Fighting Deforestation with Drones

Deforestation is a global problem, modernization has led to the destruction of forests. Areas that were once covered with large, healthy trees are now home to condominiums, parking garages, and retail stores. Additionally, many forested areas have been obliterated to make room for different profitable crops. Agriculture is an incredibly important part of the global economy and local communities. The problem with agriculture expansion is that more trees are cut down annually than are planted, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is problematic. Trees not only provide Earth with oxygen, but they are also home to animals and support local ecosystems around the world. Solutions are needed in order to keep the Earth healthy for future generations, technology just might be able to intervene and help the planet.

Drones have become a standard piece of equipment used in many industries and even for a personal hobby since the prices have dropped significantly. Their newest talent might just be their greatest use yet- planting baby trees. A drone can plant up to 100,00 trees in a single day. Astonishing isn’t it? Drone company Parrot along with the U.K. company, BioCarbon Engineering, have been working together to make this plan a reality. Another U.S.-based business, DroneSeed, is working with the same concept except they also plan to use their drones to apply fertilizers and herbicides to crops. Their specialized drone can also easily access areas than humans couldn’t easily reach. The cost is also significantly less than conventional tree-planting methods.

More testing and funding is necessary to expand specialized drone production. Initially, the drones used have proven to be an effective method of fighting deforestation. Trees are being cut down at an alarming rate all over the planet with the replacement tree seedlings being planted in their stead consisting of a tiny fraction of the total trees removed. Potentially with drone technology, they could be replanted just as quickly as they are being cut down.