Susan McGalla Advises Women In The Working World

PR Newswire has published this article that describes advice she is giving to working women everywhere. This advice is going to help women earn more money, make their families happier and tend to their families while advancing their own careers. The careers that women want to have do not need to be stopped when they want to have the career they desire.

The Glass Ceiling


The glass ceiling is going to get in the way of women in the world, but they need to ignore that glass ceiling when they are at work. There are many ways for women to get around the glass ceiling, and they can simply break through it to get where they want to go. Most men do not act like women do not matter, but any men who still think this way can be avoided in the workplace.




When women are out in the working world, they need to make sure that they are presenting themselves with confidence. The confidence that women carry to work is going to make them look better, and it is going to help them advance their career. Confidence is perhaps the only thing that will help women get ahead when they really want to.


Go Back To School


When women are tending to their families at home, they can still go back to school whenever they want. Women can go to school online, and they can get their class work done even when they are at home with their kids. Most women will be able to get a degree fast, and they can get back to work as fast as they can.


Every woman who wants to get a better career, advance herself and change her life can follow these steps to make sure she is ready to enter the working world.

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Everything You Need to Know About Nine9

There has, in recent years, been a lot of talk from politicians about the “99%” – but another 99 percent you are not very likely to have heard of is the 99 percent of actors and models who are not, in any way represented by a talent agency. This void has created a huge market demand which the new and cutting edge company Nine9 seeks to fill. Unlike many other similar companies, Nine9 is not a traditional talent agency, but rather an Unagency that gives aspiring models, actors, actresses and singers a platform to create a portfolio, build upon it through opportunities via numerous insider business contracts and read full article.

Company founder and CEO of the company, Anthony Toma states that the name Nine9 refers to the above mentioned 99 percent of actors, singers and models who simply are not represented by the mainstream talent agencies. Mr. Toma states that in his youth, he was a adamant fan of various sports but, due to the fact that he was relatively short, he was always overlooked, even though he was just as talented as the majority of the taller students that were chosen over him. He saw this occur with his small group of friends, over and over – the outsiders were always sidelined for the “popular kids” – for the 1 %. These youthful experiences would eventually come to inspire Mr. Toma to create Nine9 as a decisive and effective alternative for those who, despite obvious their talents, don’t fit the pre-packaged “look” of the mainstream entertainment industry.

Services provided by the company include the option for professional photo-shots to lay the foundation for a productive and alluring portfolio for future jobs, replete with the option of a cosmetic or aesthetic overhaul by one of the many special and top notch fashion and design studios which Nine9 owns and operates. For more information on the company you may find them via their website here.

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Avi Weisfogel: Sleep Apnea Signs and Symptoms

Dr. Avi Weisfogel I the founder of the well-known Dental Sleep Masters Company in the world of dentistry I the medical industry. As a matter of fact, he is a dentist by profession. While he values his career from the start, his later years have seen him develop passion towards the development of sleep apnea medical therapies through innovation in this field of dentistry. For this reason, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an in-depth knowledge concerning the various occurrences of these medical conditions and any therapies associated with this disease. He has discovered that dentistry has many solutions to problems related to bad health. Sleep apnea is also one o the medical conditions whose therapies can only be deduced from sleep apnea.

He Dental Sleep Masters Company is focused on the development of solutions which might work to help patients get solutions related to the illness they are suffering from. While it is one of the leading causes of concern in the world of dentistry, sleep apnea patients are suffering on a massive scale. According to recent research by the American dentist Association, more than 89 percent of people suffering from the illness do not know until they are attacked by another disease which triggers its onset. This is a threat to any human health because it is also one of the leading causes of death in certain conditions. This disease also sets on during the time which you get another chronic illness like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Dental Sleep Masters Company is dedicated to giving an education to dentists and medical practitioners on the many forms in which they can treat this illness through therapies. For those who have limited knowledge about this killer disease in the United States, they can look for materials which give insight into this business world and other setting factors in the world of medicine. Disruptions characterize sleep apnea during breathing when someone is asleep. Sometimes, they end up waking up at numerous occasions in the night. It also occurs when the throat muscles block the trachea. In turn, the patient will wake up from sleep.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel and His Innovations in Sleep Apnea Remediation

