McDonalds Puts the Environment First by Pledging to Not Fish in Barents Sea

McDonald’s has recently strengthened its commitment to sustainable fishing by pledging to not source fish caught from previously ice covered sections of the Northern Barents Sea, a region twice the size of France.

This announcement came as increasing global temperatures have been opening up parts of the ocean that were previously inaccessible for commercial fishing practices like trawling and deep-sea nets. Industrial fishing practices can cause widespread damage to fragile ocean ecosystems and are able to cause native fish populations to plummet.

This pledge was brokered by Greenpeace and involved several other multinational corporations. McDonalds hopes to set a precedent of behavior for global brands in this untapped area of the Arctic Ocean.

As agreed in their pledge, McDonalds will not actively send fishing vessels into this banned sea region, nor will they knowingly serve cod caught there by third party fishermen.

Though a step in the right direction, McDonalds’ commitment may not be enough to save the Northern Barents Sea from exploitation. Norway has recently licensed 189 cod fishing trawlers to harvest millions of pounds of fish from this fragile region, and rates are expected to go up each year. The thousands of tons of fish that McDonalds won’t pull from this region will make up only a small fraction of the total amount being harvested.

Nonetheless, the McDonalds brand has a lot of global leverage, and their commitment to putting the environment ahead of their bottom line will surely strike a chord deep within the food industry.

Mikal Watts, One of Texas’ Best Attorneys

Mikal Watts and Frank Guerra, partners and co-owners of Watts Guerra LLP, have combined to form one of the most successful firms. Watts Guerra LLP handles class-action lawsuits primarily, which can be very profitable due to their wide range of participants. Competitive markets such as

Watts Guerra’s most recent lawsuit is against Syngenta. Syngenta is accused of wrongfully lowering the market price of corn due to their genetically modified strains of corn. The firm represents over 19,000 claims in the Syngenta class-action case alone. When the market price of a good drops, competing enterprises without competitive advantages are unable to thrive. Damaging an agricultural good is especially harmful, not only to the businesses competing against Syngenta, but to corn farmers. The Honorable John W. Lungstrum is overseeing the litigation in the United States District Court of Kansas.

Mikal Watts, Partner and co-owner of Watts Guerra LLP, was the first attorney to file claims against Pradaxa for injuries and death. Pradaxa ended up paying $650 million to affected persons and families, proving Mikal Watts’ place in the upper echelon of lawyers in not only Texas, but the entire United States. Watts’ most successful lawsuit was against Firestone and Ford for faulty tires, which set precedents for other class-action lawsuits to follow. Guerra Watts was one of two firms who represented cases in the tort against Ford and Firestone.

Mr. Watts specializes in covering personal injury litigations. He is one of the best lawyers in the United States, and has earned numerous awards, including “Impact Player of the Year” from Texas Lawyer, one of the ten “most successful young litigators in America” by National Law Journal in 2002. Watts earned his undergraduate degree with High Honors from The University of Texas at Austin in only two years. Upon graduation, Mr. Watts served as Briefing Attorney for Honorable Thomas R. Phillips, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas, then worked at David L. Perry & Associates as an Associate Attorney, then earned the position of Partner. Mikal Watts founded Watts Guerra LLP in 1997, and has successfully served as Capital Partner for 18 years.

Blackfeet And Other Tribes Want To Stop Oil And Gas Exploration Near Glacier National Park.

Blackfeet Tribal Leaders Say Their Sacred Preservation Sites Are Being Compromised By Oil And Gas Exploration

The oil and gas companies have little regard for the Earth. They treat the Earth like a spoiled child treats a loving parent. They take the Earth’s blood and don’t give anything back. The earth tremors and earthquakes tell the real story. The earth is going through a major change, and so are we. But these 21st-century pirates don’t want to change. They never get enough oil and gas to satisfy their hunger for profits.

