Avi Weisfogel: Sleep Apnea Signs and Symptoms

Dr. Avi Weisfogel I the founder of the well-known Dental Sleep Masters Company in the world of dentistry I the medical industry. As a matter of fact, he is a dentist by profession. While he values his career from the start, his later years have seen him develop passion towards the development of sleep apnea medical therapies through innovation in this field of dentistry. For this reason, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an in-depth knowledge concerning the various occurrences of these medical conditions and any therapies associated with this disease. He has discovered that dentistry has many solutions to problems related to bad health. Sleep apnea is also one o the medical conditions whose therapies can only be deduced from sleep apnea.

He Dental Sleep Masters Company is focused on the development of solutions which might work to help patients get solutions related to the illness they are suffering from. While it is one of the leading causes of concern in the world of dentistry, sleep apnea patients are suffering on a massive scale. According to recent research by the American dentist Association, more than 89 percent of people suffering from the illness do not know until they are attacked by another disease which triggers its onset. This is a threat to any human health because it is also one of the leading causes of death in certain conditions. This disease also sets on during the time which you get another chronic illness like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Dental Sleep Masters Company is dedicated to giving an education to dentists and medical practitioners on the many forms in which they can treat this illness through therapies. For those who have limited knowledge about this killer disease in the United States, they can look for materials which give insight into this business world and other setting factors in the world of medicine. Disruptions characterize sleep apnea during breathing when someone is asleep. Sometimes, they end up waking up at numerous occasions in the night. It also occurs when the throat muscles block the trachea. In turn, the patient will wake up from sleep.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel and His Innovations in Sleep Apnea Remediation

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a trained dentist in New Jersey who operated his dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care for 15 years. He was cited by the community as a whole as being the “Best Dentist” in the area for several years in a row.In the process of his professional duties, he not only did an excellent job in the dental field, but he began to notice that many of his patients had sleep problems and that this issue was a possible cause of other health concerns that needed to be addressed. In 2010, Dr. Weisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep, which worked with doctors on a worldwide basis with the intent of starting and maintaining sleep labs to study this issue.

In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel started Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and began working with other dentists on a project of working with their patients regarding their sleep issues, such as sleep apnea. Then in 2014, Dr. Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters which was designed to go a step farther than before and attempt to help dental patients resolve their sleeping issues with the recommendation of oral appliances used to treat disorders in the sleep and sleep apnea realm.

Sleep apnea and its possibilities increase with age and excess weight, as the throat muscles can lose their tone and collapse during sleep and cause of momentary lapses in breathing. As a trained dentist, Dr. Weisfogel could see this in individual patients, and when interviewed many admitted that they were having problems.

The fact that dentists see the neck and interior of the throat of patients on a daily basis, they are in a position to address the potential for sleep disorders which can be beneficial to patients. Since many patients might have some idea that they have a sleep disorder problem, they don’t know the extent; of the problem in many cases.

Oral devices have been proven to be effective in keeping the breathing airway open during sleep, and a dentist knows how or can learn how to design and implement these devices. Dr. Weisfogel has been a pioneer in the field of getting dentists more involved in this process.


They Don’t Just put you to Sleep..

Have you ever heard of a doctor going scuba diving with special needs children as a way to show them the world in a new way? The highly skilled and highly caring doctors at Capitol Anesthesiology are physicians that care about patients in and out of operating room. They give back to the community through many projects such as “Eels on Wheels”!

Located in Austin, TX, the practice is comprised of over 130 Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) and 83 MD Anesthesiologists who are highly competent in all areas of general, local and monitored anesthesia care. No matter what type of procedure you may be having, our team will ensure it to be as comfortable and painless as possible.

Our specialties include:

  • Obstetric Anesthesia (Epidurals)
  • MAC/Monitored Anesthesia Care (Twilight)
  • Local Anesthesia, often used for minor procedures
  • General Anesthesia
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Cardiothoracic, used in bypass procedures

In addition to being a thriving practice of doctors and independent CRNAs, the practice helps give back to the community by training the next generation of medical professionals. Our physicians serve as attending physicians and mentors to nurses, paramedics, medical students and residents from local and visiting schools.

Rhinoplasty Is A Delicate Surgery That Dr. Jennifer Walden Performs

It may be natural for a person to judge someone who feels the need to get rhinoplasty or a nose job. Many feel that they are born the way they should look, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Since plastic surgery is widely available, many who feel the need to change their facial features can do so by getting plastic surgery that helps them to change their nose. Some who want a rhinoplasty may need it because they have problems breathing, which then causes many other problems. Having their nose changed in shape or size can drastically improve their breathing as well as improving the look of their face.