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a trained dentist in New Jersey who operated his dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care for 15 years. He was cited by the community as a whole as being the “Best Dentist” in the area for several years in a row.In the process of his professional duties, he not only did an excellent job in the dental field, but he began to notice that many of his patients had sleep problems and that this issue was a possible cause of other health concerns that needed to be addressed. In 2010, Dr. Weisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep, which worked with doctors on a worldwide basis with the intent of starting and maintaining sleep labs to study this issue.

In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel started Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and began working with other dentists on a project of working with their patients regarding their sleep issues, such as sleep apnea. Then in 2014, Dr. Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters which was designed to go a step farther than before and attempt to help dental patients resolve their sleeping issues with the recommendation of oral appliances used to treat disorders in the sleep and sleep apnea realm.

Sleep apnea and its possibilities increase with age and excess weight, as the throat muscles can lose their tone and collapse during sleep and cause of momentary lapses in breathing. As a trained dentist, Dr. Weisfogel could see this in individual patients, and when interviewed many admitted that they were having problems.

The fact that dentists see the neck and interior of the throat of patients on a daily basis, they are in a position to address the potential for sleep disorders which can be beneficial to patients. Since many patients might have some idea that they have a sleep disorder problem, they don’t know the extent; of the problem in many cases.

Oral devices have been proven to be effective in keeping the breathing airway open during sleep, and a dentist knows how or can learn how to design and implement these devices. Dr. Weisfogel has been a pioneer in the field of getting dentists more involved in this process.


Martin Lustgarten Manages Quite A Few International Investments

International investment is a specialty for Martin Lustgarten, and he has created a lovely company near his home in Florida that provides customers with all the service they may ever need. This article gives a brief look at his investment career, and it discusses his parentage which influences how he views the world. Martin is one of the finest in his field, and he proves that through results he garners every day.

#1: Martin Knows What Results Look Like

There are quite a few people who wish to invest on a new level, and they hire Martin because they know of his reputation in the industry. He will take over a customer portfolio knowing it must be adjusted, and he will place quite a lot of emphasis on making new arrangements for the customer’s accounts. Accounts may be changed to differing investments, and the end result is more money coming in.

#2: Martin Understands International Business

Martin has roots in Europe and South America, and he is a well-traveled man who understands how easy it is to move from one market to the next. He makes changes to his customer accounts based on his assessment what is happening in the world at any one time. He knows the world economy will shift without warning, and keeping his customers in commodities, bonds and other investments ensures they will save money as the world economy shifts. He is checking the world economy daily, and he knows when a change must be made.

#3: Who Must Use Martin’s Services?

Anyone who values their investment must consider how simple it is to change brokers. Moving to Martin and his company is a simple task indeed, and it provides every new customer with a fresh ray of light to invest. Martin helps customers find what they need, and he sends them on them reports on his progress every month.

The investor who saves money with Martin Lustgarten will have quite a lot left when they begin their retirement, a new business or a new venture. His investment services are the best in the industry as shown by his results.

What Everyone Should Know: Don Ressler and JustFab

The History Behind JustFab(AKA TechStyle)

The company known as JustFab has some amazing history behind it. The founders that were the names behind this company were Mr. Don Ressler with the help of his co-founder Mr. Goldenberg. When was this company founded? It was during March of 2010 that it came into existence. The company was able to obtain a great employee in 2011, Simmons, and they are a great match for the company as the President and also as the Creative Director for the company. Wondering what type of help this company was able to gather financially? They were able to gather a total investment of $33 million which was given to them by the Matrix Partners company during 2011.

