LimeCrime Expands Even Further With The Help Of A Third Party

In China, when you want to sell something that you have sold in the United States, the selling techniques cannot be the same. It must be different because of the laws. For one, if a product is to be sold through wholesale, it must first be tested on animals. This is a problem for cosmetic company LimeCrime. This brand of makeup is a completely vegan brand. It will not tolerate this practice.

In order for Lime Crime to avoid this problem was to ensure shipments were sent directly from the United States. The problem with this is that it will require a number of things through the logistics end for transportation to be completed. In order to bypass this problem, LimeCrime decided to approach the problem from a different direction.

The only other problem that they were faced with when trying to reach a broader audience and trying to become a cosmetic brand sold in China was, the number of counterfeits that are confiscated in China each year.

For LimeCrime, they opted to partner with Revolve to enter into the Chinese market. They are a Los Angeles based business who specializes in e-commerce. They were searching for a way to expand past their present businesses and enter into the beauty market.

In order to reach out further, they used a thing called “seed audience” which helped the consumers in China to find out about the business partnership. They would invite the audience members on their social media accounts to visit their partner website and this would let them know who to use for purchase of their official products.

To help reach even more people, the fans who were already linked to the e-commerce hub, they were informed prior to the launch by a couple of hours. This would allow for others to know about the event. Not only did they do this but also because they are working closely with a variety of influencers that will help to spread the product but some that are not as popular as others but they are more passionate about advocating for the brand instead of pushing to just sell a product.