Bernardo Chua Successfully Opened an Organo Gold Branch in Turkey

Organo Gold is one of the top direct sales industries over the globe, with over 40 branches in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Oceania. On March 9th, 2015, the company publicized that Organo Gold opened a branch in Turkey, which is the 26th country in Europe to market its products. In April of 2015, the PR Newswire announced in Vancouver, British Columbia the opening of the new branch. Bernardo Chua is the founder and chief executive officer of the company and is excited about fulfilling his mission to introduce healthy products to the world. He said in March, that Turkey brings together Organo Gold’s African, Asian, and European operations to better serve their distributors and customers across the regions.

Chua selected the company’s regional vice president of Europe, Paul Jarvis to manage the daily operations in Turkey. Organo Gold’s location in Turkey will offer the following products; Espresso DUE, Espresso TRE, Espresso UNO, King of Coffee, and a variety of gourmet beverages, including black coffee, mocha, latte, and hot chocolate. The location will offer its products through Turkish independent distributors. Chua’s endeavors to promote healthy beverages in Turkey are great for the country’s economy and open the doors to opportunities for the citizens.

When Bernardo opened his first shop in 2008, he never expected Organo Gold to grow as fast as it did throughout the years. An ancient Chinese herb, Ganoderma is the reason the products has successfully expanded to many countries. Holistic physicians and medical doctors around the world are returning to ancient herbs to prolong life and for preventive healthcare. The organic herb is included in Organo Gold’s gourmet beverages, personal care, and nutraceutical products. Ming Dynasty physician, Shi-Jean Lee stated, “Long-term taking of Ganoderma builds a strong and healthy body and assures a long life.”

Organo Gold was founded by businessman, Bernardo Chua in 2008 in Canada and has expanded over the world in more than 40 countries. The company continues to focus on its mission to introduce to the world certified organic Ganoderma lucidum in products, such as beverages, nutraceuticals, and supplements. Chua is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Pacific Rim. Organo Gold has received awards for business and industry accomplishments, direct sales, global network marketing, and for having the best gourmet organic health coffee. He has participated in performing extensive research on Ganoderma herb included in his products.

Bernardo Chua: Business and Success

Bernardo Chua is a global businessman who is at the helm of two very successful businesses: Gano Excel and Organo Gold. With his astute leadership, he has positioned his two companies to be leaders in their respective industries.

Through Gano Excel, Chua direct sells a wide range of wellness products around the world. The products are centered around an herb called ganoderma lucidum, says Chua’s Twitter feed, which once was only reserved for royalty for thousands of years. Gano Excel produces and distributes products designed for personal care, skin care, nutrition, and household use.

With Organo Gold, headquartered in Canada, Bernardo Chua has established a presence as a global leader in gourmet coffee. His latest expansion reaches the market in Turkey, making it the 39th country in which he has opened his operations.

Chua was raised in the Philippines and Chua knew about the benefits of ganoderma because of his Chinese heritage. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom, and it is a highly prized herb used by herbalists in China and Asian countries. It is rich in history as a potent wellness supplement. Seeing how the global societies are continuously looking to improving wellness and health, Chua saw the opportunity to market this to the world outside of Asia in forms of teas, coffees, and personal products, according to a recap in a ZoomInfo article.

He decided to market this using a direct sales approach. He saw this as the most efficient way to expand his business in the Philippines. His success gave him the momentum to continue his expansion globally.

His amazing success has earned him many accolades in the direct sale industry. He is know for his meticulous attention to quality. He works directly with the best producers of organic ganoderma and provides financial support to researchers of ganoderma so that if any new discoveries are made, he will be the first to know.

It is Chua’s mission to educate the world about the benefits of ganoderma because it is so effective in helping people achieve good health and vitality. The network distribution system, featured on Linkedin, that he has created allows ordinary people to become ambassadors for the product. People who have become distributors enjoy the flexibility of earning money in many different ways. The distributors can become as successful as they want to be, with the full support of the parent company behind them.

Chua has been able to propel his businesses to great success. Through his direct marketing program, he is able to share his success with anyone who wants to make a better life for himself. More information on Bernardo “Bernie” Chua can be found on prnewswire.

Source: YouTube. OrGano Gold Coffee CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua, shares some wisdom at the OrGano Gold Convention. OrGano Gold has broken records and has some of the industry’s Top Income earners.

Goodbye Cappucino?

You can’t really get much past the avid Starbucks drinker. After all, these are the type of people that are there day in and day out. They need to get their caffeine fix whether it be for work, school, or just life in general. Whatever the reason, many drinkers of Starbucks beverages enjoy trying all the new items that pop up on the menu! It’s something that catches their eyes like away, such as “Ooh is that a new frappuccino flavor?” On the opposite end of the spectrum, those who frequent Starbucks also know when something is missing. It surely does seem that right now something is missing. People at Amen Clinic ( who mainly reside in San Francisco, New York, and Seattle have noticed that one popular caffeinated beverage is disappearing from menus all over their cities.

According to GrubStreet, Starbucks may be phasing out the cappuccino. It’s appearing on less and less menus, and it has people speculating why. Starbucks hasn’t credited this observation but they have said that menus do vary depending on which location people head too. So, for now it seems they may be showing up less and less.

The drink isn’t incredibly popular, so it’s not like a huge chunk of Starbucks revenue would go missing. It might not actually be a bad idea, either. They recently released the Flat White, which was a popular alternative to the typical cappucino. Only time will tell if the coffee drink will remain on menus.

Alcohol Is Not as Bad for Us as Some Maintain

America has a strong historical strain of alcohol abstinence. We felt so strongly about it at one point that we actually amended our nation’s founding, governing document to try to ban it. The draw of alcohol proved too powerful, however, and prohibition became the only amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ever be repealed. Spirits, as they are sometimes called, are simply too ingrained in, not only our country’s history, but the history of human civilization. The root of temperance movements and efforts to either ban or get people to willingly abstain from alcohol is the belief that it is bad for us. Some maintain that it is bad for us in a behavioral sense, and that may be true for some given how they act after drinking. This is also influenced by how much someone drinks. There is also the common belief that drinking is unhealthy, and this has been proven to be false.

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard that moderate drinking, or even a little more than moderate drinking, is good for you, and yet this is what the scientific data tell us. People who have a couple drinks a day actually have significantly lower risks for heart disease than those who abstain. In fact, moderate drinkers have a lower risk of death from all causes than abstainers. You certainly don’t hear much about this from the health or medical establishment, or Madison Street Capital, and it is time for that to change.

New York Introduces a Pop-Up Coffee Shop

Stand Coffee is opening pop-up shops at several New York restaurant locations. The company serves coffee during off-hours at popular New York spots. Stand Coffee is open from 7am to 11am, seven days a week. Since most people purchase their coffee before noon, a morning coffee stand is an ideal way for more customers to find out about Stand Coffee.

Cafe Grumpy, a company that claims to make the best coffee in the city, supplies the beans for Stand Coffee. As Marc Sparks understands it, stand Coffee has a profit share agreement with the owner of Cafe Grumpy. This means there isn’t a huge benefit for Cafe Grumpy’s owner, but the gesture is an indication of how much he believes in Stand Coffee.

Stand Coffee plans to expand in the future, but states that their current arrangement is working well. The coffee stand was actually built by the company owner, and only costs $400.