US Health’s HOPE and Troy McQuagge

You may not have heard about USHEALTH Advisors but they have been assisting an abundance of families and communities for quite some time now. Their personal mission is HOPE, which stands for Helping Other People Everyday. Troy McQuagge, with a proven track record for caring about the wellbeing of others, joined the group in 2010. His substantial involvement has made such a huge impact for the organization as well as for thousands of people across the country.

As CEO and President of USHA, Troy McQuagge US Health works diligently to partner with organizations who have the same standards as he and his team. The Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project is one particular organization that provides aid to those who have served in the military and their families. The team went in and cleaned up a vacant home and donated it to the needy family. It is simple yet huge assistance like this that has brought HOPE much deserved recognition. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

There most likely isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard about the devastation that befell New Orleans, Louisiana several years ago. Hurricane Katrina tore through the state causing unfortunate casualties, and leaving many without homes. Troy McQuagge US Health teamed up Phoenix of New Orleans to come up with a plan for restoration and cleanup. Together with Phoenix, USHA was able to generate donations to bring food, clothing and shoes to those in need.

Phoenix, Arizona has also welcomed USHEALTH Advisors and HOPE to their city with welcome arms. HOPEKids was established in Phoenix with the main objective of providing terminally ill children and their families with the necessities to make their journey easier. An average of $70,000 has been donated to the organization and Troy McQuagge couldn’t be more proud of their efforts.

There are many people who look to Troy and USHA as heros for all of the work they’ve done across the country. In addition, there are those who wish to be apart of all the support and volunteer work going on in their community. The USHA website has more information on how you can positively impact your community today. Read more:


Dr. Mark McKenna Is The Definition Of A Successful Entrepreneur.

Dr. Mark McKenna started his career out as a medical doctor but quickly realized that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He started out without having any education in the financial industry but learned, through experience, and trial and error how to succeed with a company. After he sold ShapeMed in 2014, he decided to take part in an 18-month executive MBA that was online. He found that this education helped to give him the rounded knowledge he was looking for, and it helped to catapult him into action to build his new company, OVME.

When Dr. Mark McKenna was asked if entrepreneurship was in his blood, he replied that he has never had to work for anyone else. This truly makes him an entrepreneur by default, but he doesn’t take all of the credit for his unique gifts. His mother who owns a publishing company was an inspiration to him, his father who works in a private practice as a surgeon did the same. These great examples set him up to believe in himself and have the desire to work for himself.

Earlier in life, Dr. Mark McKenna lived in New Orleans and had very successful businesses set up there. He was the Chief Executive Officer and founder of McKenna Crescent Investments, Uptown Title, and Mortgage Lending, which he grew from his real estate investments. At the peak of his vertically integrated boutique real estate company, he led 55 employees, but that was before Hurricane Katrina came and wiped everything out. Instead of wallowing in self pity, Dr. Mark McKenna helped to rebuild the city by investing in and personally building low income housing opportunities. After ensuring that many people would have homes to live in, he moved on to Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Mark McKenna plans to launch OVME in Atlanta, Georgia in February 2018 and then in Las Vegas afterwards, and the company is a retail medical aesthetic company that will help people to connect, directly, with freelancers who can provide their services. He has referred to OVME as the Uber of medical aesthetics and people can expect to get services right in their home. He raised $4 million in advance from a venture capital firm in Atlanta and expects OVME to change the face of its industry.

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Ricardo Tosto: Hiring A Reputable Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you a business owner, corporate executive or professional? Need to enlist the services of a reputable and experienced business or corporate lawyer in Brazil?

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a leading litigator and business law expert. Ricardo Tosto is passionate about helping clients protect their business and investment from lawsuits and other undesirable situations.

If you want to hire a business lawyer or law firm in Brazil, get in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Getting a good lawyer for your business legal needs, will benefit you in many ways.

Many business owners and companies fail to make sure they’re legally protected for the future. They don’t want to incur the expense of retaining a lawyer. You need to consider having a lawyer on retainer. The money you will spend could save you a huge amount in future litigation.

Entering into a contract with another company or organization is a serious task and should only be done after consulting your lawyer. As you may already know, business ventures involve several legal manuevers and know-how. It is extremely important t that you have a legal counsel.

While entrepreneurs must be knowledgeable about legal issues pertaining to their ventures in order to operate safely and achieve some level of success, it’s always advisable to leave the more complicated issues to the experts.

A good lawyer will work on your behalf to resolve issues that occur in business and commercial transactions. It is imperative to choose a lawyer who is well known for providing outstanding service to clients.

