Nestle Under Scrutiny For Using 50 Million Gallons of Water

The drought in California is so bad that the ground is cracking. It seems that we have polar opposites with weather patterns on the East and West coast. The Eastern side of the country has seen so much rain that there are floods. The Western side is praying for rain even in small amounts. With all the concerns about drought comes the large bottling company that is spilling out tens of thousands of gallons of water a day. Yes, Nestle is in the hot seat, as its headquarters is right in the middle of the drought ridden area.

The company is located in Sacramento, but they are not budging on their rights as a company. Spokesperson Rhea Serran fought back stating that just because they are bottling water doesn’t mean that they are any less important to their customers. There are soda manufacturing plants in the area, as well as other companies that use massive amounts of water to produce their products. Paul Mathieson said that Nestle used more than 50 million gallons from the San Francisco water supply, however, they feel this is right in line with the cities guidelines for usage.

They need to start doing the rain dance in this area of the country. The fact that they haven’t had water means that some of the vegetation that we receive from that side has increased dramatically. Still, there is no reason to cast blame on Nestle, they are just doing what they do best. They are a great company that is just producing drinking water that everyone needs.