareKilleraPrincess from HellCassio become renowned as the Viper’s heavy metal drummer, and it would earn him a permanent spot at the table of Brazil’s greatest musicians along with Jean Dolabella and Ivan Busic(Brazil’s legendary drummers). He was loved by Brazilians, and the world alike.After spending 3 years with the band, Cassio would eventually leave to pursue a career in finance. Although he was leaving the world of music behind, he would forever be remembered in the hearts of those who truly appreciated his genius and talent.
• Nightmare
• Killera
• Princess from Hell

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Talk Fusion University-Helping People Realize their Potential

Talk Fusion launched Talk Fusion University that features motivational videos, various marketing resources, and step-by-step instructional videos to guide its users through the world of marketing.


Bob Reina shares his 25 years of experience and expert training through the resources featured on the online University. The University is geared towards Talk Fusion Associates and will help them to become more successful in the world of marketing.


Bob Reina, former police officer and founder and CEO of Talk Fusion became familiar with multi-level marketing in the 1990s and has been gaining marketing experience, ever since. With no sales experience Reina came up with an effective four-step system that helped him to become so successful.


Reina believes that success hinges on the efforts of others and that this business is s team sport. It also deals with people from many different backgrounds, educational levels, involves many personates, and sales experience. According to Reina, in order to generate income, you have to focus on what effectively works as an individual as well as what works for the team.


The system that Reina developed is the content behind the videos on Talk Fusion University and is helping others to find their success. Reina is a regular contributor to MarTech Advisor and HuffPost and has a large following. He also delivers motivational speeches on Facebook LIVE and on broadcast that are with Allison Roberts, the VP of Training and Development for Talk Fusion.


The University is currently hosting over 30 informational videos and is helping others to gain success in their marketing endeavors. According to Reina, price and performance are key factors that make Talk Fusion University really stand out. Reina is on a mission to help others to find their financial success and is devoted to making that a reality for many.


Talk Fusion is s business opportunity and is fueled by video marketing products. Talk Fusion is also about giving back. Talk Fusion is helping people in 140 countries to find their dreams and make them a reality. The company is also giving and has supported many organizations and charities around the world. Learn more:


Talos Energy

Talos Energy started with six hundred million dollars in equity and has steadily been growing there assets in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy was not Tim Duncan’s first company, Phoenix Exploration was a success even during the economy crisis of two thousand and eight. With Tim at the helm it survived and thrived, it was eventual sold to Apache Corporation in twenty eleven. Tim’s hard work ethic lead him to create Talos Energy after selling his former company.

His leadership and management skills have lead Talos Energy being names the best work place among small businesses according to WorkplaceDynamics. With a hard work ethic Talos shares in this philosophy by providing a piece of the equity pie to its employees to encourage talent form its workers. Its growth is also amazing, recently acquiring Helix Energy Solutions for six hundred and twenty million dollars and expected to make more acquisitions in the near future. Talos is very much a bring the ideas kind of place. Being a private firm is more entrepreneurial and has more spirit and energy than a public firm. There is also more respect and a treatment that everyone is your comrade.

Another remarkable achievement is that recently Talos Energy, in partnership with Premier Oil and Sierra Oil and Gas became the first private company to offshore oil drill in Mexico in almost eighty years since the industry was nationalized in nineteen thirty eight. In an attempt to bring back foreign investment into the markets in Mexico the government allowed bidding for the first time in twenty fifteen. Only three companies succeeded in there bids and Talos Energy was one of the lucky few.

The well being drilled in the Sureste Basin is expected to produce between one hundred million and five hundred million barrels of crude and is expected to cost around sixteen million to drill. As a first to be drilled in Mexican waters the well will be watched closely, and is expected to have high degree of geological success according to Edison Investment Research. With the potential for the Mexican market and profits for Talos Energy the opportunities are boundless.