In Brazil, many businesses, organizations and professionals turn to Mr Ricardo Tosto for top notch legal solutions. Ricard Tosto is knowledgeable and takes the time to understand his clients’ situation before deciding how to approach it.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a competent business lawyer and has been in practice for more than 22 years. Ricardo Tosto is a powerful litigation attorney with a unique courtroom style. His background provides the experience and expertise necessary to aggressively represent and guide his clients in difficult cases.

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Troy McQuagge is Leading Healthcare Into a New Era

USHEALTH Group Inc’s CEO is Troy McQuagge who has won CEO of the year from the One Planet Awards, in the Gold Winner category. The One Planet Award is given to people who show distinctive excellence in every industry all over the world. Nominees are submitted, both public and private. McQuagge has worked at USHEALTH Group Inc. since 2010. USHEALTH has grown since McQuagge took the helm. US HEALTH is doing well. Troy McQuagge’s goal is to resolve the health-care affordability problem for individuals who need health insurance. The One Planet award is open to executives as well as teams who release new products and services, as well as public relations marketing, and corporate communication skills.

McQuagge is from Panama City, Florida, getting his degree from the University of Central Florida, where he earned a degree in legal studies, although he moved to Cottell, Texas. Having over 30 years of sales experience, he worked for Allstate Insurance in 1983, moving on to UICI/Health Market in 1995. McQuagge is able to resolve complex issues, as he is working on the profitability of individual health insurance. McQuagge is a good boss who is considerate of the people working for him. USHEALTH group has grown in a short time because of his work. He is instrumental in building better business at his job.

He also works with charity organizations such as Hope Kids Phoenix, Semper Fi Fund, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Health Market, and Phoenix of New Orleans. While working for US Health, he restructured the hierarchy of company operations, which got him appointed to President/CEO of USHEALTH. USHEALTH gives coverage to people who are self-employed. McQuagge is committed to his company’s vision of overall profit and an ability to maintain the ability to grow. His Gold Winner award has been given to him because of his skill using the currency of new ideas, as well as taking corporate social responsibilities seriously.

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Dentist Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea

Sleeping is an activity that is often overlooked due to people having very busy schedules. In most cases, people rely on coffee in order to stay awake on a regular basis. While coffee is used to help people stay awake, it is very important to get enough sleep. In order to stay healthy, people need to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. When a person deprives themselves of sleep, they will usually suffer some undesirable consequences. Some of these include a decline in the physical appearance as well as often being lethargic.


One of the reasons why people have difficulty sleeping is because of sleep disorders. The main sleep disorder that contributes to sleep difficulties is sleep apnea. When a person experiences sleep apnea, they will usually have difficulty breathing which prevents them from getting adequate rest. Another thing about sleep apnea is that it can be a sign of other health problems such as heart disease and stroke. Due to the significance of this condition, it is important to get medical treatment whenever you believe that you may have this condition.


While there are a number of medical professionals who have looked to treat this condition, one of the most active ones is dentist Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He has spent a number of years researching the causes of sleep apnea and how to best treat it. He founded his own company called Dental Sleep Masters which specializes in providing treatment, advice and education to patients and medical professionals. With his company, Dr. Weisfogel has been able to lead the way in finding the most effective methods in treating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.


Prior to founding Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel worked as a dentist where he would provide conventional dental services to patients. He would found his own practice known as Old Bridge Dental Care. His practice was rated as among the best in the United States for two years in a row. While he was running his own practice, he realized that many of his patients were suffering from sleep apnea. As a result, he decided to research the condition and look for ways to treat it effectively for his patients. Dr. Weisfogel graduated from dental school from New York University and completed his pre dental education at Rutgers University.

Contribution Of Gregory Aziz In National Steel Car

National Steel Car Company has 100 years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering of railroad freight. It has earned an excellent reputation in North America. It is the leading manufacturer of rail and tank cars today. The reason behind this is the tremendous support that they get from customers and staff members. National Steel Car Company is now more innovative, diverse, and dynamic under the leadership of Greg Aziz.


Greg Aziz has constantly raised the bar for the rail industry. Greg James Aziz knows how to focus on the strengths and how to deal with the weaknesses. The company is driven by the traditional core value of the firm under the leadership of Greg. Greg drives the company forward using four tactics. They include honoring the traditions of the company, moving forward with a lot of determination, always focusing on the performance with a lot of focus on quality and excellence, and trying their best to be at the top.