Another way that they were helped through financial means was with a $76 million funding from four different companies. Two of the companies that helped Don Ressler with funding were Matrix Partners and also Rho Ventures. How did this large sum of money help the company out? It gave them the chance to go international with businesses now going out to places like the UK and also Germany. When did this happen? It happened during the year of 2012.

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For Intelligent Beauty’s Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler, Early Departure From MySpace Paid Off

In 2013, this brilliant company took over another company with a very close name to theirs FabKids. Was there a past dealing or any other type of link that had happened prior to all of the business dealings? No, this was just a very good business deal that would help them to expand on their operations. Wanting to know some of the famous names attached to this company? If you have ever listened to any of Avril Lavigne’s songs, then you are probably going to be thrilled to find out that she has released some collections for JustFab. Ever watched Blair Fowler and Elle on the YouTube channel? If so, then it will be good news for you to know that they also took part in releasing collections with JustFab.

Ever checked out the Style Network? If so then you probably already know that JustFab had a show on there. What would a show like this hold? Well, this was a very popular show which actually gave a detailed inside view on the workings of the JustFab company.

The Opinion of Mr. Ressler When it Comes to The Brand JustFab

There should never be a woman who doubts the clothes that she is wearing. That is the opinion of Mr. Ressler and it is a very real concern of his. Mr. Don Ressler has been very determined to tell everyone about the #FABforAll movement of the JustFab brand. He is very thrilled that the company will be offering a new world to women of all sizes and that this world will give women the confidence boost that the need and deserve. In Don Ressler’s eyes, women everywhere have the need to look good and at the same time be able to feel good when it comes down to what they are going to wear.

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Arizona’s Jason Hope Shares His Passions

Tempe, Arizona native, entrepreneur, investor and futurist, Jason Hope is passionate about getting behind technologies and giving back to the community.

Jason Hope’s philanthropy takes in the fields of education, scientific research, biotechnology among others as well as contributions to The Andre Agassi Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter and the Arizona Science Center and more.

One of Hope’s passions includes foundations such as the SENS Research Foundation (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence), a non-profit organization that takes a different approach to anti-aging. His involvement began in 2010 when he donated $500,000 to the organization and he has continued to donate to SENS.

According to Hope’s blog, there has been too much focus on treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and heart and lung diseases and the time is now to change the approach to medicine and focus on preventing disease from happening.

What’s more, Jason Hope promotes and encourages the next generation of entrepreneurs by offering high school seniors and college students grants for their ideas through grants.

His support includes reviewing each submission and making a decision on an individual basis of a grant of $500 – $5,000 to help get the students started.

Hope also believes the Internet of Things, or IoT, has already come a long way and the future is promising. IoT is a well-known phrase for the increasing need and demand for the massive amount of devices to be connected to the Internet and the cloud.

According to global market research firm International Data Corporation, (IDC), by 2020 that number will be more than 212 billion units with an anticipated financial worth estimated at $30 billion.

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Hope pointed out some of the biggest problems with IoT that need to be addressed include security, bandwidth and lack of standards but he emphasized the market is almost at a point where connectivity is the norm and not the unusual.

Commenting in a statement, Jason Hope said IoT is here to stay and should be embraced as it is part of everyone’s future.

Along with his philanthropic initiatives, Hope’s future endeavors include continuing to look for businesses and projects to support through his time and resources, especially by helping local organizations.

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) and received an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

To learn more about Jason Hope, connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler JustFab Founders

Fashion is a well know industry which involves styles especially in clothes, shoes or even accessories such as handbags and so on. Don Ressler along with his partner Adam Goldenberg both are the founders and co-CEOs of a fashion industry known as JustFab Inc. These guys may probably not look to launch a fashion company although they hold a deep passion for fashion from childhood. JustFab Inc Company is an online fashion subscription retailer which involves a wide variety of handbags, shoes and jewelry selections.

