Betsy Devos – Taking Philanthropy to the next level

Betsy Devos, a unique personality who generously steps forward to create an equal and a spectacular right for the students. Betsy Devos is a living example when one talks about ‘Philanthropy’. A business woman, Politician, an activist and the 11th and the current United States Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos is a boon for students. Devos graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids in Michigan. She later married Dick Devos who is an entrepreneur, community activist and a philanthropist. Her interest in serving and standing up for equal educational rights for the students evoked when she came across the work leader in her home town. The leaders strived to gain equal opportunities for students. This provoked her to find her utmost desire. ‘Equal rights to every student’. Betsy Devos led parents and children as a mentor of the at-risk children in the Grand Rapids Public School (Michigan) from the past 15 years.

Devos has made a firm position in the education policy, almost from the past thirty years. Devos says that the time spent at the Grand Rapids public school has changed her life and her perspective about education forever.She was interviewed by the Philanthropy magazine a few years back. When they asked about her leading role in the movement, Devos simply replied that she and her husband Dick supported the parents whose children studied at Potter’s House Christian School for many years through scholarship funds. She also mentioned that she had been active on the boards of two national charities, Children First America and the America Education Reform Council. These two national charities helped in enhancing the educational choices for students. She started a politician action committee called the Great Lakes Education Project in Michigan. The purpose was to promote education by establishing public schools of choice. It was a successful movement indeed.

Devos claimed that this was the beginning and this was the period when she started to involve with American Federation for Children. Jhon Walton and Dick Devos established the All Children Matter. It was a politician organization which was chaired by Betsy Devos.The interview ended with an interesting question. The magazine asked Devos what was success to her? Devos humbly replied that all parents should get the privilege to have an opportunity to choose the best education setting for their children and the children should get the privilege to choose and pursue education with many opportunities. After supporting the students wholeheartedly for the new education choices in 25 states, Devos looks forward to work with President Trump and assures to bring in many more opportunities and enhance various measures for the equal rights for the education of the students.

ICI is Making E-governe a Reality in Brazil

The emergence of internet and technological advancement has revolutionized all forms of socio-economic and political experiences of people throughout the world. It has allowed governments to use internet and technology to expedite the process of governance through the novel concept of e-governance. The efficacy of e-governance has made it an attractive course of action for different countries across the world. In Brazil, the idea of e-governance has been given a serious consideration given the governance issues it faces because of a huge population. The Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) is the pioneer of e-governance in Brazil. E-Governe is playing an important part in making a public service a smooth and accessible phenomenon in Brazil.



E-Governe is a non-profit social organization that is associated with the Municipal Government of Curitiba, Brazil. It is one of the top organizations that specialize in Communication Solutions. E-Governe was established in 1998 with the objective to revolutionize the public service mechanism in Curitiba through embracing the idea of e-governance. The primary purpose of creating e-Governe was to align the Municipal government’s administration of transport system with the advanced technology and internet based mechanisms. Under its Municipality Publicity Program, the Municipal government of Curitiba had done legislation to form e-Governe.



Being given the name institute, e-Governe was formed with the idea that the organization would be cooperating with other public service providers in throughout the country. E-Governe is one of the few organizations in Brazil that have digitalized the sphere of governance and public service. The organization specializes in producing communication solutions for improving public service management. E-Governe’s operations are helping city governments throughout Brazil in their bid to transform the current traditional governance functions.



As an organization specializing in technological solutions, e-Governe has a proven dedication to digitalize the governance by providing viable e-governance systems. It is also committed to introducing a fast and smooth public service mechanism in all the cities of the country. E-Governe is cognizant of the growing population in Brazil and the swelling urban centers, and to solve the unwieldy problems of governance; it is providing its valuable input to several municipal governments. The organization aims to turn the populous and ill-managed Brazilian cities into modern Smart Cities.



It is noteworthy to explain the non-profit nature of the organization. The organization generates huge revenues but it does not distribute the economic gains among its members. Instead, e-Governe carefully spends its income on generating advanced research and developing new projects. The organization has no commercial interest. The organization’s only interest is to provide public service in a better and organized way. Thus the organization does not pay any remuneration to its managers, and staff members. It uses its revenues on developing its capacity and improving its services.



