Fracking is Hurting Crop Production

Farming has been impacted in the recent times in places where there is extraction of gasses and other minerals. The most affected crops are those that depend on soil to grow. It has been proven that extraction of the gas and other minerals uses the process known as fracking. It is a process of pumping high pressured water and chemicals into the rocks so that they can soften the minerals and make them easier to extract.

Such methods are bringing serious effects to the farmers in Midwestern farmland. The resulting effect has been less produces that are not capable of feeding the entire population. Farming is the process of producing food that is used for both consumption and commercial purposes.

Through fracking, the soil that is on the surface is overburdened and it has become a place to hide the mines that are in forms of subsoil and topsoil. The processes of mining are destroying the entire ecosystem of the area, and most farmers have started to move away from the site. The disturbances of the tracks carrying the sand and dropping them along the way and the night lights affect the growth of the crops and inhibit production of food needed in the economy.

Use of water for irrigation to the plants is essential in any farming processes. The companies are using a lot of waters, and the wells are drying and thus leaving no room for enough water for irrigation. The little water that is available contains chemicals that are not conducive with the germination of the crops.