Wild Ark: Best Travel Destinations

Most travelers spend a lot of time trying to decide the next location of their holiday. Choosing the destination for your trip can be a challenging activity, especially if you love locations that are environment-friendly. Eco-friendliness is one of the most important aspects for the modern traveler. If you are looking for a holiday destination, here are some places you should consider.

  1. The Republic of Palau

This is a very small nation, and it is mostly made up of islands. There are over five hundred Islands in Palau. The nation is found between the great Pacific Ocean, just close to the Philippines. The country is believed to have some of the most prominent locations for diving. Several years ago, the country faced the risk of interference by man. However, the government has put in place several measures to ensure that the water remains free from harmful human activities. The place is suitable for the December holiday.


  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great location if you are planning a tropical getaway for your family. The place is famed for having very many responsible tourists who understand the importance of a clean environment. There are numerous rainforests, natural reserves, national parks and other spontaneous activities that will give you a great experience. The government of the country is very cautious about the environment, and this explains why the country is loved by people.


  1. Kenya

Tourists go to Kenya every day so that they can have an encounter with some of the most majestic animals on the earth. The nation has several national parks and other conservancies that will offer you a great vacation away from your busy life. The Kenyan coastline is the best place to enjoy a holiday during the hot season.


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