Greg Aziz gained the leadership qualities at the family wholesale business. He was born in 1949. He attended Ridley College and went to Western Ontario University where he pursued Economics. The family business grew and became the leading company in many parts of the world under his leadership. The family business imports fresh foods from various regions of South America, Central America, and Europe. Greg J Aziz worked at several financial institutions before purchasing National Steel Company from Dofasco in 1994.



Greg used modern technology to reform many sectors in the company after acquiring it. He used strong engineering and manufacturing facilities, increased human investment from 600 to 3000, and increased the capital. The company used to manufacture 3500 cars every year at the time of the purchase. This rose to 12,000 vehicles by 1999. The rate of employment increased by more than a hundred percent. The company received certification in 2008. It has maintained the recertification in the whole of North America since then. The company has won many awards as the leading railroad freight industry in North America since 1996. Go To This Page for additional information.


Greg also takes part in giving back to the society. Greg and his wife are the primary sponsors of Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This company is Canada’s most popular agricultural fair. Greg has a clear vision of making National Steel Car Company the best innovative center in the whole world.


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Canada’s Man Gregory J Aziz

At the helm of North America’s leader in steel car manufacturer National Steel Car, sits Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz has worked for over 20 years at National Steel Car and continues to grow the company while insuring that his employees continue to take incredible pride in the product and company.

An Ontario native Gregory J Aziz grew up in London, Ontario about an hour and a half from National Steel Cars home of Hamilton, Ontario. In London, Ontario Greg is an alumnus of Ridley College, and the University of Western Ontario. He went to work for his parent’s business Affiliated Foods. During Greg’s time with Affiliated Foods the wholesale food supplier became the leading distributor in Eastern Canada and the United States.


Greg Aziz organized the purchase of National Steel Car in the late 80’s early 90’s and really wanted to see this company grow to be North America’s leader in steel car manufacturing. He saw that National Steel Car had the potential to grow not only the manufacturing end but could also create jobs in Canada. For over 20 years National Steel has received the TTX SECO highest quality award. Though Greg sees that this honor says a lot about his company he isn’t afraid to look to the future and continue to grow National Steel Car. Visit This Page.


Greg James Aziz and National Steel Car are all about giving back to the employees and the town of Hamilton, Ontario. The Christmas party alone that the company holds each year invited all past and present employees and their children. Greg is a team player and knows that his employees are the major ingredient in the success of National Steel Car. The community of Hamilton is thankful for all the support to local charities. Within Hamilton is the Theatre Aquarius, and the Hamilton Opera which are both sponsored by National Steel Car, showing a real dedication to the arts and the town. Greg and his wife Irene are also the sponsors of Canada’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The Fair is the largest indoor agricultural fair and international equestrian event in the world.



Gregory Aziz’s Outstanding Leadership Role

Gregory James Aziz is the man behind the success in National Steel Car which is a leading car and railroad manufacturing company. As a graduate of Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, he worked at Affiliate Foods (his family food business) from 1971.Greg Aziz later moved to the USA where he worked in several banks as an investment banker until 1994.The history of National Steel Company springs from this year when he bought the company from Dofasco. Since then, Gregory J Aziz has made true his aims of transforming the company from a small railroad freight car industry to the largest multi-billion enterprise in a career dating 23 years. As the Chief Executive Officer of this outfit, he commands a sound experience in investment banking and management.

Taking National Steel to Greater Heights

Currently, the company has employed over 4,000 workers from an original 600 and has increased the commercial distribution of cars from 3000 cars annually to over 13, 0000 cars on an annual basis. That notwithstanding, Gregory James has transformed the quality of railroad freight services in North America since it got the ISO 9001:2008 certification status. Gregory Aziz has banked on his keen focus on car innovation to help the company grow its clientele base beyond North America to other continents.

Other Notable Responsibilities

Apart from his corporate engagements with the company, Greg Aziz also engages in various corporate social responsibility initiatives. These initiatives that are mostly based in his Hamilton Community have profiled him not only as a responsible manager but a philanthropist. He sponsors the annual Hamilton Opera and other community-based organizations such as the Salvation Army, the United Way, and other notable charity events. From these ventures, Greg Aziz rises as community leader apart from his corporate leadership at National Steel Company. Additionally, participating in these events have helped him build a formidable rapport with the immediate community members who by extension, have contributed immensely to steering the company to where it currently stands.

