Trump Tackles Drought

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced during a rally in Fresno, California that he would be supporting farmers by ending the 5-year drought that the state has been suffering from. He claimed to have been speaking to those who make their living via agricultural means and heard their claims that much of the state’s water supply is diverted into wetlands and out to sea in order to preserve a supposedly endanger fish type called a smelt.

In the article, Trump claimed that by reallocating water supplies to farms, he could relieve California of it’s dry spell and aid farmers in their efforts to supply produce to the entire country. Trump was referring to the almost fifty percent of the state’s water supply being distributed to environmental needs while only forty percent is reserved for agriculture and ten percent for cities’ needs. Though unclear about specifics of his plan, he argued that the drought doesn’t really exists and is only a product of misusing water for the wrong purposes.

Because environmental issues are under the jurisdiction of federal control, Trump could indeed act on his words to resolve the problems facing California. Farmers clearly had no love for the endangered fish as they booed the mention of its name; however, activists may come to oppose the Republican candidate due to his statements. Whatever the case, he has once again lived up to his reputation of bold claims that divide individuals over issues. The election promises to only heat up from here.