Adam, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson established Fabletics existence, an online fashion retail TechStyle brand based on athletic wear. After its establishment, Fabletics was revealed as the fastest growing label and plans to open more than 100 stores are in arrangements in the next three years. Moreover, TechStyle Company comprises of more ecosystem brands such as JustFab, FabKids, and FL2.

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JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

Adam and Don Ressler friendship while they were working at Intermix Company. However, after the company ownership by News Corporation, they quickly started their business. Later in 2006, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler formed a company named Intelligent Beauty Inc. Afterward they created various fitness and beauty brands which were as a success in the market. Moreover, Adam and Don went ahead to conceptualize a new shopping platform which could be available online. They dearly worked hard under principles to make fashion performed well on the online grounds. Noteworthy to mention, they hired designers and style consultants to construct a beautiful, affordable subscription unit which resulted to JustFab Inc Corporation.

In 2011, JustFab (currently known as TechStyle) obtained $33 million funds from the United States venture capital company known as Matrix Partners on Moreover, in 2012, there received more resources ($76 million) from various companies including Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, intelligent beauty and Tech Crossover Ventures which helped them extend their business to the UK, Germany, and Canada. In 2013, TechStyle Company was announced to have sealed $40 million funding which accelerated the company’s international growth and intermission to other new categorized products.

TechStyle headquarter is based in California (El Segundo) which has contributed widely to its remarkable growth due to its revenue attributes. Reports from the CEO (Goldenberg) indicate that in 2015, the grand revenue was $505 million which grew up to $650 million in 2016. Finally, JustFab (TechStyle) regarded as a Unicorn Company due to its fast fashion growth rate having more than employees in their work offices.


Bernardo Chua: Business and Success

Bernardo Chua is a global businessman who is at the helm of two very successful businesses: Gano Excel and Organo Gold. With his astute leadership, he has positioned his two companies to be leaders in their respective industries.

Through Gano Excel, Chua direct sells a wide range of wellness products around the world. The products are centered around an herb called ganoderma lucidum, says Chua’s Twitter feed, which once was only reserved for royalty for thousands of years. Gano Excel produces and distributes products designed for personal care, skin care, nutrition, and household use.

With Organo Gold, headquartered in Canada, Bernardo Chua has established a presence as a global leader in gourmet coffee. His latest expansion reaches the market in Turkey, making it the 39th country in which he has opened his operations.

Chua was raised in the Philippines and Chua knew about the benefits of ganoderma because of his Chinese heritage. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom, and it is a highly prized herb used by herbalists in China and Asian countries. It is rich in history as a potent wellness supplement. Seeing how the global societies are continuously looking to improving wellness and health, Chua saw the opportunity to market this to the world outside of Asia in forms of teas, coffees, and personal products, according to a recap in a ZoomInfo article.

He decided to market this using a direct sales approach. He saw this as the most efficient way to expand his business in the Philippines. His success gave him the momentum to continue his expansion globally.

His amazing success has earned him many accolades in the direct sale industry. He is know for his meticulous attention to quality. He works directly with the best producers of organic ganoderma and provides financial support to researchers of ganoderma so that if any new discoveries are made, he will be the first to know.

It is Chua’s mission to educate the world about the benefits of ganoderma because it is so effective in helping people achieve good health and vitality. The network distribution system, featured on Linkedin, that he has created allows ordinary people to become ambassadors for the product. People who have become distributors enjoy the flexibility of earning money in many different ways. The distributors can become as successful as they want to be, with the full support of the parent company behind them.

Chua has been able to propel his businesses to great success. Through his direct marketing program, he is able to share his success with anyone who wants to make a better life for himself. More information on Bernardo “Bernie” Chua can be found on prnewswire.

Source: YouTube. OrGano Gold Coffee CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua, shares some wisdom at the OrGano Gold Convention. OrGano Gold has broken records and has some of the industry’s Top Income earners.