How Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill Is Taking the Medicine World by Storm

Several personalities have earned the title of trailblazer due to their numerous contributions in various professional fields. In the field of medicine, Maggie Gill is considered a trailblazer due to her valuable input at Memorial Health. An in-depth analysis into her professional life reveals more than what meets the eye. Maggie Gill serves as the CEO and President of Memorial Health. The medical institution specializes in providing treatment for trauma, cancer care, high-risk obstetrics, neonatology and rehabilitation.

Work Experience

Before holding such an influential post, Maggie Gill served as Vice President of Finance in the company in 2004. Afterward, she earned a promotion and held the post of Chief Operating Officer. Such key posts are a testament to her proficiency and expertise in medicine. Furthermore, her career has skyrocketed since joining the enterprise. As a key figure within the institution, Gill provides insightful leadership to her peers and stake holders. Professionals such as physicians, auditors and neuroscientists have lauded her professionalism and work ethic.

Educational Background

Miss Gill holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and an MBA from Saint Leo University. Alternatively, she also enrolled for strategic thinking and management classes at Wharton School. Such an impressive resume` speaks volumes about her knowledge and experience in the field.

On a professional level, Maggie Gill has gained international recognition at the 135 Nonprofit Hospital & Health System CEOs Forum. As an inductee, Gill joins an elite team of prominent professionals that have made remarkable contributions in healthcare. Furthermore, she intends to collaborate with fellow inductees and make positive changes in the medical sector. Experts such as Richard Afable and Anthony Armada are expected to share their invaluable knowledge and experience with the elite group.

Maggie’s Role in Memorial’s Partnership with Eon Health

As CEO, Maggie Gill has played a crucial role in forming formidable partnerships with various stakeholders. For instance, she engineered the partnership with Eon Health on the provision of a new Medicare Advantage Plan. Through the collaboration, the duo plans to scrap dollar premiums and increase pharmacy benefits. The program is slated to commence services on January 1, 2017. Beneficiaries are expected to receive numerous perks such as:
• Transportation benefits
• Reduced costs for medical consultations
• Provision of hearing aids
• Comprehensive benefits on dental care
The partnership aims at promoting access to high-quality medical care and healthy lifestyles. Moreover, Eon’s CEO, Dr. Austin Ifedirah, has reiterated the firm’s commitment to solving the medical disorders experienced by invalids. Not only is it their professional obligational obligation, but also a humanitarian source of concern.