The Unagency Nine9 that Promotes You into the Spot Light

Your answer for getting into the viral scene may now be easier than you think with the new and trending Unagency, Nine9.

“Nine9 exposes you to all the right things.” Says talented Katherine C of Nine9 who has received additions and photo shoots while working with this Unagency.

What is anUnagency you might be asking?

It means that they will not charge a commission off of their talents gigs unlike your average talent agency, which means this company is in it for you instead of simply the money they can make off of you and learn more about Nine9.

Not only will you be getting more auditions through Nine9 but you will also receive camera essentials and portfolio pictures to jump start your career into the fast-paced industry of acting and modeling.

This company is created on the ideals of giving everyone the chance to make it big in the world of acting and modeling where most often it can be an industry grid locked and difficult for new talent to break through and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

“Nine9 stands for the ninety nine percent of aspiring models and actors that don’t have an agency or agent representation.” Say founder & CEO Anthony Toma.

With a six-step, proven process offered within the Ninty9 program that will allow you as a talented individual to become the model or actor you have always wanted to be through dedication and hard work.

The six-step proven process has helped talent all across the United States land gigs in television, film, movies, promotional modeling and so much more.

To find out more and apply to become part of the team of aspiring actors and models you can check out

Stephen Murray: A Legacy In Finance

There are few CEOs as impressive as Steve Murray. In the world of finance there are many notable figures showing incredible talent in facing the challenges finance brings to the table, but his work as the head of CCMP Capital stands out as an exception. Under Murray the private equity firm raised billions and established a reputation for excellence in service. Steve Murray began working for the firm in 1999 when it was then known as Chase Capital Partners although he had been working for its predecessors 10 years prior. Murray stuck with the company throughout the years and its name changes, but he was always at the top of his financial game.

At its peak the private equity firm on, under the control of JP Morgan and known as JP Morgan Chase, Murray worked for was the largest in the world. the largest in the world and dwarfed all other private equity firms. Eventually in 2006 CCMP was founded by former employees of the firm with Stephen Murray holding the position of Chief Executive Officer on As the years continued to pass Murray displayed even greater talent and brought CCMP Capital to soaring heights. His already impressive record proved itself yet again.

Unfortunately all was not well with Murray. Steve Murray eventually had to step down as CEO of CCMP Capital after health complications began to interfere with his ability to carry out his duties. Shortly after stepping down Murray passed away leaving his former co-workers and family to mourn. Despite this his legacy continues to live on at CCMP Capital. Steve Murray’s decades of service in private equity continue to stand out as an exceptional achievement. His colleagues will miss him but the expertise he gave them will serve as an example of what should be expected of those who choose to take up a career in private equity.

The Dallas Business Scene And New Businesses

Dallas, Texas has a bustling business scene that is evolving and advancing each and every day. Every year there are millions of people moving to the city in an effort to start businesses and join companies that are flourishing. Many of the people moving to Dallas, Texas seem to be young adults – those just graduating from college or university and wanting a new start. These young adults or also known as millennials are taking over the scene and getting the high powered positions and starting businesses in record numbers. Many of the businesses these individuals are starting are technology start ups, fashion businesses, food establishments and online retail companies.

There are also many corporations flourishing in this business climate. In Dallas, Texas, there are many corporations erecting new buildings in the area. There is one building in particular that is said to be the tallest in the area when completed. There is a corporate skyscraper that is being built currently that is costing $225 million to complete. This building is said to be stylish, high end and something the city and the business industry in Dallas needs. This office building will house employees from two different companies and it will also serve as a meeting place for business people and their clients.

North American Spine is a spine center located in Dallas, Texas. North American Spine provides minimally invasive spine care for their patients. This feature allows for a short recovery time for their patients – which means less pain and ease of movement. North American Spine treats back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, bone spurs, bulging discs, slipped discs, sciatica pain, disc extrusion, torn disc, facet joint syndrome, spinal narrowing and many other spinal ailments. North American Spine has an 82 percent success rate and 96 percent of patients would recommend North American Spine to other people battling spinal pain and ailments. The spinal doctors at North American Spine are trained to evaluate each illness and come up with an accurate diagnosis for the patient. This spinal facility has over 8,000 success stories from patients that were treated by their doctors.

Bruce Levenson: Successful Businessman And Committed Philanthropist

Businessman Bruce Levenson on is committed to helping others. For more than 40 years he has quietly used his wealth to improve the lives of less fortunate people. Levenson is a talented and driven man. He earned a significant portion of his wealth by growing the United Communications Group from a small newsletter focused on information in the energy sector into a large business concern that provides information, analysis, and solutions to people and organizations worldwide involved in banking, defense industries, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, technology, and government contracting. But his passion has long been philanthropy.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis where he earned a B.A. in Political Science. He then attended American University’s law school at night so he could get his Juris Doctorate while working as a journalist with the Washington Star. After graduating in 1976, Levenson partnered with Ed Peskowitz in 1977 and stated United Communications Group. It was a newsletter dealing with the latest developments in the oil industry. They ran the company from a room in Levenson’s apartment above his father’s liquor store in Washington, D.C.

As the company grew, they acquired a number of other newsletters and began launching databases. One of the most popular was the Oil Price Information Service. UCG was ahead of its time. Through it Levenson and Peskowitz began providing information to their customers online. This was over 10 years before the internet became available commercially. UCG is an industry leader and has won over 125 awards for editorial excellence. The company also owns GasBuddy, a mobile app which helps drivers find the lowest gas prices in their area. Over 45 million people use GasBuddy. In 2004, Levenson was the majority owner of a group that bought the Atlanta Hawks.

But even while Levenson was building his businesses, his mind was never far from philanthropy. Working with his wife Karen, Levenson began funding several educational initiatives designed to help at-risk youth beginning in the early 1980s. Some of the programs they funded included the Seed School, ‘I Have a Dream’, PeacePlayers, and Bringing the Lessons Home, a program which Levenson does in conjunction with the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

One of the programs that Levenson funds that has had a wide reaching impact is the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management which is based on the University of Maryland campus. Founded in 2011, the program prepares students to run non-profit organizations by offering courses in non-profit management and philanthropy, gives students the opportunity to speak with philanthropists and leaders of non-profit organizations, and provides the tools, guidance, and experience necessary to assess and run effective non-profit organizations.

Bruce Levenson is an excellent businessman. But more importantly, he is a caring human being and philanthropist that’s making a difference.