Avaaz- The World Ambassador

Avaaz launched five years ago, and it’s a U.S based organization that deals with civil rights. Avaaz primary agenda is to promote global activism like animal rights, climate change, conflicts, poverty, and human rights. It is one of the most influential and largest activist networks in the world.

The Avaaz is a Persian word that means song or voice chooses to represent similar words in Asian and Middle Eastern Languages. The organization started its operation in 2007, and with its simple diplomatic offers, it closes the gap between different communities and people globally.

Res Publica is the co-founder of Avaaz together with Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel and Tom Perriello, the former congressman from Virginia. Others include Eli Pariser the executive director, David Madden an entrepreneur based in Australia and Andrea Woodhouse and Jeremy Heins who is the owner of Purpose.com. The Avaaz members of the board are President Ricken Patel, Chairman Eli Pariser, Secretary Tom Pravda and Treasure Ben Brandzel all from different backgrounds social status.

Avaaz is dedicated to empowering millions of people in different life status to take action of pressing issues that affecting their lives. The organization deals with national, regional and global issues. They use internet organizing as their unique model of getting back up and effort from thousands of users gaining a dominant collection force.

Avaaz uses more than 15 languages to attract their members, and they have a notable presence in more than six countries, and they boast of having thousands of volunteers. Once they receive a petition, the organization takes the necessary action by signing petitions, sending direct emails, funding the media campaigns, taking immediate steps, lobbying government and sometimes organization offline events and protests. All the attacks are made to ensure the world people get the full information on values and views that are affecting different people directly and others indirectly and read full article.