The Blackfeet and other tribes know that Mother Earth will only give so much before it reconfigures itself. The sacred areas around Glacier National Park are being invaded by these gas and oil pirates, and the consequences of their pilfering are enormous. Tribal leaders, environmental groups, the band Pearl Jam and U.S. Sen. Jon Tester want to stop the 18 oil and gas leases in the area known as the Badger-Two Medicine area. That area has been a sacred to Blackfeet tribes for thousands of years.

Gianfrancesco Genoso ( has learned that the leases were suspended back in the 1990s, but one greedy oil and gas leaseholder want the suspension lifted. That’s not going to happen because Western Montana is beginning to experience a series of earthquakes. Tribal leaders say the Earth is saying stop taking my blood to fuel your greed.

Yellowstone National Park Is Still An Active Super Volcano

Yellowstone National Park Could Erupt With A Force That Is 1,000 Times Greater Than The Mount St. Helens Eruption

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beautiful places in North America, but it is also one of the most dangerous. Yellowstone is actually a super volcano that hasn’t erupted for centuries, but that doesn’t mean it won’t erupt in the future. If it does, the force of the eruption will have an impact on the atmosphere all over the globe.

For years, a team of researchers have been developing a diagram of Yellowstone’s underground plumbing system, and now they think they understand it better. The scientists found a large reservoir of hot rock beneath a previously discovered shallow magma chamber. Christian Broda ( was shocked to discover that the new chamber is over four times larger than the chamber above it. There is enough hot rock magma in the lower chamber to fill the Grand Canyon 11 times.

The discovery of this new magma chamber doesn’t signal a new eruption any time soon. The last eruption was 640,000 years ago. Scientist do believe Yellowstone will erupt at some point, but they don’t know how big the event will be. The eruption could be big, but it also could be gigantic. It’s the gigantic one that will change the Earth as we know it.

Huge Siberian Craters Caused By Global Warming

A recent helicopter routine trip led to the discovery of a huge crater in Siberia. A group of researchers soon descended to the location to examine the size and the reason of the formation. They soon realized that the global warming is the cause, and that the methane explosions generated by overheating are so powerful that they create craters in the zone, in total, the researchers noticed 7 of them spread on the territory of Russia.

The team of researchers hope to analyze the craters from the inside, but said that the plan is scary. Even though curious, the scientists realize that descending in a crater provoked by gas explosions might lead not only to the inhalation of the gases.

Igor Cornelsen ( has learned that the ones that are still empty are huge enough to not remain unnoticed. The residents of Antipayuta saw a flame from the distance. The researchers soon realized that it was one of the craters where the flammable gas caught fire created the flash. The Russian officials are informing the population about the phenomena and asking for the inhabitants to understand the dangers of going near a place like that but to keep calm.

Epigentics Confirmed by Traits Passed with Histones in Yeast

New research is beginning to unravel the mystery of how certain traits are passed between generations of living organisms. As it turns out, DNA alone is not the answer. Histones, the controllers of genetic switches, are also responsible. This confirms suspicions that epigentics, traits not solely determined by DNA, is very real.

Histones are the proteins found in cells. DNA is wound around the histones that in turn act as a control mechanism for the DNA. These genetic changes sustained by the histones have been found to pass from generation to generation.

This research will help scientists to understand the role of epigenetics in evolution. They will now be able to study the histones in order to determine what causes change in them. Things like the environment and diet are believed to be key factors.

Folks at STX entertainment know that the theory was brought to fruition using experiments with yeast. The histones were modified in order to determine if the traits would be passed to subsequent generations. Scientists concluded that histone modification did lead to subsequent genetic changes that were indeed passed on.

These findings are almost as important as the discovery of DNA itself. It will help scientists to further understand how and why genetic switches are turned on and off in DNA leading to different traits being expressed.

California Governor Orders Mandatory Water Reductions

California Governor, Jerry Brown has ordered statewide reductions in water consumption, that are now mandatory, to combat severe drought.

“This historic drought requires an unprecedented action,” the governor of California said Wednesday morning. “Therefore, I am issuing an executive order directing substantial reductions in water throughout our state. As Californians, we must join forces and save water in every possible way.”

