Yeonmi Park Speaks Up For Human Rights

When young author Yeonmi Park made the decision to write her book she was probably aware that there would be some critics. Every interesting piece of literature, especially autobiographies, will have critics that look to dissemble the coherency of the story. Park has witnessed this, but she has stood strong to the overarching theme of her autobiography.

As a North Korea defector, Park knows all too well the issues that young children have faced under such harsh conditions. On Parks makes it clear that she doesn’t need anyone to correct her life story because she knows of the life that she has lived. She is aware of slight memory lapses due to her age at the time of the events. The story, however, is a genuine portrayal of a child that has lived a life that no child should have to endure.

Park has made a decision to stand up for Human Rights and her book on Amazon is evidence of her ability to articulate the needs of those that are suffering in North Korea. Since Parks is still very young she is in a position to give other young women hope. She is providing a voice for all of those that have went through the same thing in North Korea.

Her hurt and humiliation has been spilled on the pages of her autobiography. She is assertive in letting people know that she has faced starvation before. She has also let people know that there was a time when she simply did not want to live anymore. Parks has come out of the ashes though. Park has become a voice on Youtube for those that have been silenced by oppression. Parks represents a new wave of women that have escaped all the harsh conditions that have been placed upon them.

Many people want to silence this voice out of fear that it brings a bad name to North Korea, but Park isn’t making up this life. She is telling her story  on Daily Mail and the story of lots of others that have not made it out. She is a public speaker that has a platform.