E-Governe has played a crucial role in introducing the system of e-governance to Brazilian cities. Since its inception in 1998, e-Governe has been able to achieve thorough success. Some of the milestones it achieved include introducing Quality Card service, Public Management and Procurement System in the health and tax departments of Curitiba.



Betsy DeVos: Who Is She

She is the eleventh United States Secretary of Education, and she assumed office when Donald Trump came into power. She has been known to be a businesswoman, philanthropist, and politician.

What She Is Known For

She has had a strong advocacy for schools choice, voucher programs in schools, charter schools, and the reformed Christian community. These are her interest and are the reasons why she is the head of education in the country today.

She is of the DeVos family which has been a very strong force in the education sector countrywide and has been lauded as very charitable having given several million dollars to support education endeavors by underprivileged students.

Together with her husband Dick DeVos they have been hailed as the philanthropic family that helps the education sector grow; especially in their home state of Michigan. These have been the highlights of what her family has done for the American People.

The Bathroom Debacle

During the Obama administration, a law was passed that allowed transgender students to use any of the bathrooms in their schools that they were comfortable with. This was aimed at making these students feel welcome and accepted into society.

Well, this plan worked, and they were comfortable having their choices and orientations respected until Trump came in with his objections about the whole thing claiming that it was not very advisable to do so. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was on the side that proposed the bill should be rescinded.

This caused a rift that pitted the attorney general against Betsy DeVos who is known for taking strong stands on such issues that involve educations. She was strongly opposed to the decision that they made. Read more on CNN.

Finally, They Strong Armed Their Way

Yes, that is right. Betsy DeVos was forced to sign and agree with them that the bill should be rescinded that allowed all students to be cohesive and comfortable. This has sparked debates about the attitude that the Trump Administration has towards minorities and the LGBTI community in general.

The Bully in The Classroom

Mr. Sessions who has been very much against the expansion of the gay, lesbian and transgender rights has been pitted against many people who advocate for equality and justice to the whole of the world and American citizens who are discriminated against because of their orientations.

Betsy was one of them because her sector involves taking care of the students and the Attorney General has used his position to force her to agree with him. Mr. Trump himself wanted her to drop the opposition that she mounted to curb Mr. Sessions.


Betsy DeVos has shown great dedication to her sector, and she has been in the limelight for fighting for the comfort and acceptance that all students need to function properly. This indicates that she is a strong woman who knows where her interests lie.

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The Kabbalah Centre in LA Opens Its Doors Far and Wide

A not-for-profit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the Kabbalah Centre opened its doors in that city in 1984. Prior to its establishment in Los Angeles, the Kabbalah Centre was run out of New York City, beginning in 1965. While in New York City, the precursor to the Los Angeles center was called The National Research Institute of Kabbalah.

Prior to its establishment in New York City, what became known as the Kabbalah Centre was an outgrowth of the YeshivahKol Yehuda in Israel. The YeshivahKol Yehuda actually predates the Jewish state and was founded in 1922. The U.S. derivation was the brainchild of Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda TzviBrandwein.

Since the doors opened to the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre, the organization experienced significant growth. This includes the creation of over 50 branches located worldwide. In addition, a significant number of Kabbalah Centre are in place, also internationally. Finally, the teachings and practices of the Kabbalah Centre can be accessed online.

Celebrities have been associated with the Kabbalah Centre in its different U.S. incarnations. This includes such Hollywood stars as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Sammy Davis, Jr.

In today’s world, iconic singer Madonna is probably the best known celebrity to be attracted to the Kabbalah Centre. She is responsible for establishing satellite centers in different locations.

Paris Hilton and Sandra Bernhard are two other celebrities that are associated with the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre. Hilton maintains that the Kabbalah Centre has allowed her to enjoy tranquility even during challenging times in her life.

The Kabbalah Centre in LA departs somewhat from traditional practices. The Kabbalah Centre does not require a person to have a background in Hebrew or Jewish writings before starting a course of study with the organization. This unique practice of the Kabbalah Centre has opened the doors to Kabbalah practices to a broader spectrum of men and women, from all walks of life.