Matthew Autterson Shows That CNS Bioscience Is Successful

Matthew Autterson knows there are different things that he has to do as a CEO. He likes to keep the lines of communication open between himself, his employees and their clients. Because of the things that he has done, he has managed to show people they can try different things. In addition, he knows there are different ways that he can do business so there will be more to offer the patients who he serves. As long as Matthew Autterson is doing what he can to help the business, he feels he is an important part of the industry and of the things he does within the industry.


Depending on the issues that people typically have with bioscience and other neurological medication, Matthew Autterson knows there will be opportunities they can use to make things better. He also knows most people will have a chance to try different things if they take advantage of everything Matthew Autterson has done with CNS Bioscience. He has prepared his employees to find more people who are looking for these solutions while he continues to give them everything they need in different situations. It has helped him to make more opportunities in the industry.


Bioscience can sometimes be a complicated industry. In fact, Matthew Autterson knew how complicated it was when he started it, so he tried to give back to the community by simplifying the company. He has always wanted to make it as simple as possible. The main goal Matthew had for the company was to just be able to help people instead of having to worry about how they were going to get the medicine they needed. He also knew there would be things he could do that would change the course of the bioscience industry. See This Page for additional information.


While bioscience is relatively new in the medical community as well as the scientific community, Matthew Autterson has done what he can to make the industry see the changes that CNS Bioscience is bringing. Matthew Autterson is confident that bioscience is the way of the future and has started to run his business in a way that allows him to realize there is a lot of potential in that industry. Matthew Autterson wants everyone to know they can see the best parts of things if they are doing their plans on their own. It has helped him to show people the company will continue to grow and get better. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for.


A Balanced Life of Mathew Autterson

Currently, Mathew works at the CNS Bioscience Inc., as its Chief Executive Officer, chairman and also its president. This is a drug company focusing on treatment of neuropathic pain. The company was found by Scott Falci, M.D in 2013 and has been actively operational since then.

He attended his education at the University of Michigan State and graduated in 1980 with B.A Finance. He also attended a Graduate Tax Program from University of Denver. Ever since, he has worked in financial services industries for 25 years giving his financial expertise as an input which was always an important asset to the companies he worked for.

His successful career journey started at First Trust Corporation before leaving for Colorado. He served for a subsidiary company of Integrated Resources Inc. in New York. After working for a few years driven by a passion for attaining excellence, he became the president of the Trust Resources.

Mathew is actively involved in his social life other than in his career life. He was among the top team of participants of the recently held Baja 1000 race on rough road together with his daughter and one of the renowned socialites. His team became first beating its competitor with a huge time gap. This clearly portrays Mathew’s dedication to become the best in whatever he gets involved in.

He is a warm-hearted person with a desire to help those in need. By this, he actively supports charitable organizations and is currently a Board member and a leader in Colorado’s Business Community. He has been in a leadership position in many charitable organizations which he worked hard to have many achievements under him.

He was among the highest contributors of the rehabilitation of the Denver Zoo and the building of a children Carousel within the zoo. Matthew Autterson outstanding contribution made him to be highly recognized and saw the zoo getting completed and functional in the following month. Many lessons have been offered after then on how to protect hippos and other important but endangered species in the zoo. Children have a place to play in after visiting the zoo. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Matthew Autterson lives his personal life as a father and a husband. He is an active member of his family who supports his wife and act as a role model to his children. He values his family over work and always spares time to be with them. His relationship with his family can be defined as very good seeing that he participates in the same race with his daughter and in the same team.

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Matthew Autterson: A Financial Management Expert

Learning the importance of managing investments is essential to investors and entrepreneurs. Business people around the world understand that managing investments is vital to their businesses, and those who are working in the financial industry are the ones who benefits the most. Business people have to focus on managing their investments to be able to succeed, and some are even hiring professionals who would assist them in managing their investments. These professionals are compensated fairly, because of their expertise in managing other sources of income and wealth. Some of the companies which benefit from the services offered by these professionals are retirement fund firms, insurance companies, and charitable institutions.