Rhinoplasty procedures are performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden, who also performs many other features as well. Since Dr. Walden has been in the plastic surgery industry for years, she has learned many different forms of plastic surgery, and she is one of the top doctors that reside in the state of Texas. Dr. Walden can perform rhinoplasty for those who feel the need to change the nose, and an initial consultation will give them an idea of how their nose can look and what can be done with the nose if the surgery was to be performed. As long as a person can medically be qualified to do a surgical procedure on their nose, then they won’t be turned away, even if the surgery is for vanity or other health concerns.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has performed many surgeries, and she has had praise from many of her patients about the work that she’s done on their faces. Once a rhinoplasty procedure is performed, the person can heal at home, and they will see the end results of their nose job, and it’s very likely that they’ll be pleased with what they see. Many have even gone to Dr. Jennifer Walden to fix botched jobs that were performed by other plastic surgeons, so this in itself just speaks to how good of a surgeon she is. Since nose jobs are a delicate procedure, then Dr. Jennifer Walden is just the surgeon to perform it. Follow Dr. Walden on Twitter to keep up with news and events.

Empowering Women With Cosmetic Surgery Options

Cosmetic surgery is undergoing a radical transformation in cultural acceptance and appreciation as a positive tool to help empower women. The process was once viewed and pure vanity, but Dr. Jennifer Walden has built a thriving practice helping the average woman feel better about her everyday appearance. The added confidence transfers into every part of their lives, increasing the quality of life for every patient.

Post Pregnancy Body Image Issues

Pregnancies, for the most part, last nine months. During that time there are many changes that occur to a woman’s body. The effects of carrying a baby can mean areas of the body retain fatty cells and all of the exercise in the world does little offer a solution. Dr. Jennifer Walden can use methods of tucks and liposuction that will smooth and contour the body to a more desired proportion.

Battling Aging

Every woman dreads the day they discover their first wrinkle. Facial creams and ointments can only do so much to help hide and reduce wrinkles. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers safe botox and skin smoothing technology that helps stop aging in its tracks. This helps keep the skin radiant and youthful for years. It may be impossible to stop time, but turning back the clock and reducing wrinkles can make a woman look years younger immediately.

Breast Augmentation

Long gone are the days of husbands and boyfriends pushing their partners into unwanted or needed breast enlargement for their personal pleasure. Dr. Jennifer Walden welcomes all women that want to enlarge, reduce or bring more balance to their breasts. Age and breastfeeding can take a toll on the breast tissue. Correct augmentation makes a woman feel normal again. Oversize breasts are a burden on the spinal column. The perfect reduction in size can alleviate backaches, stiff joints and offer better overall balance.

Increasing numbers of woman are making the choice to get cosmetic surgery for their own personal reasons. It has become a powerful tool in the arsenal of women to feel confident in their appearance. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers a unique perspective by being able to have true empathy for the patient’s wants and needs. There are less than 1,000 women cosmetic surgeons in the United States and Dr. Walden is considered one of the best. Her active role is helping change the outdated views of cosmetic surgery in general.

The Gospel of Cosmetic Surgery According to Jennifer Walden

The stereotypical image of a woman seeking cosmetic surgery is that they are trying to conform to the culturally reinforced image of a Barbie-doll. According to one of the few women members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that simply is not the case. Dr. Jennifer Walden was quoted in a recent interview that many of the women she sees in her practice come in to correct some asymmetry in their bodies, or to repair some damage caused by childbirth like sagging breasts or stretched abdominal muscles.

Dr. Walden is a native of Austin, Texas where she currently resides and holds her practice. She was an all-state soccer player in her high school years at Anderson High School. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Biology. After receiving her medical degree and completing her residency from University of Texas Medical Branch, she moved to New York to join the practice at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in a fellowship under her mentor Dr. Sherrell Aston. Once her fellowship was over, Walden stayed with the practice for another seven and a half years before deciding to return to Austin so her children could grow up around family.

Dr. Walden had some initial reservations about relocating to Austin. At that time, there were no cosmetic surgeons in the area, the closest being in Dallas or Houston. However, her practice has flourished and she was named as one of the best 24 plastic surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Of the 8,100 board certified cosmetic surgeons in the country, only 851 or women. When discussing why she was drawn to plastic surgery, Walden said that she felt her practice helped to empower women and help them become more confident about themselves.

Her frequent talks on mommy makeovers, new surgical techniques, plastic surgery for celebrities, teenagers, and others have put Dr. Walden in the media spotlight. She is a frequent guest on several morning news shows and cable serials. Articles about Dr. Walden have appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Self, Shape, Absolute Magazine, Bridal Guide, Health, New York Magazine, and Texas Monthly. In addition to her surgical practice, Dr. Walden has authored several peer-reviewed research papers and co-authored the 2010 textbook Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Walden is a single mother of twin boys, Houston and Rex. In her spare time she does pro-bono and charity work for a number of local organizations and travels on medical mission trips.