The implementation of new water restrictions, measures that would reduce consumption by 25 percent, will be tasked by the Board of Control of State Water Resources throughout California.

Haidar Barbouti has learned that some restrictions include:

  • Require college campuses, golf courses, and other entities with vast landscapes to decrease their water usage
  • Prohibit lawn irrigation, unless irrigation systems use a water-saving drip, and the prohibition of ornamental lawn watering
  • Develop a statewide rebate program to replace appliances with more efficient models

California depends on water collected from the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that melt in the spring, serving fresh water supply to some 25 million people.

Preliminary figures have determined that in late March, their were the lowest recorded snow levels in the Sierra Nevada since 1950, when the state began documenting snow levels.

Never before has California recorded a level below 25 percent. The first day of April the state recorded only 5 percent.

Microbeads Cause Problems for Great Lakes

The Toronto Sun reports that microbeads are causing problems in the Great Lakes. Microbeads are common in facial cleansers which serve to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Microbeads are those little specks seen in cleansers and are commonly made of tiny pieces of plastic. Brad Reifler has learned that these tiny pieces of plastic go into the sewer system where they make their way into the Great Lakes. Plastic does not dissolve but travels quickly and easily out into the waters where it is mistakenly consumed by fish and seafood.

Although not much is known about the long-term impact ingestion of these tiny bits of plastic will have on wild life, it is thought to be a matter of imminent concern as the plastic does not easily break down. As the plastic is consumed, then deposited back into the water the problem is perpetuated. The Minister of the Environment says that this has become a problem that needs immediate attention. Of the lakes Lake Eerie has the highest amounts of plastic microbeads in the water.

It is not known yet if the microbeads will be banned or if companies are just encouraged to remove them from their products.

FEMA Demands Climate Change Plans

The Internet was buzzing recently with the news that Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection was forbidden to use the terms “climate change” or “global warning” in any official communications. Governor Rick Scott does not believe that climate change is caused by human activity, and his opinions, rather than scientific research, dictate state policy.

Gov. Scott’s stance is going to make it more difficult for him to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Starting next year, FEMA will only limit disaster preparedness funds to states that have plans for hazards caused or aggravated by climate change. Scott and other governors who prefer to believe that climate change isn’t real will lose millions of dollars in FEMA funds for their states. As of March 2016, any state wishing disaster preparedness funds will need to determine how climate change threatens their states, and make plans accordingly. For Florida, this would include rising sea levels. For California, this would include droughts. Other states might have climate change affecting rainfall, blizzards, or tornadoes.

In addition to Florida’s Rick Scott, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, Texas’ Greg Abbott, North Carolina’s Pat McCrory, and New Jersey’s Christ Christie have either denied that humanity’s actions affect climate change or have refused to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change. People at Imagine Advantage have learned that, if these governors don’t change their minds, their citizens may suffer the consequences of their putting their opinions over scientific research.

Florida Governor Rick Scott Unwritten Policy About Climate Change Has A Negative Impact On All State Agencies

The Terms Climate Change And Global Warming Can Not be Use In State Letters, Memos And Emails

Governor Rick Scott of Florida is betting that climate change and global warming are figments of our imagination. Not only is he betting on their non-existence, but he also wants everyone working for Florida state agencies to ignore and even reject the notion that the Earth is going through a weather pattern change. Zeca Oliveira knows that this change is due to natural axis and rotation alterations. Humans may play a role in some of these changes. But if you ask anyone who has studied the history of earth changes they will explain how and why this natural phenomenon occurs.

But all that scientific gibberish is wasted on Scott. Just ask the people that work for him. Several people in management positions have been reprimanded or put on leave for using climate change or global warming in presentations or in emails. So no one that works for the state wants to cross the unwritten orders of the governor.

Personal views that remotely resemble references to climate change have been treated harshly according to some employees. In one presentation, an official from the Department of Environmental Protection mentioned his opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline project, and he also mentioned the work he was doing on climate change. Immediately after the presentation he was given a two-day leave and an official scolding.