1.3 Billion Tons of Food is Wasted Every Year: Do Your Part

BBC recently reported that 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year. That’s distressing, especially when you realize that extreme hunger is increasing all over the developed world. That wasn’t a typo either. More and more people in our own countries are living without knowing where their next two and three meals are coming from than ever before, yet somehow we are also wasting 1.3 billion tons of food every year.

That’s insane, and that doesn’t have to be the way the world works anymore. We can each do our part in our homes, at our grocery stores, and in our families to make sure that they’re making as little food waste as humanly possible and incorporating efficient consumption in a way that benefits the community. None of us has the time to dedicate our lives to solving hunger in our community, but we could all do at least one thing different to reduce our food waste.

For me, I like to make a weekly schedule of all the larger meals I will be eating at home every week, and what I need to get in order to be able to cook those meals and cook enough food to be satisfied. I account for snacks, for having people over, and for having to have a couple of extra days worth of food in case of emergency. Then, I go to the store and get exactly what I need to fit my needs.

No waste at all, and now I have more money to donate to food shelters in the area. So, do your part.