U.N. Says We’re Eating More Fish Than Ever: Should We Worry About Overfishing?

The U.N. recently reported that goal fish consumption had hit an all-time high. At more than 2 pounds every year, the average human being is eating more fish than at any point in history. More people on earth and higher consumption means that business is booming in the fishing industry.

It also means that agricultural specialists whose jobs it is to develop policies that keep wild fish populations healthy while also creating more fish in non-natural fisheries have a difficult job. They must balance the potential of economic growth with the fact that our waters are being overfished and we have a Congress seemingly unable to act on any issue nonetheless the safe number of pounds of fish to take out of our waters every year.

Yet, it’s still an important issue for us to all deal with, even if we don’t work in the agriculture field. We should shop for fish that aren’t endangered, aren’t at risk for being endangered, and don’t come from water sources that are being overfished or are at risk for being overfished. The tech community and community organizers on the ground should develop and publicize an app that helps connect consumers to environmentally conscious food sources easily and quickly.

Really, our national government may be inept at dealing with issues that we care about and are of importance to the country, but we can use our money and our small circle of influence to get other people interested and organized for change, and we can make a difference.