Today, many companies are offering financial management services, but only a few of them can be trusted. The most popular in the country are Fidelity, Investment Money Management Inc., Goldman Sachs Asser Management LP, and Prudential Investment Management Inc. These companies are committed in providing the best services to their clients and customers, and through the years of operation, they managed to build trust. They also employ a team of finance professionals who are guiding their customers to prosperity.


Matthew Autterson is a professional expert who has the skills and expertise in managing investments. He has been working with prominent entrepreneurs and business people in the United States, and his financial service is in demand all throughout the corporate world. Matthew Autterson is a graduate of Michigan State University, and after he graduated, he immediately looked for a job. His first job was with First Trust Corporation, serving as a financial counselor for the company’s clients. After his stint with the First Trust Corporation, he joined the Falci Adaptive Biosystems and served as one of the company’s board members. He also worked with Resource Trust Company, serving as the company’s president. Learn More Here.


Matthew Autterson worked hard to reach his dreams of becoming one of the most sought-after finance professionals. He is also a talented leader, because he managed to turn the Resource Trust Company as one of the most profitable financial firms in the country, making over $20 billion in profit. It was also recognized as one of the largest companies chartered by the state, and they consistently held this title every year. Matthew Autterson is focused on doing his best to make his company known worldwide. He stated that they are currently working on expansion projects that will help them enter the international market.


Logan Stout:Has an Best Seller Book in Which He Wrote Called Stout Advice

*An in depth look at Logan Stout:

Logan Stout has had a very successful life in a variety of ways. Logan Stout has much to be proud of. Stout is quite gifted and is recognized by many as an:

*Successful Businessman.
*Professional Athlete.
*Talented Coach.

Stout was fortunate enough to play in the World Series. Mr. Stout is also a professional motivational speaker as well as skilled author. His outgoing attitude and personality seems to garnish him a great deal of respect from the public.

Logan Stout has always stressed the importance of Personal Development. Believing in one self and utilizing your skills to the fullest is what a person must do in order to be successful. Stout has many theories and beliefs in which he lives by each day. Theories and beliefs include:

*Never take the easy way out.
*Work hard.
*Learn from others: ask questions.
*Never be afraid to say that you “don’t know”.

Logan Stout has an best seller book in which he wrote called “Stout Advice”. The book has gained considerable notoriety and one would have to say it has a very simple title. However, “Stout Advice” is very direct and very much to the point. This book contains several “life changing messages”.

Logan Stout emphasizes two very important things throughout the entire book:


Logan Stout goes on to say that without Discipline and Self-Control, you will have great difficulty achieving anything.

Stout has had much success at a very young age. He claims that anyone whom is motivated can achieve great levels of success. One very important thing that must be present to become successful is “Luck”. The hard work and dedication must be present however, a person also needs a certain amount of luck to become successful.

ID Life:

One of Logan Stouts most lucrative business ventures which brought him great wealth and recognition is his organization called ID Life. ID Life is a company that specializes in health products. The main focus of ID Life is health and wellness. One of Logan Stout’s partners in business is football great Troy Aikman. In addition, well known Billionaire Darwin Deason has also joined ID Life as one of their partners.

ID Life attempts to help men and women of all ages understand the importance of health and wellness. In addition, ID Life emphasizes the benefits of nutritional supplements. Two years ago ID Life was named as one of the highest rated health and wellness organizations in the world.

In addition to Logan Stout’s successful organization, he is also currently the CEO of the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. Once Stout became CEO and organizer of the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization he employs only top notch coaches and training instructors. Stout also provides counseling services for troubled youths seeking guidance.

*Educational Background:

Logan Stout graduated from the University of Dallas. Stout graduated from the University with a degree in Business Administration. Stout always knew that one day he would own and operate his own business.

Logan Stout does seem to enjoy the spotlight a great deal. Therefore, he never misses an opportunity to appear on a talk show or radio spot. He has appeared on numerous morning shows as well as sporting events on ESPN. Philadelphia Magazine has printed several articles about Logn Stout and his accomplishments.

