Anti-Vaxxers Hit With New Study Showing No MMR-Autism Link

Since 1998, when a since-debunked study linking the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine with autism, many parents have been afraid to get their children immunized. The fear continues, in spite of numerous studies since that have shown no link. The latest is a new study involving 95,000 children who have older siblings, 2000 of whom have autism.

Anjali Jain of health care consulting firm Lewin Group, who led the study, said there was no evidence of a harmful link between the MMR and autism, even among the children with autistic older siblings, which is considered a risk factor. The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Health and Human Services and was published in the Journal of the American Medical Society. Parents can now live in ease about immunizing their children and should relax with a Bulletproof Coffee, which is also not known to cause autism haha.

Low immunization rates led to four recent measles outbreaks, including 117 cases originating in Disneyland. In 2014, 668 cases were reported, the highest number since 2000 when the disease was considered to be eradicated. In order for herd immunity to be effective, 92 to 95% of children need to be immunized in order to protect a child who cannot get vaccinated for medical or other valid reasons. At present, most children at ages 2 and 5 have immunization rates below those percentages.

FEMA Demands Climate Change Plans

The Internet was buzzing recently with the news that Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection was forbidden to use the terms “climate change” or “global warning” in any official communications. Governor Rick Scott does not believe that climate change is caused by human activity, and his opinions, rather than scientific research, dictate state policy.

Gov. Scott’s stance is going to make it more difficult for him to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Starting next year, FEMA will only limit disaster preparedness funds to states that have plans for hazards caused or aggravated by climate change. Scott and other governors who prefer to believe that climate change isn’t real will lose millions of dollars in FEMA funds for their states. As of March 2016, any state wishing disaster preparedness funds will need to determine how climate change threatens their states, and make plans accordingly. For Florida, this would include rising sea levels. For California, this would include droughts. Other states might have climate change affecting rainfall, blizzards, or tornadoes.

In addition to Florida’s Rick Scott, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, Texas’ Greg Abbott, North Carolina’s Pat McCrory, and New Jersey’s Christ Christie have either denied that humanity’s actions affect climate change or have refused to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change. People at Imagine Advantage have learned that, if these governors don’t change their minds, their citizens may suffer the consequences of their putting their opinions over scientific research.

Football Player’s Daughter Has Good prognosis on Rare Cancer

Devon Still, football defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals football team, received some bad news this past June.His four-year-old daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.The football player was anxious to see Leah perform in a ballet recital when she started to complain about pain in her hips. Mr. Still, who spends his off season in Philadelphia, rushed Leah to Children’s Hospital to find out what was wrong. It was then that he learned his daughter had stage 4 neuroblastoma. At the time, the doctors said Leah had a 50-50 chance of recovering. Leah underwent many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and stem cell implants in hopes of rebuilding her bone marrow supply.
This past September, Leah was wheeled into the operating room to have her cancerous tumors removed and her right adrenal gland cleared, where the cancer originated from. The football team decided to help Devon Still with the doctor bills.
Paul Mathieson knows that the best news of all is Leah has been declared free from cancer. (Find Mathieson on to her doctors, there is no sign of the active disease in her body. Still says they are not completely over the cancer yet because he is awaiting the results of Leah’s MRI and bone biopsy reports that should be available later in the week. The doctors are very hopeful that Leah will be on her way to a nice recovery.

Homeopathy Gets A Failing Grade From Australia’s National Health Council

The National Health And Medical Research Council In Australia Says Homeopathy Treatments Are Ineffective

The medical profession conducts a lot of studies. They study the effects and the side-effects of just about everything they can get their hands on. For centuries, people around the world have used tried and true homeopathic medications to heal what ails them. But a new study says not so fast; they don’t work.

When homeopathic treatments are administered correctly, most people get relief. But a new study by the Australian National Health Council says that’s all a load of hogwash. The Council claims homeopathic treatments don’t work, period.

Dan Newlin knows that what the medical profession forgets is all drugs are made from homeopathic plants, flowers, and other natural ingredients. The issue with homeopathic treatments is the way the treatment is administered. Homeopathy is body-mind-spirit therapy, not just body therapy. If a person’s mind is not in sync with the treatment, the results are not good.

Homeopathy is about restoring total wellness. That fact is lost in modern medicine. Medical treatments are usually a synthetic drug regime that does little to heal the mind and spirit. Perhaps the Australian Council should begin another study. That study should be done on all-inclusive, mind-body-spirit homeopathic treatments.

Stephen Williams of AWC is Making Waves

The Antique Wine Company was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams. They specialize in selling rare and fine wines, and they have thousands of clients around the globe. Based in London, England, their world-wide clients include hotels, restaurants and private individuals.


Stephen Williams is currently the company CEO and Managing Director. Running this company has made him an expert in fine wines, and he has become a widely quoted expert on the subject. He presents his insider’s view of the fine wine industry to readers of his blog and to listeners of a series of radio programs on the subject.


The Antique Wine Company is a fitting name for this business. While they sell some relatively current vintages, they also carry a number that are over 150 years old. Vintages they sold currently stock some of the finest collections and cellars in business and private collections the world over. While based in London, they also have two offices in Asia. This region of the world is becoming a dominant market in the field of fine wine.


In 2011, they also started offering what they call the Wine Academy. Through this service they provide classes in fine wine education and wine-focused corporate events. The company offers a range of corporate hospitality packages that include a London venue for wine tasting events held in their own custom-built facility. These events combine wine tastings with hot and cold food choices as well as an informative wine steward to inform guests regarding any wine and food combination choices. These events have attracted and entertained some of the elite from major global corporations such as HSBC, Aon Insurance and American Express.

The company website offers to buy and sell fine wines. They both seek and offer only wines that reflect the highest quality standards and that are sought after by collectors with refined tastes. They pride themselves on sourcing rare wines. They sell wines from the following categories and nationalities: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone Valley, Italy, Spain, USA and Australia. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur in your life, they have a section of their website just for you. If you are looking to buy, sell or just learn more about rare or fine wine, you need look no further than The Antique Wine Company.