2 Major Ways of Managing Your Dog’s Eating Habits

Before you can manage your dog’s eating habits effectively to ensure that it grows healthy, you need to be familiar with what constitutes a healthy diet. Like human beings, dogs require a healthy diet to develop well both physically and mentally. The better you know your dog’s dietary needs on Beneful, the better the dietary choices you can make.

1. Choose Good Quality Food

Avoid buying dog food without first having inspected the ingredients on the dog food label. Do not buy dog food based on the popularity or price of the brand on amazon.com. Instead, choose the most balanced food nutritionally. It should have all the minerals, vitamins and proteins your dog’s body needs.

Good dog food manufacturers, such as Purina Beneful, divide their products into life stages to help you select the right food for your pet. These life stages are:

• Growth (puppies)
• Adult maintenance (grown dogs)
• Lactation/gestation (pregnant or nursing females)
• Senior (elderly dogs)
• All life (suitable for all dogs)

You also need to consider your dog’s personal preferences, lifestyle, personal environment and health problems when choosing its food from Beneful. If you realize that your dog is allergic to any product, you should immediately eliminate it from its diet.

2. Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Most pet owners over feed their pets on Beneful on beneful.com, causing them to become lazy and fat. Most brands of dog food have instructions on the amount to feed your pet and the number of times per day. When you combine these instructions with your discretion, you should be able to come up with a proper feeding timetable. Healthy eating habits prevent your dog from being overweight or underweight, allowing it to live a longer, happier life.

Age also regulates dog feeding. Puppies are more active than adult dogs; hence, they burn more calories. This means that they need to be fed more often. A weaned puppy should be fed thrice daily until the age of four when you can cut feeding back to twice a day. Feeding your adult dog twice a day is easier on its digestion. Elderly dogs are less active, and you should reduce the number of calories per meal to avoid obesity as your pet grows older.

If you use these tips to manage your dog’s diet, you will have a healthy, happy pet for a very long time, and Purina Beneful has a wide range of healthy and balanced dog foods to choose from. With numerous products in different sizes, flavors and textures, you are bound to find one or more that are perfect for your pet.