George Soros Sees Trouble Ahead

Standing Up For The Left
George Soros has spent a long time defending the Left. Asa the world’s most successful hedge fund manager has a desire to see a world focused on open societies. He believes that the American Left has the best policies to allow this to happen. Naturally, George Soros was upset at the results of the presidential election last November and does not believe America is headed down the right path.

The Turn Of Events
The direction America is headed is far from what was expected in the early stages of the presidential campaigns, but the reasons behind it are understandable. Globalization on Forbes has created profound changes around the world. it has allowed developing countries to boost their economies and it has generated massive profits for certain power players, but many in the developed world are simply not a part of this. They are not enjoying the benefits of globalization on Politico and are deeply upset. Under those conditions candidates like Donald Trump and movements like Brexit are able to rise and find positions of power.

What’s At Stake
The effects of current political trends have to potential to cause far reaching effects. Efforts to dismantle the European Union on, for example, might give way to a less stable European continent and open the doors for authoritarian leaders. Under those conditions world peace might shatter and lead to catastrophic events. Those who are most opposed to these movements are often the same people who have the most to lose. According to George Soros it is important that we convince these people to change their minds and lend more support to globalization. Leaving them behind has opened the doors to the current trends we see today.

How To Survive It All
George Soros believes America is likely to survive the changes we will see in coming years. The future will likely bring serious issues to the forefront involving the treatment of targeted minorities and others that are in the spotlight, but democracy has a way of dealing with these things. There are checks and balances in place in order to keep aspiring tyrants from actually achieving the sort of dominance they would like to see. George Soros has supported the Left for than a decade, but his zeal has actually increased after these shocking defeats.

No Time To Lose
George Soros believes the Left needs to develop a strategy to return to a position of power. Allowing one side of politics to hold this much power is simply to dangerous in the long run. Mid term elections are coming next year and he wants to make sure the Left is prepared to take on Trump and the Republican stronghold.