Lime Crime’s Plushies Line Debuts

Lime Crime carries great coverage lipsticks and other makeup products. In January 2018, a new line of matte lip gloss is arriving. It focuses on giving your lips a plush, full effect. A dewy, plush kiss never looked so good. If you have been looking for an alternative to heavy matte coverage of a shimmer effect to your lips, then Plushies is what you have been waiting for. The hype is worth the wait!

Ulta Beauty carries LimeCrime makeup and other goodies. Watch for upcoming new products in the near future, or check out the website itself. You can see the new Plushies lip tint colors and be ready to purchase online or at a store.

Plushies, the newest addition to Lime Crime’s product line, shows off your beautiful lips with a subtle hint of color for a nude lip look. One application is all you need for all day wear. Naturally enhance your own lips with Plushies.

Not only can you browse lipsticks and lip tints from Lime Crime, but their other products include goodies for your eyes, hair, nail and brushes for skin. It’s a one stop shop for all your beauty needs.

New products are fun and exciting. The debut of Plushies adds to the heavy coverage already available for lipsticks, and gives the user the option to have a light, summery feel to their lips. A hint of color is sometimes all you need for your day.

Make your lips feel soft, subtle and plushy (like your favorite stuffed animal) with Plushies. It comes in 12 beautiful colors to make even the most harsh critic silent with admiration for the variety of shades to wear on your lips.

Termed, “Soft Focus Lip Veil” by Lime Crime, the Plushies lip tint line is perfect for when you want a soft lip look without the extreme of full lipstick coverage.