The Kabbalah Society

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organisation which provides courses on Kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar. The organisation is located in Los Angeles, California but has numerous regional centres and study groups all over the world. The Kabbalah Centre teachings aim at providing students with spiritual tools established on Kabbalistic principles which the students can apply in their lives.


Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded the Kabbalah in 1922 in Israel. Later in 1965, Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein established the Centre in the United States as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The Los Angeles Centre was established in 1984. After the death of Rav Berg, Karen Berg and Michael Berg took over as the directors and spiritual teachers of the organisation.


The Kabbalah Centre seeks to provide an avenue for its students to improve their lives. To achieve this ,the teachers start by teaching the students the teachings of Kabbalah to provide them with the Kabbalistic principles. The attained principles can then be applied by the students to make better decisions in life and make the world a better place.


The Kabbalah Centre doesn’t present its teachings as a substitute for any other religion but as a supplement to the other religions. According to its aspects, the general observed spiritual and religious beliefs are mere subdivisions of a universal wisdom which explains the resemblances of various faiths like Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.


The Kabbalah Centre has a firm belief in stars’ divination with Rav Berg one of its founder having written numerous books on astrology during his career. The Kabbalah tradition has a strong belief that cosmic forces affects everything in our lives and knowing how to understand these effects can be very useful to any Kabbalist.


The Kabbalah Centre and its teachings have attracted many followers worldwide among them being renown celebrities. Celebrities like Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Taylor and Paris Hilton have been associated with the Centre. Madonna, the American singer, is seen as the most active Kabbalah student among the celebrities who are associated with the Centre, she has a personal Kabbalah Centre rabbi, introduced Jewish rituals into some of her music videos and tithes regularly to the Kabbalah Centre. In 2006 Madonna teamed up with the Centre in the Raising Malawi project to provide relief aid to the African nation of Malawi.

Living a More Fulfilled Life with the Help of the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a group of religious teachers who have jumped to international prominence through their links with a number of major celebrities who follow the teachings the group provides to help every person live a more fulfilled life. Rabbi Philip Berg expanded on the work of his teacher, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag in the 1960s to bring a mainstream approach to learning about this form of ancient religious teachings that is based in the history of Judaism; despite the fact the teachings are based in the Jewish faith The Kabbalah Centre makes no effort to convert students to this religious belief system.


Students who look to The Kabbalah Centre for guidance and teachings are often drawn to the fact this group is intent on aiding the spiritual growth and increasing levels of fulfillment for its followers in a modern world that is increasingly isolating and busy. One of the aspects of life The Kabbalah Centre is determined to help each person overcome is the issue of the negative influence of the ego, which can be overcome by sharing and looking to turn the ego into a positive aspect of life. Turning off the ego and allowing sharing to take place are important aspects of Kabbalah as a stronger link to the universal wisdom around us can be created in this way.


There are many aspects of Kabbalah that can be explored with the aid of The Kabbalah Centre that are designed to provide a more positive outlook on the life we lead as individuals in the 21st century. Kabbalah teachers believe in a set of laws that govern the world around us and include the issue of reaping what we sow that requires us all to give to the world before we can be provided with the benefits and sense of fulfillment we all seek. The benefits of helping others are always explored by students at The Kabbalah Centre who believe creating an uncomfortable environment can be a good first step in opening up a spiritual dimension to life we are rarely given access to without the aid of The Kabbalah Centre teachers.

Exploring Mysticism With the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah is an area of religious study that is often seen as a mystery to the majority of people and maintains the belief that many of its hidden meanings can bring enlightenment to students who may have been blocked from understanding the universe in its whole. In a bid to open the mind to the wonders of the universe it is important to remove the blockage known in Kabbalah as Klippot, which is a blockage halting the physical body from receiving the unbound God that can be removed through understanding these ancient teachings of Judaism.


The interpretation of Kabbalah is often seen as being part of choosing a teacher to learn belief system from. The Kabbalah Centre offers the people of the world an easy way of beginning their journey into the world of these teachings in a way that does not require conversion to Judaism or any other belief system. A good example of the work of the Kabbalah Centre is its approach to Klippot, which Rav Philip Berg and his predecessors in bringing these teachings to the mainstream see as a construct that was created to make it easier for people in ancient times to understand the difficulties of allowing the universal wisdom to enter their bodies.


