Marc Sparks: Sparking Empathy Within Investing

Marc Sparks does more than just invest in new companies; he believes in the ideas and their underlying missions. Marc’s equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP (, fosters success and growth with faith, care, and empathy that is rare in this industry.


Timber Creek Capital, LP takes the extra effort to learn what each Capital Request applicant believes their strengths and weaknesses are. This effort shows how truly invested Marc is in the companies, their missions, and the employees themselves.


Marc’s empathetic ways likely stems from a past ridden with financial difficulty.

Marc humbly discusses his past as one of necessary hardship that gave him the tools to prepare himself for accomplishment later and he sees it as an almost-necessary growing pain that brought him to the success he is so fortunate to have today. These experiences helped Marc gain perspective and contagious positivism.


After much persuasion from colleagues, Marc decided to share his life experiences to help other people. Thoughtfully, he wrote They Can’t Eat You to help people understand that success is not all ponies and rainbows. In fact, on, Marc states “I feel like anyone reading my book will learn much more from my unsuccessful ventures than they will learn from my successful ones.”


By fully grasping the missions behind the ideas, Marc takes ideas that others deem impossible, and turns them into a beautiful and functioning reality. Additionally, Marc makes time for his team by keeping an open-door policy that enables his team to open necessary and productive dialogues to keep process-improvements coming for the betterment of operational flow.


Now, Marc does more than just run his business and help others to achieve their dreams. He also takes his prior life experiences to help break the cycle of poverty in families by donating computers to at-risk children through Sparky’s Kids Foundation; an organization he founded. Learn more:


Richard Blair Has Wealth Solutions For You

Richard Blair is an experienced wealth management professional who offers investment services and advice in Austin Texas. A graduate of the University of Houston in 1993, he has over 23 years of experience in financial services. He founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 with the goal of helping individuals, families and small business pursue their financial goals. He also helps his clients strategizes their retirement planning. Wealth Solutions offers clients services that allow thim to grow, manage and protect their assets. Their financial advisory services gives their clients wealth preservation insight. Richard and Wealth Solutions provides dynamic and conservative investment solutions with minimal risk.

Richard Blair is a Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), a Certified Tax Specialist (CTS), a Certified Income Specialist (CIS), and a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS). He specializes in insurance, portfolio management, mutual funds and wealth management. The success of his business, according to Richard, is collaboration, so he works to learn each client’s specific goals to assist them and customizes a plan that helps them achieve their objectives. He works closely with them to provide the insight and knowledge for them to make sound investment decisions. Richard helps them reach a clearly understood strategy to reach their personal and financial goals ( His training and qualification provides his clients with advice they can trust. The options he provides for wealth preservation are derived from looking at a client’s entire financial situation, including retirement needs and providing a roadmap for their long term financial independence.

Wealth Solutions, Inc is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that provides personalized, comprehensive financial planning to Austin and the surrounding areas. Richard Blair has the right financial strategies to change and adapt your personal financial plan to keep up with the changing financial markets. He continues to educate himself to stay abreast of current financial trends and offerings in the industry. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions are ready to serve those in need of financial and investment advice that meet their current needs as well as their retirement plan. For more information, contact Richard and his experienced team at Wealth Solutions.