High-Tech Farming with FarmLogs

A young start-up company just raised $22 million to help farmers monitor their crops with satellite images and high-tech computation. FarmLogs is the company and, according to TechCrunch, it plans to compete with Monsanto’s Climate Corp. to revolutionize farming.

Many problems that farmers face are difficult to detect from a ground-level perspective. For example, a failing irrigation system might go unnoticed for weeks, until a human worker happens to pass by the affected area. Few farmers can afford to use drones or private airplanes to spot such problems. Fortunately, though, aerial images of every farm in the United States already exist.

Satellite images capture an aerial view of the entire United States, including America’s farms. The data farmers need to protect their operations already exists. Unfortunately, most farmers do not have access to it. Even if they had access, most of them would lack the analytical tools necessary to use the images and prevent agriculture problems.

Companies like FarmLogs aims to bridge the gap between farmers and satellite imagery. Already, their services have helped farmers spot trouble areas and act quickly to save their crops. With sophisticated data analysis, though, FarmLogs and others will also provide farmers with advanced analytics.

Farmers of the future will know when, where, and how to plant their crops, thanks to computer analysis of historical data and new satellite images. For farmers, this technology will one day prevent mistakes, reducing the cost of food and ensuring that farms can optimize their businesses. As farmers face pressure to increase yields and prevent losses, the tools provided by FarmLogs may become critically important.