*Other Interests/ Involvement:

Stout has done a great deal of work for the American Heart Association. He has contributed a great deal of money as well as his time to the Heart Association. His contributions have funded research which focus upon congenital heart disorders as well as better treatment options. For more info about us: click here.

Logan Stout is offering “Free Personal Development Training” for a limited time. Please visit his web site at Part of Stout’s web site offers advice as well as information on up and coming health & wellness events. Logan Stout also offers his services for public speaking events as well as seminars. However, you must contact Stout through his web site for booking and pricing informtion.

USHEALTH Group working towards a better tomorrow

The USHEALTH Group Inc. is made up of two subsidiaries, National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America through which it is able to provide insurance covers. They cover a huge base when it comes to insurance, from individuals and families to entrepreneurs and their employees. To date, it has served over fifteen million people. They are trusted for their quality services and exemplary client services. They have been on the market for over 5 decades which makes them experts in the insurance field. Their insurance covers are usually tailor-made to suit each customer. This is their niche and it is how thy have managed to maintain customer loyalty over the years.

The type of products they offer is very diverse. Since their products are flexible, reliable and affordable, they have managed to maintain customer loyalty. The USHEALTH Group insurance custom makes their products according to the customer’s budget and needs. Further to that, they make sure you get value for your money. They have won awards for their outstanding customer service. Their products include but not limited to accident coverage, a specific cover for diseases, protection of income, life insurance, sight covers and dental covers among others.

Their teams are made up of professionals who are trusted and have been licensed to practice. Any USHEALTH advisor has been properly trained and certified before being allowed to represent the company in any way. This is for the purpose of ensuring quality and the right product is offered to their clients. Due to the fact that they custom make and offer a wide range of products, more clients are taking up their services. This keeps them at the top since they are innovative and their growth curve is positive.

Some of the people who may wish to take a cover for themselves or their families may fear to take one up because they are afraid of the costs. However, USHEALTH Group family insurance is there to assist you to cover your needs at your budget. They will listen to your needs and they will advise on what cover you can take up at your preferred estimate. They also offer discounts to assist in managing your costs.

This makes it more affordable to get this cover than opting for the comprehensive plan. The processing of claims and customer service in this company is exemplary and this is how they found themselves at the top of the rank in 2013 at the Top 50 North American Call Center and another from the Better Business Bureau rating of an A+. They will continue to provide their services with quality assurance to ensure their clients are happy and content. Visit:



Talk Fusion Adds Two New Websites For Innovative Products

Business for Home published the article “Talk Fusion Builds Global Momentum with 2 New Websites” written by Ted Nuyten. The article discusses the recent string of success for t direct selling and video email marketing company. The new websites created by Talk fusion are and


Join Talk Fusion is the website that is centered around the video emailing practices. They also have added a Talk Fusion Lifestyle section encouraging viewers to follow their dreams with new products and instant pay alongside the informative presentations that are revealed daily. The lifestyle section is hosted by CEO and Founder, Bob Reina.


The sites will promote and share the Talk Fusion Independent Associates for their award-winning products on video email and business opportunities. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina, revealed the concepts on Facebook Live to discuss the features and benefits of the new promotional sites. Bob Reina has more than 25-years of experience in direct selling.


The company is focused on helping viewers and readers gain financial freedom through direct selling. Bob Reina wants to help people earn money and time freedom. His belief is that your income needs to be built with leverage through a hot business opportunity and hot products. He reveals the secret is to create duplication and timing. After all, the richest people make money through a network. By earning money from a team instead of just your efforts, you are able to grow your income.


The Instant Pay Compensation pay account allows the Independent Associates to get paid immediately. The commissions are deposited directly to the bank account or credit card of the associate within three minutes.


Talk Fusion is a company created by Bob Reina in 2007 to aid businesses by helping them stand out from their competitors, to ensure their customers keep coming back all while improving their sales and profits.


Their Independent Associates are marketing their innovative products to help make marketing more influential and more engaging through persuasive video. There are associates in more than 140 countries. Talk Fusion offers a free trial of the Talk Fusion Video Suite for an entire month. Learn more: