ICI is Making E-governe a Reality in Brazil

The emergence of internet and technological advancement has revolutionized all forms of socio-economic and political experiences of people throughout the world. It has allowed governments to use internet and technology to expedite the process of governance through the novel concept of e-governance. The efficacy of e-governance has made it an attractive course of action for different countries across the world. In Brazil, the idea of e-governance has been given a serious consideration given the governance issues it faces because of a huge population. The Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) is the pioneer of e-governance in Brazil. E-Governe is playing an important part in making a public service a smooth and accessible phenomenon in Brazil.



E-Governe is a non-profit social organization that is associated with the Municipal Government of Curitiba, Brazil. It is one of the top organizations that specialize in Communication Solutions. E-Governe was established in 1998 with the objective to revolutionize the public service mechanism in Curitiba through embracing the idea of e-governance. The primary purpose of creating e-Governe was to align the Municipal government’s administration of transport system with the advanced technology and internet based mechanisms. Under its Municipality Publicity Program, the Municipal government of Curitiba had done legislation to form e-Governe.



Being given the name institute, e-Governe was formed with the idea that the organization would be cooperating with other public service providers in throughout the country. E-Governe is one of the few organizations in Brazil that have digitalized the sphere of governance and public service. The organization specializes in producing communication solutions for improving public service management. E-Governe’s operations are helping city governments throughout Brazil in their bid to transform the current traditional governance functions.



As an organization specializing in technological solutions, e-Governe has a proven dedication to digitalize the governance by providing viable e-governance systems. It is also committed to introducing a fast and smooth public service mechanism in all the cities of the country. E-Governe is cognizant of the growing population in Brazil and the swelling urban centers, and to solve the unwieldy problems of governance; it is providing its valuable input to several municipal governments. The organization aims to turn the populous and ill-managed Brazilian cities into modern Smart Cities.



It is noteworthy to explain the non-profit nature of the organization. The organization generates huge revenues but it does not distribute the economic gains among its members. Instead, e-Governe carefully spends its income on generating advanced research and developing new projects. The organization has no commercial interest. The organization’s only interest is to provide public service in a better and organized way. Thus the organization does not pay any remuneration to its managers, and staff members. It uses its revenues on developing its capacity and improving its services.



E-Governe has played a crucial role in introducing the system of e-governance to Brazilian cities. Since its inception in 1998, e-Governe has been able to achieve thorough success. Some of the milestones it achieved include introducing Quality Card service, Public Management and Procurement System in the health and tax departments of Curitiba.