There are many signs that are associated with the Kabbalah Centre that have been made famous by the growing list of celebrity followers who have aided the spiritual growth of the Kabbalah Centre from the 1980s onward; one of the most famous is the red string worn on the left wrist that is used as a way of protecting the individual from the effects of the evil eye.


The teaching of Kabbalah has always been a difficult project to undertake as many of the teachings have not been published as the secretive nature of these works has continued to remain in place in traditional areas of Judaism; traditionally, the teaching of Kabblah was limited to males aged 40 and over because of the complex nature of the works being studied.

Learning To Be More Spiritual With Help From The Kabbalah Centre

Spirituality is something that people have sought for as long as mankind has been on the earth. People seek out spirituality for many reasons. Many people love the idea of being closer to god and being able to feel as if their lives have a purpose. They also love the very idea of being able to feel their place in the universe directly and connect with a spirit that is all around them if they just listen. This is where study of a set of texts called kabbalah centre can come into play. These texts were largely written by people who were studying this concept for many centuries. Their written work still speaks to many people today as they look for spirituality and a true sense of meaning in all aspects of their lives.


Working With Kabbalists


The study of such texts has been the specialty of a group of people have been called Kabbalists. At the Kabbalah Centre, they have spent many collective decades of their lives learning about such texts and helping others to do the very same. They know that when searching for meaning in life and spirituality that helps people connected to the people around them and the universe at the same time, that studying Kabbalah can be the ideal way to do so. This is why they welcome people to come with them during this process.


Being At One


Being at one with the world around people is one way to become more mindful and to have a sense of compassion and purpose as well. Those at the Kabbalah Centre want to show people how simply learning can lead to such a path. They have been able to create a specific field of study that is very much about this particular ideal and see it come to life. Thanks to their help, many people have found that spending even a little time each month in such study can be of massive help and allow them a true sense of freedom. This is why they work so hard to help their clients become better at studying kabbalah.

Alexei Beltyukov as an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Education Expert

Alexei Beltyukov is Russian humanitarian cum entrepreneur; a founder of Endemic Capital. He also aids in the economic advisory of the Russian government through Skolkovo Foundation where he holds one of the executive seats as the company’s vice president. This foundation provides grants and opportunities for upcoming Russian technologies as well as young entrepreneurs with a desire to expand their firms and asset base throughout the country. Alexei graduated from INSEAD Master of Business Administration program. He also holds a degree in medicine but his true passion lies in entrepreneurship and humanitarian causes. Alexei has founded many more institutions like New Gas Technology and the current famous Solvy software just to mention a few.

Mr. Alexei among his many virtues has gone out of his way to establish A-ventures Limited, a Russian company which provides capital or financial aid to young companies springing up all over the country. He also co-founded Russian Alumni Scholarship with INSEAD whose main obligation is to provide funds to support Russian scholarship students joining INSEAD University. This is a commendable job as it ensures more people are educated in the country despite unfortunate circumstances in their respective homes, contributing to the development of innovative and elite society.

The conception of his Endemic Capital Company in 2013 came as good news to start-up companies in the country. It was obligated to form a portfolio to yield funds for these firms, in addition to that support those in pursuit of higher learning in business schools. Come February 2015 he was announced Chief Operating Officer of Solver-Online educational System. He had done researched and realized that students in his country had great problems in mathematics, word problems and graphical method and consequently came up with a perfect solution, Solvy. This provided online interactive lessons and drills to student from the comfort of their homes.

Mr. Beltyukov has definitely facilitated the teacher-student relationship since through Solvy teachers can deal with students’ problems at individual level and provide appropriate recommendations according to the education system. His aim is also to ensure that students understand and love math and see how it is actually applied professionally in the real world to solve day to day problems encountered in the world, for instance in business. He therefore deserves accolades to commend his beautiful work both as a philanthropist and as an educational expert. He is undoubtedly one of the great minds in the world.