The San Francisco Bay Bridge Rods That Anchor The Bridge Tower Failed An Integrity Test

If One Rod Failed Other Rods Could Be Defective According To The San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Bay Bridge has had its fair share of problems. An earthquake destroyed parts of the bridge years ago, and the bridge was rebuilt in record-breaking time in the bridge building world. Some folks in the bay area believe the bridge was rebuilt too fast, and that is the reason the bridge is not meeting the standards needed if another earthquake rocks the city.

The latest issue is one of the rods that anchors the 525-foot tower. Caltrans Investigators say the rod might have been weakened by corrosion from the salt water it sat in for years. The investigators also discovered signs of salt water leaking into the foundation of the bridge from the bay. Bridge enthusiasts at STX Entertainment ( know that this is not the first time steel rods failed an integrity test. In 2013, two other rods on the stabilizer structure failed due to years of rainwater exposure.

Caltrans fixed that issue at a cost of $45 million, but this discovery could cost much more if other rods move during the testing procedure. Whatever the cost, the bridge will be repaired, but the lesson to do-it-right-the-first-time is still a lesson unlearned.

Blackfeet And Other Tribes Want To Stop Oil And Gas Exploration Near Glacier National Park.

Blackfeet Tribal Leaders Say Their Sacred Preservation Sites Are Being Compromised By Oil And Gas Exploration

The oil and gas companies have little regard for the Earth. They treat the Earth like a spoiled child treats a loving parent. They take the Earth’s blood and don’t give anything back. The earth tremors and earthquakes tell the real story. The earth is going through a major change, and so are we. But these 21st-century pirates don’t want to change. They never get enough oil and gas to satisfy their hunger for profits.

The Blackfeet and other tribes know that Mother Earth will only give so much before it reconfigures itself. The sacred areas around Glacier National Park are being invaded by these gas and oil pirates, and the consequences of their pilfering are enormous. Tribal leaders, environmental groups, the band Pearl Jam and U.S. Sen. Jon Tester want to stop the 18 oil and gas leases in the area known as the Badger-Two Medicine area. That area has been a sacred to Blackfeet tribes for thousands of years.

Gianfrancesco Genoso ( has learned that the leases were suspended back in the 1990s, but one greedy oil and gas leaseholder want the suspension lifted. That’s not going to happen because Western Montana is beginning to experience a series of earthquakes. Tribal leaders say the Earth is saying stop taking my blood to fuel your greed.