Otter Likely To Win Position at Head of Agriculture Department

The position of Department of Agriculture has not yet been filled in the Donald Trump Administration though there is an obvious candidate who the President Elect appears likely to fill the position with. That nominee is Butch Otter who is the running Governor of Idaho and is in his third term in the position.


Otter was outed as a likely candidate after a spokesman of his discussed his potential nomination on a Boise Idaho radio program. This initial report was later confirmed by another spokesman of his, John Hanian. Otter is currently 74 years old and is a long running Republican in a strongly republican state.


While Otter does not have strong ties to Trump his career was closely tied to Vice President Mike Pence who were both freshman in the House of Representatives in 2001. Otter also has experience in the potato industry having worked for 30 years for potato farming company Simplot International. He eventually became President of Simplot International, a company that was founded by his father-in-law. Otter later served in the House of Representatives for six years from 2001 to 2007.


Otter is still being vetted for the role which is an important position for the country as well as for the Republican party. A strong candidate can help the Republican candidate hold onto certain critical Mid-western swing states during the mid-term and 2020 election cycles like Iowa and Wisconsin. The secretary of Agriculture in the United States is in charge of the Department of Agriculture and is responsible for both the development and execution of laws that are connected with farming and agriculture, food, and the preparation of food.


Butch was not a Trump supporter during the Republican primary and instead supported John Kaisch, but later supported Trump in his Presidential campaign against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump has tended to lean towards party Republicans as part of his nominations for the various departments that he has filled instead of a pure allegiance to those who supported him during his nomination, which has been viewed as a step of maturation by many political observers.


Trump is still in the process of vetting him for role and is also considering Idaho Representative Raul Labrador. There was no indication of his other competition for the role.