Soft Spot for Agriculture

It is also worth-mentioning that Gregory James also has a soft spot for agriculture and as an entrepreneur, he has managed to seize a lot of opportunities in the sector courtesy of his the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. In this annual event, Greg James is one of the proud sponsors who takes time spotting excellent agri-business ideas and commits to sponsoring them to actualization stages. As an individual with a sound managerial background, Gregory Aziz, is one personality that commands a huge leadership role even as he doubles up as the President of National Steel Car. Click Here for additional information.


Adam Goldenberg: From Gaming to Fashion Wizardry

Adam Goldenberg has been referred to as a “business prodigy.” As a teenager, he founded Gamer’s Alliance, which is an internet network of game players and professionals. Goldenberg’s intuition, at such a young age, was golden. Gamer’s Alliance was scooped up by Intermix Media who hired Goldenberg as its Vice President of Strategic Planning. Goldenberg was promoted to be Intermix Media COO, becoming the youngest person to be a COO of a publicly traded company.

At Intermix, Adam Goldenberg met Don Ressler. This chance meeting was a bellwether of much more to come. Goldenberg and Ressler teamed up to become internet sales gurus and fashion sales geniuses. They left Intermix Media and started their trend with the development of numerous successful companies. They fine tuned their Internet marketing skills and chose to market beauty products and cosmetics. This choice opened up a flood of financial opportunities as a result of their co-founding Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty was expanded. Goldenberg and Ressler turned up the heat on the internet fashion market and made Intelligent Beauty more of a personal platform in fashion and styling, and JustFab was born in 2010.

Built In LA picked Adam Goldenberg’s brain about JustFab’s best practices and Adam Goldenberg gave up his secrets as to how he drove JusFab’s growth. JustFab had consultants, designers and a subscription model that was affordable. JustFab’s subscribers or members were offered a selection of shoes with accessories, priced at only $39.95 a month.

With investors like Passport Special Opportunity Fund, Shining Capital, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures, JustFab raised $85 million resulting in a possible valuation of $1 billion. By 2014, JustFab’s total capitalization went to $250 million.

JustFab became a top e-commerce subscription company, satisfying its approximately 35 million members all over the world on JustFab has been renamed to Techstyle and is referred to as “unicorn” company which is a name given to businesses that have valuations over one billion dollars.

Other companies were formed such as Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and Fabkids. Fabletics is a subscription-based online business with its emphasis on fitness apparel or “workout” gear. Fabletics is another example of marketing genius because the fitness apparel is created by Kate Hudson. Fabletics became co-founder Goldenberg’s most successful brand, with over 6 million members.

CNBC has interviewed Goldenberg on JustFabs name change to Techstyle. Goldenberg, speaking like a true guru, stated that Techsytle is about building brands and not just selling.

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Smartphone Photography Tips for Taking Better Pictures

If you want to be a better smartphone photographer, there are many things you should do. Take pictures with ease and make the most of your camera using the following tips of Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.

1. Understand your camera
You have a camera on your smartphone. Therefore, use that feature. Those pictures you don’t tale are the only bad pictures around. You need to do a lot of practice with shooting angles to develop that skill. Look for the unexpected positions to take pictures you could never take under normal circumstances like Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Vary the resolution of the camera and play with the settings. For this reason, you will determine the best position for your camera. Change the shooting mode, brightness, and resolution as well as other unique functions that come with the camera. As a matter of fact, practice makes perfect.

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2. Fill the viewfinder and get closer to the object
When you try capturing all aspects of an object, sometimes you get it wrong and get poor quality images. A great photo can be a collection of few points of an image. However, you can develop a powerful skill to take high-quality images says Figueroa. When you are further from your subject, you will get poor and tiny photos. They are not ideal for practice. Moreover, you should learn to place the object of focus at the center of the image. While you remain closer to the object, you can pull the shutter. Moreover, be sure to fill the viewfinder on the screen of your smartphone. Zooming reduces the quality of your images.

3. Remember the thirds rules
Sometimes, you get a focus in an inclined manner. While it may look natural for you, the thirds rule will apply the best effect on that photo. Break the frame as a way of thinking behind the rules. Some smartphones have placed settings that make you feel the best image says Figueroa. Make good use of these grid lines. They help you place the most important part of the picture at the center. The frames have points of intersection. They act as guides to develop your base. You will be amazed at this great feature in every smartphone.

4. Take photos with people
A beach or snowy forest at sunset can appear very appealing to the eye. However, these epic does not translate to a high-quality image. Your pictures must include people to make then great. Photos become more personal with this trick. Therefore, they become more memorable.

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