3 Myths Concerning The Flu Shots

With this being the time of year for the flu, it is important to know what is facts and what the myths are when it comes to the flu. Below you can find 3 of the most popular myths concerning the flu as well as some tips to know if you have the flu.

1. Runny Nose and Fever

This is a common misconception when it comes to the flu, says Jon Urbana to Bloomberg. Many people believe that if they have a fever along with a runny nose they have the flu. However, this is not the case, just because you have “flu like” symptoms does not mean you have the flu itself. A lot of illnesses come with these two issues. Therefore, consult with a doctor before assuming you have the flu.

2. Getting A Flu Shot Every Year

Several people believe that there no need to get the flu shot on a yearly bases. However, that is not the case. Until they can create a shot that can completely rid your chances of getting the flue, it is important to stay protected by getting the flu shot. Children, pregnant women, and elderly however, need the flu shot more than anyone else.

3. Flu Shot Makes You Sick

This is one of the most popular myths The flu shot is to protect you from getting sick, it is an inactive shot and will not make you sick. You may feel off a little bit, but you will not get the flu from it.

These are just 3 misconceptions. Receive the flu shot each year to stay healthy.

How to Face the Common Cold in the Best Way

No one likes to be faced with a cold. No one likes to deal with all that comes along with the common cold. The effects of a cold can be painful, uncomfortable, and they can slow you down. A list of suggestions for dealing with the common cold has come out and is something that might help anyone who is dealing with this illness. Reuters reports that this list of suggestions and directions for dealing with a cold is something that can be read before or during the sickness.

What should you be doing when you are faced with a cold? What should you not be doing when you are faced with a cold? This list of suggestions includes the fact that you should be taking zinc to ward off the illness, but that vitamin C might not be as helpful as some believe it to be. If you are facing a cold or if you think that you may be dealing with one in the near future, you want to learn all that you can about the illness and how you can fight it off in the best way.

San Francisco Is One Step Closer To Banning Plastic Water Bottles


The U.S. Uses Around 50 Billion Plastic Water Bottles A Year And Only 23 Percent Of Them Get Recycled

San Francisco is on a mission. The Golden Gate city wants to be as green as an Irish shamrock, and an ordinance approved by Susan McGalla and San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors brings them one step closer to that goal. Most Americans know plastic is accumulating in city dumps faster than anyone imagined because water is something we drink out of a plastic bottle instead of a glass.

The mayor of the city hasn’t signed the bill yet, but insiders say the ordinance is as good as signed. When it becomes law, plastic water bottles will be banned on city property. Sports events are exempt from the ordinance. Nonprofits and food trucks have until 2018 to incorporate the new ordinance.

Supervisor David Chiu, the author of the ordinance, said San Francisco is a leader that wants to break the cycle of neglect when it comes to the environment. Chiu also pointed out that banning plastic bottles is a step closer to relieving some of the effects of climate change.

Once the ordinance is in place, anyone selling plastic bottles on city property will be subject to a fine. That fine could be as much as $1,000. The beverage industry is not happy about the change, but they will have to get used to it because more big cities will follow San Francisco lead.